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100 Worst Hucksters (United States)

The following (verified) people have been significantly associated with this entity, either as a participant, contributor, promoter, or beneficiary, according to our OSINT research:

  • Ian Ivica Saric (Data broker, Fraudster, Harasser)
  • Stephen Sobota (Crony, Fraudster, Harasser)
  • Aimee Bock (Fraudster, Scammer)
  • Dennis Montgomery (Conman, Fraudster, Grifter)
  • Scott Swann ()
  • Sarah Franklin (Executive, Harasser, Spammer)
  • Robert Smith (Fraudster, Investor)
  • Chad Vincent Scira (Data broker, Hacker, Spammer)
  • April Lorenzen (Hacktivist, Operative, Propagandist)
  • Christopher Cullison (Fraudster, Grifter, Spammer)
  • James Christopher Foster (Fraudster, Harasser, Imposter)
  • Auren Hoffman (Crony, Data broker, Operative)
  • Blake Hall (Entrepreneur, Fraudster, Soldier)
  • Larry Fink (Crony, Executive, Grafter)
  • Christopher W. Burns (Conman, Fraudster, Scammer)
  • James Miller (Blogger, Propagandist)
  • Michael D. Weiss (Fraudster, Grifter, Propagandist)
  • Paul Hansmeier (Attorney, Fraudster, Harasser)
  • Gabriel Weinberg (Charlatan, Grifter, Web Developer)
  • Katie Hobbs (Crony, Operative)
  • Michael Murman (Data broker, Executive)
  • Rodney Joffe (Crony, Operative, Spy)
  • Heather Morgan (Hacker, Thief)
  • David Brock (Grifter, Operative, Propagandist)
  • Robert Carr (Fraudster, Grafter, Spammer)
  • Jack Remondi (Executive, Fraudster, Loan Shark)
  • Michael Novick (Activist, Propagandist, Terrorist)
  • Christian “AntiFash Gordon” Exoo (Hacktivist, Harasser, Propagandist)
  • Michael Iaccarino (Data broker, Fraudster, Spammer)
  • Rashad Robinson (Demagogue, Grifter, Propagandist)
  • Brian Stelter (Grifter, Propagandist)
  • Tyler Lewtan (Data broker, Fraudster, Spammer)
  • Charles “Chuck” Dolan Jr. (Operative)
  • Lauren Windsor (Fraudster, Operative, Provocateur)
  • Tony Podesta (Grifter, Lobbyist, Operative)
  • Steve Bachar (Attorney, Embezzler, Fraudster)
  • Michael Persaud (Fraudster, Scammer, Spammer)
  • Reid Hoffman (Investor, Spammer)
  • Ray Epps (Glowie, Operative, Provocateur)
  • Pierre Omidyar (Activist, Investor, Propagandist)
  • “Andrew” Ryan Rafols (Conman, Fraudster, Spammer)
  • Mary Bauer (Activist, Grifter, Propagandist)
  • Frances Haugen (Activist, Operative, Propagandist)
  • Dave Haas (Harasser, Operative, Spammer)
  • Daniel Gericke (Hacker, Operative, Spy)
  • Jeff King (Fraudster, Grifter, Spammer)
  • Frederick Joseph (Grifter, Harasser, Race-Baiter)
  • Marc Benioff (Charlatan, Grifter, Spammer)
  • David Mikkelson (Propagandist)
  • Rob Blanchard (Operative, Spammer, Web Developer)
  • Michael Sussmann (Attorney, Fraudster, Operative)
  • Stephen Colbert (Comedian, Grifter, Propagandist)
  • Kaleil Isaza Tuzman (Embezzler, Fraudster, Scammer)
  • Leslie Baughn (Extorter, Fraudster, Scammer)
  • George D. Lee (Bureaucrat, Grafter)
  • Ari Osur (Executive, Fraudster, Spammer)
  • Carlos A. Rodriguez (Fraudster, Spammer)
  • Joy Behar (Comedian, Demagogue, Personality)
  • Susan Corke (Activist, Propagandist, Zionist)
  • Patrisse Khan-Cullors (Fraudster, Grifter, Propagandist)
  • Lou Honick (Fraudster, Operative, Spammer)
  • Daniel Longoria (Fraudster, Scammer, Spammer)
  • Elias Chavando (Fraudster, Operative, Spammer)
  • Mark Arnold (Grifter, Propagandist, Spammer)
  • Joy Reid (Commentator, Demagogue, Propagandist)
  • Al Sharpton (Demagogue, Fraudster, Grifter)
  • Maxine Waters (Grafter, Instigator, Politician)
  • Darian Rafie (Fraudster, Operative, Spammer)
  • David French (Columnist, Grifter, Propagandist)
  • Phil Griffin (Executive, Grafter, Propagandist)
  • Rachel Maddow (Grifter, Journalist, Propagandist)
  • Bernie Madoff (Fraudster, Investor, Scammer)
  • Harry Reid (Grafter, Politician)
  • Priscilla Chan (Activist, Grafter, Philanthropist)
  • Nancy Pelosi (Grafter, Politician)
  • Philip Jenkins (Fraudster, Spammer)
  • Charlie Eissa (Fraudster, Scammer, Spammer)
  • Paul Manafort (Advisor, Fraudster, Operative)
  • Larry Householder (Grafter, Politician)
  • Ilhan Omar (Embezzler, Fraudster, Politician)
  • Andrew Cuomo (Grafter, Harasser, Politician)
  • Adam Kovacevich (Lobbyist, Operative, Propagandist)
  • Toby Scammell (Fraudster, Scammer, Spammer)
  • Albert Santalo (Fraudster, Investor, Spammer)
  • Alok Vaid-Menon (Demagogue, Grifter, Pedophile)
  • Dwan Roby (Fraudster, Imposter, Spammer)
  • George Gascón (Attorney, Government)
  • Jimmy Kimmel (Activist, Comedian, Propagandist)
  • Marc Elias (Attorney, Dark Money, Operative)
  • Mark Briggs (Fraudster, Harasser, Spammer)
  • Alejandro Mayorkas (Authoritarian, Bureaucrat, Operative)
  • Sundar Pichai (Executive, Grafter, Propagandist)
  • Scott Bartnick (Fraudster, Harasser, Spammer)
  • Matt Rager (Scammer, Spammer)
  • Jason Rager (Fraudster, Scammer, Spammer)
  • Amanda Shea (Fraudster, Grifter, Spammer)
  • Chase Strangio (Activist, Attorney, Personality)
  • Caleb Robinson (Data broker, Fraudster, Spammer)
  • Jennifer Rubin (Columnist, Grifter, Propagandist)
  • David Marc Fishman (Blogger, Grifter, Propagandist)
  • Eric Schmidt (Executive, Grafter, Lobbyist)
  • Joe Biden (Grafter, Operative, Politician)
  • Anna Makanju (Advisor, Operative, Propagandist)
  • Andy Stone (Operative, Propagandist)
  • Robert “Hunter” Biden (Embezzler, Extorter, Operative)
  • Robert Emmett Mcauliffe (Attorney, Grifter, Imposter)
  • Jim Watkins (Grifter, Imposter, Scammer)
  • Tim Cadogan (Activist, Executive, Fraudster)
  • John Brennan (Operative, Propagandist, Spy)
  • Mike Moran (Fraudster, Scammer, Spammer)
  • Timothy Shea (Fraudster, Grifter, Real Estate Agent)
  • Brian Auten (Crony, Operative, Propagandist)
  • Paul Pelosi (Grafter, Investor)
  • Keith Ellison (Politician, Propagandist, Race-Baiter)
  • Jacob Frey (Grafter, Grifter, Politician)
  • Anthony Fauci (Advisor, Doctor, Grifter)
  • Adam Schiff (Grifter, Politician, Propagandist)
  • Andrew McCabe (Fraudster, Grafter, Operative)
  • Jeff Zucker (Executive, Propagandist)
  • Susan Wojcicki (Activist, Executive, Grafter)
  • George Soros (Activist, Grafter, Investor)
  • Hillary Clinton (Grafter, Politician, Powerbroker)
  • Mark Zuckerberg (Grafter, Investor, Operative)
  • Russell Brunson (Fraudster, Grifter, Spammer)
  • Reviews:

