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About Us

Welcome to If you’re reading this, you’re probably either a victim of one of the subjects we’ve investigated, or you’re one of the people we’ve exposed. Either way, most of your questions can probably be answered over at our FAQ.

The short version is this:

We maintain the web’s largest database of verified spammers, scammers, and scumbags, and we’re not going to stop, because we love the internet.

Our main goal is to improve transparency in regard to internet dysfunction. As things like politics, cronyism, censorship, and other factors contribute to a handful of Big Tech companies controlling information flow online, we felt it was increasingly necessary for a straightforward database of verified “online” humans and their associated data points.

Hucksters does deep dive OSINT research to find out who is behind an email spam campaign, online scam, or other fraud, and then lists them here.

But why do we do all this?

Mainly, out of tough love — to encourage bad behavior to stop — and secondly, to protect innocent people. We don’t believe in being unnecessarily malicious or cruel, and on occasion we do remove profiles in our directory under specific circumstances.

What exactly is

  1. Adults only. We will not index anyone who is currently a minor, no matter what. This means under the age of 18 years old for our purposes. Likewise, we will not index anything (brands, etc) that you were a part of when you were a minor. It simply does not interest us and we want to have clear limits to our database. Note: there are very rare exceptions to this, such as when a teenager is part of a highly covered international news story and already has a significant online reputation… still, we will try to limit our index narrowly to the news events involved in making that minor famous, for example a 13 year old murder victim, or 17 year old world-record holder, etc.
  2. Online stuff only (mostly). We only index people and brands that have an online association. If John Doe works at McDonalds, it does not apply here. Even if John Doe works at Amazon, but in the back warehouse for shipping, it does not apply here. Our goal is to expose those efforts at selling and influencing the general public on the internet, not uncovering every last piece of someone life or activity. If it is not happening online, and is not seeking to control or influence others, or does not directly effect technical internet infrastructure (e.g. a web developer) then it probably does not interest us. Certain exceptions might be for low-profile government employees (etc) as our goal is to index any tax-funded professionals, so even if a politician, judge, or government employee (including public school teachers) attempts to keep a low profile, we will still try our best to index them as they are part of the political system.
  3. Influencers only (mostly). This is not a phone book. Our goal is to bring transparency to online sales and business operations because we believe it benefits the public to know who is trying to sell them something and what others’ experiences have been like. We particularly emphasize mass advertisers on social media and search engines, etc. An artist selling photographs on their homepage does not really concern us here. We aim to shed a light on things like scams, fraud, hype artists, and similar schemes. This does not mean that everything listed here is unethical or illegal by any means. But that is the entire point of allowing users to share their experiences.

You are free to leave reviews of these people or brands, as long as you use your real name and swear that you have direct experience with the things you talk about. You can edit or update or delete your reviews at anytime. The only time we will delete reviews is if we discover a false identity has been used, or if the review contains nothing of public interest (such as spam links, jibberish that doesn’t make sense, nothing but trash talk, or things like that).

*The vast majority of people listed in this database are just “normal” business people, therefore no negative connotation is insinuated nor should misdeeds be assumed based on existing in our business directory. Our underlying goal is exposing misdeeds and fraud, but to accomplish this we often must first identity “honest” business people. This is because of things like similar names, impersonation, copyright infringement, and other reasons. Thus, the vast majority of people in our database are not being accused of anything shady. For this reason, profiles are now “noindexed” by default until comments exist on any given profile, since many of them are unnotable.

DISCLAIMER: ALL INFORMATION ON THIS WEBSITE WAS OBTAINED LEGALLY VIA PUBLIC RECORDS AND WEB PAGES. This public interest website functions as a transparency engine to expose relationships between individuals and entities (e.g. brands and organizations). Under no circumstances do we publish confidential data about an individual such as ID numbers, medical records, health status, or financial information, including contact details such as personal email addresses and phone numbers, residential addresses, or personal media (e.g. photos/videos). If you discover any such information on our website (including in public comments or reviews), please let us know so that it can be removed immediately. (This does not apply to business-related phone/email, office locations, or other contact information that was used as part of a spam/fraud/etc campaign.) We explicity discourage using this internet directory in any effort to harm or harass any individual or entity, regardless of the reason. We also do not accept or solicit payments or other forms of value in exchange for removing or altering pages that are published here. Anyone is allowed to register a free account on and publish reviews at anytime, as long as they use their real name and abide by our Terms, as well as all relevant laws of the United States and any local jurisdictions. Reviews can be edited or deleted at anytime at the discretion of the review author, and we strongly encourage updating the content whenever appropriate (e.g. if no longer accurate, or if new information exists). Users are also allowed to review themselves. Any comments that do not include the author’s full (real) name will be deleted. By posting on this site (under your real name), you therefore take legal responsibility for your words, and you understand that other people might therefore choose to dispute the nature of your words in a relevant court of law (thus commenters shall not hide behind Section 230). Reviews should be relevant to the subject’s career and not mundane/personal events. We encourage honesty, humility, and good humor, whenever possible.

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Legal caution: we fight (and expose) all fraudulent DMCA+ takedown notices submitted against our website. Any agency, freelancer, or lawyer who is party to “takedown” fraud will be aggressively exposed by our team. Please do not assist the scumbags in our directory unless you’re willing to be publicly exposed, thank you.