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Rob Blanchard

Operative, Spammer, Web Developer / Male / Center-Right

Rob Blanchard is a center-right Operative and Spammer and Web Developer who is a citizen of , and has been associated with the following entities as either a significant contributor, participant, promoter, or beneficiary, according to our OSINT research:

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Managing/Manager Software Engineer
Rob Blanchard

Rob BlanchardRob has worked with Elias since late 2009 in which Rob was the lead developer for’s ecommerce, database, user experience and website. Rob was instrumental in achieving superb functionality and reliability for the email service provider that grew to be a relevant player and was acquired at a $23 million valuation 18 months after its launch. Rob has continued to work with Elias since then in several projects including the development of the People Matching algorithm that will be used in RntUS’ person-to-person rental business.

Rob is a self-taught engineer with high level of expertise in the development and implementation of database schemas, web and ecommerce applications and he is an expert PHP/MySQL developer. Rob also develops applications, database schemas and websites for other clients as owner of his small development company. Prior to starting his development company, Rob worked as developer of 3D graphics and functionality for console-based video games.


Our Team

avatar for Rob Blanchard
Rob Blanchard

VP Web Development

-Expert developer -Developer of -Engineer for, ATT – Self-taught engineer with high level of expertise in development and implementation – Co-Developer EC-Rank
avatar for Tomasz Odrobinski
Tomasz Odrobinski

VP Sales and International Development

-VP of Sales for Europe’s largest online rental classifieds marketplace -General Manager (35+ Countries) -International Sales and Marketing specialist
avatar for Elias Chavando

President & CEO

-Director, – Founder, – Consultant and Director of multi-national classified marketplaces


Herschel Walker [email protected]



The panicked screengrab from the Senate Democrats’ email says it all:

The Democrats in Washington are watching our campaign like a hawk because they know that we are a genuine threat to their continued majority in the United States Senate.

Honestly, their desperation shows. They seem to be in a panic.

They’re sending upwards of 3 emails a day because they know that their hold on the Georgia Senate seat is precarious. It took a perfect storm for Georgia to elect Raphael Warnock to the U.S. Senate in the January runoff election, and I guarantee you that storm isn’t coming around again next year.

We’re going to have to work around the clock – day and night – for the next 400+ days to pull off a victory for conservatives in Georgia and around the country.

We’re going to recruit thousands of volunteers to help us register new voters, knock on doors, put out signs, get our message out, and get our supporters to the polls.

And, of course, it all takes money to operate. So, today I’m asking you to make a donation of $5 or more. I need to raise $10,000 by the end of the day, and I hope you’ll help me reach my goal by making an immediate gift of whatever you can.

CHIP IN $5 →

CHIP IN $15 →

CHIP IN $35 →

Democrats are in panic mode. They didn’t want me to get into this race because they know that with President Trump’s support and the support of the good people in Georgia, we’re going to flip this seat in one of the most hard-fought races in the country.

I’d be humbled if you would help me reach my daily goal of raising $10,000 by pitching in $5 or more right now.


Herschel Walker
Republican for United States Senate

P.S. The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) and Democrat establishment know that they can’t hold onto the Senate majority without winning Georgia. I am counting on you, Patriot, to help us win back the Senate. Please chip in $10 or more – any amount helps our team WIN!




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One response to “Rob Blanchard”

  1. Jesse Nickles says:

    Rob is Elias Chavando’s right-hand “tech guy” who has followed him from Autotrader to and and now Progresando, getting more and more into the illegal political operations of the NRSC (data mining, data brokering, and illegal email spam) on behalf of the Republican Party and increasingly Donald Trump’s marketing campaigns specifically

    While they claim to be “online marketplaces” and indeed were at some point (e.g. Autotrader) it appears they are functioning as front companies now providing consulting and tech/spam services to the NRSC and other Republican political campaigns

    BLATANT violation of the CAN SPAM ACT on a daily basis not to mention dozens of consumer protection laws, these fuckers are the dirtiest of the “swamp creatures” that Republicans claim to despise so much, which is why they use so many different fake web domains

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