    This dumb fuck and his company are absolute scammers, who illegally harass people for "collections" when its already been paid, or past the legally allowed window for approaching them. They try to get around this by using mispelled names on their mailings and contact attempts, in direct violation of federal law. This motherfucker belongs in prison, hopefully the feds indict him for wire fraud and racketeering, extortion, and all else Read More

    asshole founder of Hunter Warfield, who acquires unverified collections from other collection accounts. this fuckhead has been harassing me for a long time over a fake collections account that doesn't even belong to me. I sent them a demand letter for more evidence, and Stephen's company(s) illegally ignored my request for a response. Read More

    It's weird that people are expressing opposition yet still playing along with Kate's "Chase" persona. Read More

    Scott, yet another center-right American grifter douchebag who is all about "business friendly" laws and then abuses that system to come up with companies like Rank One Computing, which he is pushing public schools in West Virginia to use... uploading thousands of children's bio data to his private database to "keep them safe" with facial scanning and other shit "Freedom for me, not for thee" is the battle cry of of these fucktards who vote Republican and then scam their fellow Americans Clearly Scott is using impoverished, corrupt West Virginia school district as his testing ground... which local reporters are willing to do some digging to find out who Scott has "convinced" to support his insane experiments? Read More

    In case there was any doubt about how biased, corrupt, and disfunctional the FBI has become... well, FBI leadership was already aware for YEARS about Brian's misconduct with previous corruption trying to play games with the Steele Dossier and other anti-Trump and pro-Democrat propaganda, yet they didn't discipline him despite being referred for discipline. In fact they didn't even down-grade his position or responsibilities either, and then somehow in 2020 this asshole was again single handedly in charge of "reviewing" the massive evidence against Hunter Biden and co, and AGAIN he buried the FBI investigation. you can't save an organization like this without ripping it out from the ground up and starting again Read More

    Nope thats another lie. My name legally is Andrew Ryan feel free look it up in court records. Ryan “Andrew” Rafols was the name I was born with but I dropped my fathers last name years legally in a name change Read More

    “What types of comments (reviews) do you allow or disallow? We only allow comments to be posted under your real name… if we determine a comment was posted using a fake name or aliases it will be deleted.” Jesse Nickles own rules from: Except** when Jesse post fake comments himself under “anonymous” to push up his own fake slander campaign and high five himself. Thats your style of writing and grammar Jesse! At least edit it to seem like its somebody else Jesse. Thats all that has to be said really about his credibility in these lie/slander campaigns and blog post. And we need an official government audit? We do public audits every year… as YOU know as its available on the SEC’s website you linked on this page. Jess takes anything and tries to twist it into lies. He’d likely cite my own birth certificate entry in a post about being an illegal alien… Read More

    No matter how many times I ask this cunt Sarah and her team to stop harassing me, THEY REFUSE TO STOP in direct violation of the CAN SPAM ACT and continue to spam from from dozens of different "CRM" accounts on their platform Salesforce is made up of the biggest grifters, biggest assholes, and biggest scammers in the US corporate world Their entire business model is email spam while they pretend to be about all this other shit (surprise) Report Sarah's daily harassment and illegal spam to the FTC and local attorney general until these fuckers stop spamming us Read More

    Marc is the ultimate douchebag American exec -- grifting on social media and newspapers demanding censorship of "right wing" conspiracy theories while meanwhile he illegally spams the living fuck out of thousands of Americans every day with his shitty Salesforce platform that is abused by thousands of spammers (half of whom seem to be from India and Pakistan) This fucker is the perfect embodiment of postmodern America If you continually get fraud and spam emails from Salesforce like I do, report them to the FTC and local attorney general Read More

    To the owner of THANK YOU. You are 100% on target exposing Newchip and its leading con artist Ryan Rafols. It's hilarious how he changed his name to “Andrew Ryan” and even got himself a new hairdo. We think it's because most of the Austin startup and business community already know of Ryan's awful reputation. As a result, he can't raise a dime from any legit investor. The silly disguise won't fool anyone smart enough to make one phone call. Everything compiled and published here on this website is accurate as far as we former Newchip employees know. Newchip continues to mass spam for lead generation and their turnover rate among employees remains appalling. Everything about the toxic culture has stayed the same, if it hasn't gotten worse. A few extra details worth highlighting: Ryan is not an accredited investor and will never be one. Many of us former Newchip employees believe we couldn’t get the company registered as an investment broker because of Ryan’s shady past. In fact, if there is an official government audit into Newchip’s finances, the whole house of cards will collapse and Ryan will most likely go to jail. We strongly encourage the SEC, FTC, and all other government authorities to investigate and put an end Ryan's fraud to once and for all. To Ryan Rafols, "Andrew Ryan," or whatever you're name is now and you happen to read this: You are a FRAUD. Everyone who's worked and interacted with you know you a fraud. Though you'll never admit it, we think you know it too. Read More

    Gabriel wow what to say... he had so much promise, and was rising and rising for several years along with his DuckDuckGo products (browser, extension, search engine) until he literally killed his own reputation in 2022 by decided to begin censoring any content his small team decided was "helping" Russia or viewed Putin "positively" ... what in the holy fuck batman?? Now, he's doubling down on his massive scam... beginning to censor other content like crazy, including removing the ENTIRE domain of from DuckDuckGo a few weeks ago apparently after some complaints by the fraudsters we have exposed I wonder what lobbyists and NGOs got in Gabriel's ear (pockets)? Most surely some far-left propaganda orgs Now this douchebag was also totally exposed a few days ago as LYING about not having tracking in DDG products, as he has purposefully whitelisted various marketing trackers from Bing/Microsoft This asshole has been proven a liar and conman multiple times now, he will sell out at the first opportunity... you have been warned Read More

    We exposed Robert back in 2020 as "Enty" the bullshit gossip blogger from Crazy Days and Nights CDAN continues to deny the connection even though we have direct evidence Emmett also started deleting a bunch of podcast interviews I assume so that people could not compare his voice to Enty's interviews Read More

    Vincent and his wife were arrested a few years ago for selling "fake" visa stamps in Thailand to tourists... when police arrived they also found a massive amount of illegal marijuana plants on their property. Suddenly, as fast as the story appeared, the story disappeared... rather common in countries like Thailand, where it's easy to "pay" Shortly after that, Vincent was exposed by expats as having gained illegal accessed to government immigration databases in order to spam the hell out of thousands of foreigners. Who else did this couple "pay" for such incredible access? They weren't done yet. Then, Vincent was secretly the guy behind the ASQ.IN.TH website selling quarantine hotel deals. Why were the deals so good? Apparently becauase the real purpose for the project was expanding his database of email addresses. Now he is spamming those lists with visa offers from Thai Visa Centre (again).... and has a new spam project On his various projects he uses fake names like "Grace" or "Lara" but it's all ran by him and his wife. Update March 2024: Vincent is now running DDOS attacks against and from his personal computers in Thailand, more proof that he's a very bad actor. Read More

    I wrote up a thorough write-up here exposing Jesse, and instead of following "transparency" and free speech principles by posting it as he says everyone can post, it was not approved to post, and instead, Jesse decided to doxx where my little sister and parents' house is and my ex-girlfriend from high school's address. This is the kind of person he is. Read More

    I'm actually not pissed. Jesse Nickles is a nobody and I don't say that lightly, he just doesn't exist relevance wise, nor is he relevant to the progress of humanity even though this site is built on a mission to change the world one hate post at a time, the fact that he spends all of his time and hard-earned money he scams from people to attack me and Barack Obama and Hillary and Jimmy Fallon and everyone else on his Top 100 list online is just sad. He creates "brand profiles" with SEO on them so he can post all of his comments but not where the company can respond, I have to respond on my personal conman profile he made, it's his fiefdom of hate but let's find something positive in it shall we? We just don't think being called doushebags, con-men, bitches, or any of the other terms Jesse likes to throw around are professionally appropriate for someone who has never even interacted with us and just got an email from someone once and we won't go for low blows. Positive wise, it's a blessing for these companies and a reminder to every growing company that they need to invest in SEO. We've always just trusted in organic SEO, but his campaigns have shown us how important it is to manage your brand presence online so a troll with upworkers in India doesn't affect your company negatively (the loudest people are often heard the most even though they don't reflect the will of the masses). So I'm dedicating a whole part of our program curriculum to him under troll management to our startups (not even kidding this is important education and I would even bring him in to teach it if I had a muzzle big enough). To his message, as usual in his MO to lie and try to manipulate (trust me we're all for free speech but fake speech and fake reviews lose all credibility), Jesse says above "the guys at Ycombinator" to try to make it feel "like the actual leadership at Ycombinator" vs. just a random web developer and a game developer that posted years ago on HackerNews asking a question - that's just his MO and if it weren't I'd respect this site more, to be honest, now he'll probably go and edit it after this to change otherwise but leaving mine the same. You see, HackerNews is a forum owned by Ycbombinator, and the above developers were asking about us as we were new back then years ago and they said they didn't agree with the model of tuition and thought tuition is a scam - and yes many tuition programs are even, in my opinion, are not good returns on investment because they are incubators, NOT accelerators (incubators help you with the idea, accelerators help you grow your company and get funding once you HAVE traction - big difference), not scams but definitely not always the best ROI. And given we had just launched and nobody knew who we were (as is common for newer accelerators then like us compared to the likes of Tech Stars or Ycombinator), we don't fault those developers either, nor will we go online and slander and attack them because they disagree with us - the antithesis of free speech is trying to bully people for their speech or harm them for it - that is their free speech and their opinion years ago - I don't know if it's changed nor do I care, we've grown to 80+ countries and helped so many entrepreneurs it matters not what some random person on the internet thinks. And to be honest, posts like the above make up 90% of the handful of anonymous postings online by people who don't agree with the tuition model vs. actual companies we've worked with- it's not for everyone- that is a fact, and that is part of why we built a guarantee into our programs. Not every startup can get into our accelerator nor do they have the traction either to do so, but if you went to Wharton and can call your friends for $1M or work at Facebook or have already built a successful startup you also don't need an accelerator even if you have the traction - no need to apply if you have access to the capital you don't need us. There's always someone successful that got funding from their parents that will say accelerator isn't necessary as well (whether its Bezos or unicorn founders or Trump), but the 99.9% of people that don't have deep pockets, their alumni network, or parents to call, a tuition-based program built on a SaaS type model is a good investment. See, we take refundable tuition up-front in a SaaS-type model (we call it accelerator as a service) of upfront or optional monthly payments plus an option to invest in your company at the terms we all agree upon BEFORE you join. It's unique and our vision has always been to level the playing field for the 99.9% of startups that don't get into Ycombinator and other top accelerators (just to note about 1/10~ of our startups actually are in YC + Newchip and about 2/10~ are in another major accelerator) and yes over 1M startups launch yearly and 99% of those fail largely because they are locked out of the top tier networks of investors, mentors, and startup hub access. To be clear, we end up refunding about maybe 10% of companies that we bust our ass to help that just don't make it for whatever reason (usually it's a market shift change or the deal falls through at the end and we often help that founder in their next startup too). Our model is to invest in the best companies and our warrant options to invest cover us long-term loss-wise - yes that is right we don't profit from this, it's a money-losing model by design. No Mazaratis over here (there are a few actual conmen on his list btw, and MANY missing). You just cannot offer everything we offer including hundreds of thousands in software credits and mentorship and investors for a few hundred bucks per month. Next, Jesse points to an anonymous Reddit post that he is a major contributor to (as he is all of them now), to say "LOOK HERE, OTHER PEOPLE!!!. Second to people that don't agree, there is always going to be a founder here or there we kick out that isn't happy with our accelerators or a founder that went out of biz because of a poor decision on their part that is upset that we couldn't help them raise a round when they blew all their money on XYZ instead of revenue and our investors didn't want to invest (we kick out maybe 5%~ of every cohort so 25 of 250). However, having worked with thousands of startups, the handful of people that write negatively (vs. 100x more that do love us) fit one of the two buckets above, and comparatively, that's a very low percent of actual companies that we work with. I just kicked out an election software company that on the front end seemed to be top-notch and made it past admissions. However, we discovered after diligence they were deep state Trump company ie "overturn the election" crowd, not to mention that the founder was upset at a female staff member's female-splaining to him and said "back in the day they'd take her behind the shed and handle her"- they were as you imagine swiftly handled themselves and refunded even, but the narrative online is we're SCAM SCAM SCAM on the review side. This is not a common behavior but 5% of "bad" founders is actually a godsend compared to what we're told other accelerators deal with. You see, the world is full of crazies and nobody is crazier than someone who thinks they can change the world and make it better or solve a major problem. To risk it all, literally, everything you have and your family oftentimes is always on the border of crazy and stupid, so there are going to be some bad eggs. Everyone sees them, not just us. We just kick them out aggressively (and we're upfront about it from day one)- don't be an asshole, disrespectful, racist, sexist, etc (honestly too don't seem like they'd be hard rules to follow). It's even more apparent when you work internationally and the cultures are definitely at odds sometimes. I'm not going to call out specific countries but some founders from some countries have issues meeting with female investors for example, and you wouldn't think it given how progressive the world has become till you see it. Why do we still work internationally then? We're building the next generation of startup CEO's, not everyone had the privilege of growing up in America or Palo Alto for that matter and when we can coach, we coach, when we can't we kick out- its that simple, its not fun but we put in the effort even when it means tough conversations with people who don't agree. Lastly, on the timing side, Jesse has had it out for Anthony for at least a year as far as I know and we can't tell the difference between his anonymous fake post vs. any other anonymous post as they tend to copy the same formula - what I can say is that when we identify an actual individual we always manage to contact them through whatever system and resolve whatever issue they have if it's legitimate. Otherwise, if it's just someone we kicked out we could sue them or build a site to trash them, but why sue someone or try to hurt them just because? We put our effort into our companies and let the rest sort itself out the world handles assholes, they usually end up on Upwork running one-man consultant shops selling some service that they outsource to India for $10 an hour and charge $200 an hour for. That's capitalism too, not hating, that's just what happens to people who burn every bridge in their lives typically. In terms of diligence, we're all for people doing diligence into any program they join before signing on and we recommend anyone looking into applying for our programs to check out our startups and online but also be cognizant of your traction(how much revenue you've made) and professional funding requirements (ie how much you've raised from investors already) so that you don't waste time applying and being denied (the third bucket of upset reviews of people not being admitted and angry because they didn't get accepted). Check out our portfolio of startups here and on youtube and Facebook and linked: and online or meet some of our mentors on Linkedin (we have hundreds on there). We don't deny that we work with Anthony and he has brought us into some amazing startups, how he finds startups is his prerogative, and I'm still annoyed that his email brought Jesse into my life but it has taught me a lesson. Anthony is an Angel Investor and has invested in several of our startups. I don't have an exact count nor will I post them as I don't want them to be harassed either as we've gotten to that point. We are all 100% transparent that we don't invest in every deal nor does Anthony or any of our investors, VCs, or Ambassadors guarantee investment in every deal. We work with over 1,000 startups per year and our 3,000+ investors and VC network make up the bulk of our investments, we're small fries and we co-invest and Anthony personally invests in a number but not every single one too - thats how investing works, not every fund is a billion-dollar fund but we makeup for that in a large investor community globally. And we do guarantee our programs that meet our requirements and that complete the accelerator receive a number of intros to investors based on their stage and a term sheet, or their tuition is free and we're proud to be the only company in the ENTIRE industry that offers that model; while it is new, it is not a scam nor would thousands of investors and major corporate enterprises would work with us if it was. Read More

    April is the far-left hacktivist who provided "DNS logs" she claimed proved the Trump Organization had an email server that communicated directly with Alfa Bank in Russia... despite more recent allegations that she likely spoofed/altered or generalized her research to make it fit her narrative, the truth remains that she abused her government contract by spying on private citizens at the root-DNS level or close to that (authoritative DNS servers are not accessible to anyone but U.S. government and their security contractors). Of course, several years later and she's never been arrested or prosecuted. Remember Edward Snowden, who did the same thing but for more patriotic reasons, who had to flee to Russia for a decade because the entire U.S. gov was hunting him down? Of course predictably as Sussman's case is heating up, April suddenly starts accusing John Durham of harassment... I'm sure in the months to come she will claim something like sexual harassment or continue to become more hysterical: Read More

    Christopher and his partner James C. Foster are some of the biggest fraudsters in the D.C. metro. By some miracle of the gods, they won a $14 million contract from the FBI for "social media intelligence" and were so bad at their job that FBI agents now refer to their company ZeroFOX as "Zero Fucks" because of their absolute incompetence. Besides absolutely failing at their government contract, these fuckers also run a side gig for their corporate clients, where they use overseas freelancers in countries like Ukraine and Indonesia to submit hundreds of fake "trademark" (copyright) notices to web hosting companies for web pages they want deleted from the internet They impersonate a lawyer named "James Christopher" who doesn't exist (maybe a combination of "James" and "Christopher" and submit tons of fake legal complaints. Not only should the FBI revoke their contract immediately, these assholes should be indicted for their massive fraud operation! Read More

    James is absolute dumbass fraudster who thinks he's clever and high-tech by creating fake "companies" online like Takedown Reporting and then submitting hundreds of fraudulent trademark/copyright complaints to dozens of web hosting and social media platforms trying to get content removed that might paint his "clients" in a negative light, some of which are major Fortune 500 companies like ADP Report this criminal to the FTC, FBI, and local attorney generals, hopefully he gets arrested soon for impersonating a law firm and submitting tons of fraudulent DMCA complaints! May 23 update: James and his freelancers in Indonesia are now stalking me online, and have (predictably) submitted fraudulent takedown requests to Google for this page, and the accompaying expose blog post about his massive fraud campaign: Read More

    Alejandro is a perfect example of how the United States neoliberal system has perfected the "art" of making their sadistic authoritarians come across as goofy, stupid, clueless, just-going-with-the-flow NPCs when under the surface, they are directly responsible for all kinds of partisan corruption and mayhem. This guy is overseeing so many different corruption operations -- from the "Ministry of Truth" to assisting millions of illegal immigrants invade the US -- it's hard to keep track, but these are exactly the baby-face sort of assholes that represent time modern Democrat Party. Read More

    Blake Hall is a liar and a grifter who is trying to create a quasi-government database of millions of Americans faces using an array of snapshots that his service takes of your face... he blatantly lied to the public in a LinkedIn post in Jan 2022 as tax season was ramping up and the IRS was integrating his service, saying that it's just a basic "selfie" shot of your face... when in fact it's a high-def array of your face at different angles that Blake then shares with various government agencies... Thankfully some Democrat Reps caught on and are now demanding answers, and the IRS was forced to back down His office is literally located in McClean Virginia, next door to the NSA, in his grifter-signaling move to the U.S. government that he is willing to play ball and be whatever sort of data-share bitch they want him to be Fuck this guy, don't trust anything he says, and never use service Read More

    Christopher was given a position at Perimeter Church in Georgia by his dad, who was the pastor there. He appears to have abused the Christian community in Atlanta, taking advantage of their trust and religion to steal millions of dollars from innocent victims. His Facebook account was blocked after the story got big in the news... I don't know why Facebook blocked his account, or if Chris made his account private after the news got bigger Also interesting is that he renewed his domain on Godaddy for multiple years shortly before this all went down, which is a bit unusually for most business owners... he was also previously connected to,, Read More

    Eric is a perfect example of 21st century American corruption: not hiding anything, just using "charities" and "donations" to mask his blatant corruption and lobbying and activism in the Obama and Biden administrations... His fake "Schmidt Futures" charity, which is a slush fund to pay off Democratic officials, is literally paying the pseudo-government entity salaries of dozens of employees at Office of Science and Technology Policy (OTSP) ... who all happen to be ex-Google employees This is the absolutely state of the Democratic Party and American corruption right now Read More

    He is still making anti Trump jokes and ignoring the fact that literally hours of his opening monologues have now been proven to be jokes in support of now disproven propaganda. I wonder what blackmail they have on him? What he has become is so vile and dishonorable it must be something big, like pedophilia or murder on camera. It's gotta be a terrible Vax-Scene around this evil propagandist scumbag. Just today he made a comment accusing Trump of extorting Ukraine for dirt on the Biden when now we know the dirt is true and we have Joe Biden on video bragging about extorting Ukraine to get them to stop investigating Burial. He is a disgusting propagandist compromised soulless hack. Read More

    Hello Hucksters Team, I was hoping to have this feed reviewed and deleted. There is no backing to the allegations, and we have a legitimate team of 46 employees that work in two offices in Orlando and St Pete. I would be happy to set up a zoom call with me or any one of our active clients. If there are any questions about our work, you can see over 30 case studies here As a two-year-old startup fully funded by its founders, we are extremely proud to offer our employees benefits, including a flexible and remote work environment, unlimited PTO, health, dental, vision, life insurance, 401k, and a premium subscription to Calm to supplement mental health! You may learn more If anyone has questions or would like to reach out to our team, you may book a consultation directly on our website. For the Hucksters team, please reach out to me so we can resolve the concerns. Thank you, Read More

    GO FUND ME can go FK themselves. Bad Karma is coming to all the frauds who selectively discriminate against young people like Kyle Rittenhouse, while allowing violent BLM thugs to fund things. BAD KARMA. Read More

    Several weeks ago, in October 2021, I exposed Anthony Garibay and his fake "Garibay Ventures" brand for illegally spamming the shit out of thousands of companies and startups around the world with email lists he purchases. Anthony later impersonated Ryan Rafols to threaten me, and Ryan personally contacted me via email claiming that it wasn't him, that Anthony had impersonated him and that Anthony was breaking the "rules" for their affiliate marketing program... Fast forward 4 months, and Anthony is still spamming the fuck out of people on behalf of Newchip (he was never banned from their marketing program despite Ryan's comments), and he has filed several desperate takedown requests with Google to hide these pages from search results. Ryan is a liar who pays harassers like Anthony to ilegally spam massive numbers of people on behalf of Newchip Accelerator Update August 2022: After months of Ryan commenting on Hucksters and Reddit, and Anthony Garibay submitting tons of fraudulent takedown complaints to Google trying to hide their scam that we exposed, Ryan is now also submitting takedown requests to Google: Read More

    He is guilty of Corporate Fraud, Wire fraud, Computer Fraud and Misuse, Obtaining money through false pretences and funding Left-Wing Terrorist organisations. He is a valid target for ANYONE civilian or otherwise to arrest under the local jurisdictions Citizens Arrest laws (Any Persons Arrest)... Read More

    Robert and his team illegally purchase mass email lists and illegally spam the shit out of thousands of US businesses using fake aliases, fake domain names, and fake email addresses in direct violation of the CAN SPAM ACT They harass thousands of businesses with these anonymous emails trying to sell their shitty payment processing services This fucker was already convicted of insider trading, why is he allowed anywhere near the payment industry? Report this asshole to the FTC and local attorney general Read More

    Michael is fast becoming one of the biggest criminals in the illegal data-trading black market in the US, hiring out to offshore Indians to illegally spam the fuck out of millions of Americans trying to buy and sell private consumer data that all feeds back (via anonymous websites and fake companies / email aliases) into the growing Data Axle network of companies This fucker belongs in jail but he's exactly the type of asshole that US politicians love to keep "handy" when it comes time for political campaigns and spying on American citizens He pretends to comply with privacy laws like the CCPA but it's all bullshit, and using Indians to help launder his crimes Read More

    Strangio is perhaps the most obnoxious of all the trans activists. He believes the nonsense that trans women are real women by virtue of the way they feel -- "I feel like a woman, so that makes me a real woman". Like all trans activists, he can't support this idea with anything resembling facts (not that the Right cares about facts either). What makes Strangio dangerous is that he is a lawyer and frequently argues cases in court, so he's in a position to spread transgender nonsense through the legal system. For those who don't understand the legal issues, gays are discriminated against because of their identities, and so gays are winning their rights because of their identities. Trans people are trying to do the same thing. But there is a difference between gays and trans people: When a man says he is attracted to his own gender, there is no legal reason to doubt him -- and thus he must not be discriminated against for that part of his identity, especially since his attraction to his own sex does no harm to anyone (yup, no harm). But when a man says he is a woman, there are LOTS of legal and scientific reasons to doubt him; and since no man can scientifically prove he is a woman, he should not be able to secure rights based on that pretense. But because of people like Strangio, the courts are accepting the arguments that trans people should be recognized as the sex they want to be instead of the sex they are. I am a liberal, and clearly this is a conservative site. Not all liberals agree with transgender ideology, just as not all conservatives worship the Trump deity. Here is my own article on transgender ideology: Read More

    Tony Scamell and his company Womply had fraudulently altered my ppp promissory note and date on ppp loans . He also picked and choose the applicants that would pay him out more in fees not including the 17 lenders that he fucked over some of them taking 100% of there fees . The guy is a fucking greedy ass bastard who fucked my small bussiness and thousands of others . Read More

    David is one of the biggest conmen associated with the Qanon conspiracy theory and movement. While I think conspiracy theories are fine as they can be exercising your imagination, guys like David take it way too far by claiming they have inside knowledge about various future events and giving false hope to their followers... and always for a financial incentive. Anyone who criticizes these guys is labeled "left-wing" or "establishment" or trying to "censor" the one who spreading the misinfo. In reality some people are just rational and trying to protect the ignorant followers of the cult from losing their money or sanity. David's latest fake promise is that during November the US Supreme Court will help Trump throw Biden out of office... THIS IS FALSE and anyone who is still giving money to David needs to stop doing so until he apologises and stops the bullshit. Read More

    Kaleil tuzman is good in working the system. He made up the story about being raped. For years he had been scamming and lying to hos rabbi, his family, friends and the world that he was innocent. He is a pathological lier and a sociopath. Then he admitted finally that he lied. The judge couldnt prpve that ‘the rape was another lie’. There were no cameras or witnesses in that jail. It was another lie Kaleil made up. He is a pro when it comes to schemes. He got away with ‘murder’ aka ‘terrible fraud’ just like OJ simpson. Read More

    Tyler pays freelancers in the Philippines to illegally spam the shit out of thousands of Americans with fake "job listings" a known HR scam where these companies try to grow a massive collection of people potentially looking for certain jobs (that don't exist) until a similar job really does exist and then Tyler can refer to to that tech firm and earn his commission... Ref: Do not join Zintro or believe any of their spam/fraud... this is one of the worst types of consumer fraud IMO P.S. looks like Tyler also writes dozens of "fake" positive (anonymous) reviews of Zintro on Trustpilot since they are one of the only directories that allows anonymous reviews from random VPNs and random IP addresses PPS. they literally sell illegal "spam" services directly on their site! Read More

    Apparently Lauren never got the memo that if she wants to call herself a "journalist" that entails investigating stories, not fabricating propaganda from the ground-up. Her latest effort at creating fake "white supremacists" to harm Glenn Youngkin's political campaign was just hilariously bad... you have literally all of mainstream media, Big Tech, and major Democrat politicians and operatives on your team and you still royally fuck it up lol Another useful idiot for the zero-morals wing of the Democratic Party, who is willing to whore herself out for disinformation pieces. When the first sentence of your Wikipedia page is a compliment, you know she's bad news (literally). Read More

    So this is just absolutely incredulous... after 4 years of ongoing court proceedings, the US federal government is deferring prosecution of Michael, the worst spammer in American history who has been spamming/harassing/defrauding millions of Americans for decades now (since the days of AOL), with.... drumroll... a hilarious $1800.00 fine that the US government will pass on to a few web hosting companies Michael "lied" to in order to abuse their IP addresses with his spamming software... Literally, that is the only thing he confesses to in this "agreement" designed by federal prosecutors: Completely f*cking insane for anyone watching. This guy has made likely 6-7++ figures scamming Americans over the years, has enough money to pay for top attorneys for a 4-5 year long legal battle with the US federal government... and his punishment is... nothing. Yes, NOTHING. All he has to do now is probation, 12 months of not breaking any major laws. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS when the US government is run by 80 year old dinosaurs who don't understand technology and can't put together a competent case against one of the biggest online scammers in history, after 4-5 years of research!!! Read More

    What to say about Reid? The biggest douchebag hypocrite in Silicon Valley history might come close, with a few exceptions. This dude spammed the shit out of millions of Americans' email inboxes for years (illegally) while growing LinkedIn, lying to people that their "friends" and "family" were inviting them to join the network. After lawsuits and legal threats and government scrutiny he finally stopped but just before selling to Microsoft. Now this douche pretends to be a moral leader, partnering with Soros Inc. to "fight disinformation" on the internet... what a loser, Reid, as always it's just a grift for public attention with zero actual moral conviction behind it Read More

    Mary perfectly exemplifies the ACLU in 2021: a rich white lady who took over leadership at ACLU Virginia last year from a Latina woman, and who fights AGAINST free speech rights of teachers in Virginia, encouraging censorship and bullying of anyone who doesn't use trans people's correct "pronouns"... lmao... this bitch is everything that's wrong with America in the 21st century Read More

    Dave was gladly chosen as the latest douchebag to run the massive illegal email spam campaigns on behalf of of the GOP and NRSC and related political campaigns, illegally spamming the shit out of thousands of Americans who have already removed themselves from other email lists, he is one of the main operatives in the GOP / Trump / Darian Rafie / NRSC / Brad Parscale fraud gang who illegally trade data on millions of Americans in violation of the CAN SPAM ACT and dozens of consumer protection and privacy laws Despite repeatedly removing myself from these lists (originally curated by the Trump campaign, and We Build The Wall, among others), these fuckers continue to spam me dozens of emails a week from dozens of fake web domains asking for donations Update March 2022: Dave is back on Mailchimp again with a fake identity "[email protected]" abusing their platform for more illegal spam! Read More

    Rob is Elias Chavando's right-hand "tech guy" who has followed him from Autotrader to and and now Progresando, getting more and more into the illegal political operations of the NRSC (data mining, data brokering, and illegal email spam) on behalf of the Republican Party and increasingly Donald Trump's marketing campaigns specifically While they claim to be "online marketplaces" and indeed were at some point (e.g. Autotrader) it appears they are functioning as front companies now providing consulting and tech/spam services to the NRSC and other Republican political campaigns BLATANT violation of the CAN SPAM ACT on a daily basis not to mention dozens of consumer protection laws, these fuckers are the dirtiest of the "swamp creatures" that Republicans claim to despise so much, which is why they use so many different fake web domains Read More

    Do not trust this guy or any VPNs/software he is associated with. There is no way the US government "pardoned" him from helping the UAE spy on their own citizens unless he provided intel back to the US government. Now he wants to get into the VPN business, where he can monitor and shape internet traffic for millions of people on behalf of Israeli "companies" tied to the Israeli government and spy agencies? Lol, no thanks Read More

    Another conservative spammer / grifter who literally uses Jesus Christ to guilt people into donating to him while he is ILLEGALLY buying email lists from the likes of Donald Trump / Darian Rafie / Brad Parscale / GOP spam gang. Not surprised to learn he also worked for Campus Crusade, the biggest Christian grift in the history of the world who literally pays cash to people to "convert" to Christianity in places like India, so they can inflate their numbers and keep the grift going (cult?) Report this asshole's illegal spam campaign and consumer fraud to the FTC and local authorities Read More

    I can't imagine the CIA will ever have a worse director than John Brennan, a guy with absolutely bizarre conspiracy theories, neurotic behavior, and beliefs and morals that change constantly. Dude literally was a member of the Communist Party, and no problem he was hired as Obama's CIA director... he also randomly decided to "convert" to Islam, or so he says. Dude is a complete basket case that is obvious to even the least educated of Americans... what an embarrassment He has spewed more bullshit and spread more patently false stories than even the most aggressive Democrat operatives... enough said Read More

    Russell is one of the douchiest "marketing gurus" in America, because he has serious cash and is able to promote himself constantly and yet half of the shit he sells is blatantly fraudulent (or illegal email spam). For years now he's run dozens of Facebook Ads campaigns in one of the best examples of how Facebook has no problem accepting thousands of dollars from marketing scammers and hype-bros yet if you say one thing they disagree with politically they will ban you. (I have even reported one of his fraudulent campaigns to Facebook Ads, and they immediately rejected my report.) Now that Facebook users are leaving in droves Russell is stepping up his illegal email spam game, illegally buying lists of thousands of business people and trying to sell his latest bullshit courses/books/crap like Marketing Secrets. These scammers have never built a business that actually adds value to the world, the entire business model is hyping the hype of the hype for the hype that you will hype make money like them hype with fake testimonials Read More

    Kaleil is yet another example of white collar fraudsters getting a slap on the wrist for scamming thousands of people, and stealing millions of dollars from fellow Americans... how is he not worse than a small-time burglar or thief who is sentenced to jail for several years? But of course not... he gets merely probation from shady U.S. District Judge Paul Gardephe after spending a few horrifying months in Columbia prisons... because, apparently he "helped" report some of the corrupt prison officials? Seriously? How many millions of U.S. prisoners have reported corruption and abuse in the jails (or tried to) and only been further punished as result? There is something very shady going on with this case. Besides the slap on the wrist (when prosecutors were seeking around 20 years) it also took many years for the federal court to even hear his case in the first place... for 6+ years the guy was just chilling under house arrest, no telling where the millions of dollars he stole are. Some random teenager could steal $500 of jewelry from a house as a first time offense, and get a worse sentence than this. White collar scammers are just part of the corrupt revolving door in the U.S. because too many rich and powerful people would be subject to blowback if the crimes were actually pursued and investigated and prosecuted like they're supposed to! Read More

    Lou runs a massive online fraud campaign on behalf of Wells Fargo bank using his front company "Host Merchant Services" which he formerly used to run fraud for First Premier Bank and also via their intermediary OpenSRS apparently... Somehow it seems all of Lou's credit card/processing partnerships always disappear in a shroud of smoke and mirrors, but at some point Wells Fargo decided to acquire his fraud engine anyways (Wells Fargo, the bank repeatedly exposed as the most fraudulent large consumer bank in the United States, who then pays huge fines, and then does it all again) For years now he's been running these fake websites with zero tracking information (trying to remain anonymous) as leadgen micro sites using fake employees, fake email addresses, and he even hides his company(s) from his own LinkedIn profile as well These fuckers are the perfect example of how privileged elites never go to jail in the US, and the government agencies that are supposed to be stopping this shit NEVER do their job, the only thing they ever do is slap small "fines" on these assholes when it become public Lou regularly violates the CAN SPAM ACT along with dozens of consumer protection regulations, but he's still a high profile employee of Wells Fargo running these fraudulent leadgen operations and nothing is ever done about it P.S. Lou also has a fake "blogger" on Medium called Kevin Novaka where he illegally posts positive endorsements of Host Merchant Services: Read More

    Lou is a scammer, plain and simple. Don't trust a word that comes out of his mouth. He's arrogant and thinks that everyone he deals with is beneath him. Read More

    2 years ago I reported to Leslie that BBB Southern Nevada was not only refusing to delete my (retired) company's profile from their website, but was deleting positive reviews of my company from verified customers while publishing fake "negative" reviews that directly violated their own Terms of use contract. For example, a serial stalker of mine Naveed Moein, was pretending to be my customer on the BBB website. Another random guy was convinced by (or paid?) by Naveed to do the same thing from an IP address in Texas, also never my customer. Leslie initially sanctioned Rhonda Mettler for deleting my public responses to several reviews, but to this day the "fake" reviews exist on the profile and despite my LLC expiring way back in 2013, more fake reviews continue to be published about me. As someone involved in various online projects including software and Hucksters (this fraud tracking database) a lot of people have reason to lash out. Don't take my word for it... Leslie was also caught having a sexual affair while making a business deal on behalf of BBB with the owner of "Trust Card" and then sued over the corruption of the entire process: Let this stand as definitive proof that the BBB is not some well-meaning non-profit charity... they are a business, and their sales agents called me 2 years ago trying to get me to join their membership after this all started getting published on my profile. Read More

    Jen is the perfect example of 21st century American "journalism"... for decades she has called herself a "conservative" while constantly taking up pandering center-left or far-left positions for the Washington Post... she offers absolutely no consistent logic, almost none of her "opinions" are based on facts, and she writes absolutely anything that D.C. bureacrats and lobbyists want her to say. She's the ultimate media grifter with no soul, no morals, and no pride, a wasted career in every sense Read More

    George turned the ITMS unit of the Dept of Commerce into his own private little spy agency to stalk and harass American citizens without any warrants or subpoenas... this asshole should have been fired and arrested, but as always nothing happens to guys like George thankfully the Washington Post didn't back down and published their detailed investigation on him Read More

    Ari helps with the massive fraud/spam campaign that ADP runs sending illegal emails to thousands of US businesses from fake aliases and fake email addresses trying to generate leads for their programs... report this asshole to the FTC along with his colleagues Update May 2022: Ari is now trying to get this page deleted by submitting fraudulent copyright complaints to Cloudflare: Cloudflare received a trademark infringement complaint regarding: The information we received was the following: Reporter's Name: James Christopher Trademark Holder's Name: Reporter's Email Address: alert@takedownreporting Reported URLs: Original Work: Trademarked Symbol: ADP Registration Number: 4427965 Registration Office: WIPO Logs or Evidence of Abuse: Your platform is illegally using ADP Inc's name in the website name and is providing ADP Inc's HQ address and contact number in the domain. ADP Inc does not host this content. ADP Inc has requested the removal of this content. Please remove this content as soon as possible. Update July 2022: Ari is now submitting MORE fraudulent takedown requests to Google claiming we "doxxed" him for sharing the fake Gmail accounts his criminal gang uses to scam American citizens Update July 2022 #2... turns out Ari used to be in charge of BLOCKING EMAIL SPAM at Bigfoot Interactive, he literally went to the Dark Side: "Tactically, ESPs are building workarounds to deal with the problem and simultaneously developing strategies for the future. For now, Bigfoot Interactive’s Ari Osur says the company monitors inbound email in response to a mailing. It’s routed to a human being, who scans messages for challenges and responds to them. “You can also do keyword handlers on that reply mail [to find challenges],” he said. “And they would just go through and manually do it.”" Update 2023: This absolute loser finally got fired by ADP apparently and now started his own company iCIMS, he is still submitting legal demand after legal demand to Google trying to delete this page from results! lol Read More

    Carlos and his team at ADP illegally buy massive email lists and illegally spam the fuck out of thousands of US companies using fake names and aliases, often nicknames of the third word freelancers they use to field inquiries In the initial email spam they purposefully hide all mention of ADP and their company to try and hide from their illegal activity Report these assholes to the FTC and your local attorney general, Carlos is a scammer and belongs in jail Read More

    How interesting that the SPLC asked Twitter to "ban" Nick Fuentes only a few weeks after Susan became the "Intelligence" director (wtf?) at the SPLC... another Israel-connected political operative, apparently Read More

    Charlie is a long-time spammer and fraudster well known by trackers like Spamhaus. He has a few semi-legit businesses but generally speaking he is always anonymous and runs a ton of spammy websites with email spam campaigns and beyond, selling various "licenses" information and guides for driving, fishing, hunting, and other technical/documentation sort of niches Update August 2022: Charlie is now submitting secret takedown requests to Google trying to get this page removed from search results Read More

    Elias is the CEO of Progesando, and he employs Darian Rafie as his CTO. After asking Darian dozens of times to stop spamming me with MAGA Trump email spam from the Republican Party and all their grifters, I emailed Progresando and they wouldn't tell me if their company was involved with Darian's spamming services, so I must assume they are well aware of it and benefit from his spamming, too. Update July 2022: Elias is now harassing me via email to delete this page... he had nothing to say for 2 years when I demanded his team stop spamming me, now he wants to "talk"! Read More

    Tim and his wife Amanda "acquired" the email list from We Build The Wall project and have begun illegally spamming the fuck out of thousands of Americans who were following updates on that project trying to advertising their new hype blog (Drudge copycat) Populist.Press These people win the "biggest grifter couple in America" award for like 5 years straight, good lord Trump energy drinks, Drudge spam, and being sued by the US government for false advertising and defrauding donations is apparently not enough for them, they simply won't stop fucking emailing me no matter how many things I ask. Read More

    Mark is the grifter-king at Stansberry Research and their network of propaganda blogs, illegal email spam campaigns, and massive consumer fraud that the SEC already sued him for... but like so many American billionaires the corrupt revolving door system lets them off. This fucker belongs in jail along with his fake "characters" Jeff Brown and others (e.g. team of ghostwriters) that spam the hell out of thousands of Americans with right-wing political scare stories to sell their shitty investment consulting Read More

    One of the most low-IQ dumbasses ever seen on any TV news show... ever. When this is the type of race-baiting scum that a major American network thinks will attract black viewers, that is the perfect example of the bigotry of low expectations. Read More

    Darian is extremely clever and tricky, running various email spam campaigns for Republicans and beyond. His website purposefully has broken SSL certificates so that Google won't index it and most visitors will ignore it... the contact info on that website is fake and reused from other junk companies in Los Angeles. This is all done so that Darian can (barely) follow the law when it comes to CAN SPAM Act and other regulations about being honest where your emails are coming from. The truth is he is very dishonest, but he does just enough to be able to hold together a shitty legal defense if he ever gets brought to court for illegally buying and selling voter contact info. His pseudo-shell company BEP Consulting in Chicago is the legal entity he uses to actually do business. This self righteous fucker spams the hell out millions of Americans even when they unsubscribe from these "GOP" lists time and again. He is the worst of the worst of right-wing grifter-scammers pretending they are moral. Update: Darian is now selling lists to the NRSC (GOP) and helping them send millions more illegal email spam messages Read More

    Phil is one of the most infamous spammers in the Spamhaus database, and seems to have either directly partnered with or "crossed paths" with Charlie Eissa several times in Florida, Chicago, Morocco, and beyond: Read More

    Update: the reason it's so easy to get "approved" by Womply is cuz Tony and his "partner" lenders approve every freaking application for COVID loans, so be aware you may end up being charged for fraud if you deal with these people, since their due diligence is next to zero Apparently going to jail for insider trading wasn't enough for Tony. Now this idiot is sending out mass email spam campaigns (illegally) to thousands of US companies pretending to represent the PPP loan program of the US Federal government EXCEPT guess what... Tony has an affiliate program that you can make $200 from for each referral hahaha... I mean what a fucking idiot. Have fun Tony when the feds show up at your door again to arrest you for wire fraud and a shit ton of other charges (again). He even posts fake "CEO reviews" of himself on Comparably. The REAL employees on Glassdoor tell a different story... stay far away from this douchebag. "The founder went to jail so hard to find new investments. Co-founder as unethical the founder. Both don't know business 1:1... fire these two and the company may be will have a future." Tony Scammell... yes, even his mom knew what to name him, apparently. Read More

    Albert is a scammer "investor" from Techstars who loves hiring other Latinos to join his team of spammers... first they steal equity from innocent young companies while promising them they will all get rich (none of which seem to make it big, for some reason) and now they are pushing this bullshit 8base platform to try to feed thousands of other clueless startups into their world of bullshit. Their company continues to illegally spam me claiming I "opted in" to their content on their website which is a blatant lie... these assholes are a bunch of fraudsters, stay the hell away and report their email to their web hosts and the FTC Read More

    Dwan illegally spams and harasses US companies trying to sell his junk web services, while hiding his identity and ownership on his various websites and using a network of fake domains and emails... Update Feb 2023: Dwan is now trying to demand Google delete this page from search results Update May 2023: Dawn is now illegally impersonating a lawyer, launching a website pretending to organize a class-action lawsuit against me and for having exposed his email spam. DO NOT FILL OUT THE FORMS on it is a fraudulent website pretending to be a law firm. Read More

    Amanda apparently acquired a massive email list from the We Build The Wall project and then illegally started spamming the shit out of thousands of people promoting her "news" websites that knock off the Drudge Report... This gang is the epitome of cringy conservative grifters that give otherwise decent "Republicans" a bad reputation. Update: they are still spamming me after multiple requests to stop Update #2: Amanda changed her website from to and is now illegally paying conservative "influencers" like Amiri King to endorse her drink products without the legally required FTC disclosures Update #3: Amanda is now spreading long-proven-false news identifying the incorrect "black" police officer as having killed Ashli Babbit: Read More

    Chase is an example of how hypocritical "the left" has gotten in postmodern US society. He was a diversity hire by the ACLU as that organization continues it's raging internal battle between leftist virtue-signaling and censorship, and actual free speech litigation like it had been doing in past decades. Chase has gone on to grab lots of media attention for his various hateful campaigns against conservatives and trying to censor and shut down those who he disagrees with... wtf? This is the new ACLU? Chase might have had a sad/difficult past, but this is a perfect example of letting "empathy for victims" spiral out of control to the point that a major civil rights organization betrays it's entire history and values, and then doubles down on their hypocrisy... Read More

    Mark and his team at Validity have two sides to their business: the "public" face dealing with email technology, and a secret black market side where they sell fraudulent Google Reviews (5 star reviews) and mass email spamming services, using a bunch of fake "front" companies like which are all based in a anonymous PO box in Seattle Washington using a non-existent LLC "Send in Bulk LLC"... these people belong in jail for years of breaking CAN SPAM ACT and several consumer fraud laws. Report to FTC and FBI! Update May 2022: One of Mark's clients Evan Samlin has been outed: Read More

    Matt is a serial spammer for Official Advertising a.k.a. Fidelist who uses a variety of consumer fraud methods online Read More

    Scott illegally spams and harasses the shit out of hundreds of companies trying to sell his junk PR and spam services Update: Scott has been exposed on Reddit for paying for tons of fake reviews on Glassdoor, Google etc... articles from bloggers in India that "praise" his PR agency... this entire business model appears to be fraud (fake reviews, PBN blog posts, etc) P.S. Florida is apparently now the capital of fraudsters and scammers in the US, cuz these assholes get 100% of their property protected in case of being sued in civil lawsuits (there are no exceptions, even if you buy property with money from scamming people) and so it's created this entire ecosystem of scammers and douchebags networking with each other Update March 2022: Scott is now submitting fraudulent DMCA requests to Reddit to remove user posts who exposed his fraud, luckily we archived it first: After we caught Scott violating the CAN SPAM Act by using the fake domain to send out mass amounts of spam he decided to let that domain "expire" on Jaun 22, 2022... stay tuned for his next fake domains that we will also expose Update May 2022: some former Otter PR employees have contacted me and are sharing more of the shady details of this company... also Scott just hired NetReputation to try and delete this page from Google results (not gonna happen!)... since they are escalating their attacks, I will be exposing more of their outright fraud. Update October 2023: this dumb motherfucker is still illegally spamming and harassing me and thousands of others, using fake domain names to try and hide from the spam reports, e.g. scott AT but if you want to spam him back, his email is scott @ Read More

    Jason is a serial spammer and fraudster who partakes in a full variety of crimes, including illegally spamming and harassing thousands of companies trying to sell his junk lead gen services, using Filipinos to do his dirty work and using their names on his business profiles to try and hide from their illegal activity, trademark squatting and domain squatting which has cost him many (losing) lawsuits, and even pretending he is a Harvard University alumni when in fact he completed a single "extension" (free?) online course. His brother Matt (Matthew) is also his partner in crime. Stay away from these douchebags and ALL their products. Read More

    Caleb essentially runs a massive blog spam farm along with Ben Shapiro & Co. I subscribed briefly to Ben Shapiro's Daily Wire site to receive email updates, and my personal information was immediately shared with third party companies and websites without my knowledge or consent including LifeZette,, Religious Liberty Defenders, and Patriot Central, and my email inbox started overflowing with cheesy "conservative" spam like you'd see on a nutty TV show. Not only does Caleb illegally share user information with other companies but he will spam the shit out of you non stop for having shown interest in following some news stories from the Daily Wire website... (hint: don't subscribe). Also weird is that they shut down the website while saying the company is changing names to Bentkey Ventures, apparently what they are renaming their operation after they move from Los Angeles to Nashville... yet the new company has no website. They also hide all company information from all these spam emails, and use a variety of PO Boxes in the email footer instead... this is in direct violation of the CAN SPAM Act. What a pathetic bunch of grifters (spammers), these people are why people are scared to identity as conservative these days, because of the ridiculous low-education bullshit you are immediately associated with. Read More

    Michael and his team of spammers from the US and Israel illegally spam and harass thousands of companies via phone, email, fax, and mail... they have been sued numerous times for their illegal behavior and have been forced to settle class-action lawsuits. Some of the Jews from their company realized how full of shit their company was, so they left and started a copycat business in Israel and then Michael's gang sued them for patent infringement in Florida despite them being over in Israel. Conveniently, all of their "unsubscribe" links are always broken (the SSL certificate is disabled). Of course the most ironic thing is that Michael also brought his own business "secrets" to American Registry from his past position at Direct Insite! These people are fucking pathetic, non-stop spam, harassment, and lawsuits back-and-forth from all of their bullshit. If they are harassing you, file police reports and complaints with the U.S. FTC. Read More

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