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Anthony Garibay

A.k.a. Anthony J. Garibay
Fraudster, Imposter, Spammer / Male / Center-Right

Anthony Garibay is a center-right Fraudster and Imposter and Spammer who is a citizen of United States, and has been associated with the following entities as either a significant contributor, participant, promoter, or beneficiary, according to our OSINT research:

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copy pasting articles from Hucksters to violate our copyright for more takedown attempts

They spam. It’s on obvious scam. They pretend to be an accelerator to peak your interest but just sell you some online course. Asked them multiple times to delete me from their CRM / mailing list. They emailed me a whopping 25 times since then.


illegally selling email addresses


Spam email:

Hi! I am the founder of Garibay Ventures an investment firm based out of Austin, TX. I focus on investing and providing companies with the highest lead generation opportunities while a maintaining the best cost effective strategies. Have worked with multiple Fortune 500 companies including Mark Cuban directly for 6 years. Feel free to reach out to me chat!


I saw your company on LinkedIn and thought it would be great to connect! Seems very exciting what you’re working on and I’d like to connect to see if we are fit for an investment in your company.

My fund Garibay Ventures recently came off a raise and we are evaluating investments for the upcoming QT.

I’ve recently partnered with Newchip’s accelerator to help dig a little deeper into companies with our scout team while also offering the chance to get extra exposure to their investors(which I am apart of).

I’d like to talk to you about your fundraising goals. If you have some time to chat soon let me know and if you don’t mind prior to a call filling out this application so I can learn more about you/your company(save us both a ton of time) .

Ping me if you put an application in so I can have it forwarded to my team.


Anthony Garibay
CEO/Founder, Garibay Ventures


Garibay Ventures reviews (Newchip Accelerator spam)
byu/berers inventure


Spammers from Garibay Ventures (Newchip affiliate?)
byu/berers inventurecapital

Spammers from Garibay Ventures (Newchip Accelerator affiliate?)
byu/berers inEntrepreneur


complaints about dishonest terms in Newchip

Spammers from Garibay Ventures (Anthony)
byu/berers inScams


Garibay Ventures reviews (Newchip Accelerator spam)
byu/berers inventure


Have you gone through NewChip? Any thoughts?
byu/pbuschma inEntrepreneur

Accelerator – Newchip
byu/Free_space_16 inEntrepreneur

Has Anyone Here Done The Newchip Accelerator? Honest Feedback?
byu/FollowMe22 insmallbusiness

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6 thoughts on "Anthony Garibay"

  1. Jesse Nickles says:

    Anthony is yet another wannabe investor who illegally buys mass email lists and spams the shit out of thousands of Americans trying to offer “ventural capital” a.k.a. stealing % of companies that are already proven successful

    Update: He claims he “found” me on Linkedin that’s funny, I don’t have an email on Linkedin! total fraudster

    Update #2: this a*****e is still emailing me and now threatening to sue me for exposing him lol

    Update #3: anddd there it is:

    “I’m Anthony Garibay from Austin, TX. I help businesses find verified leads and tailor the email marketing list with high quality leads for a reasonable cost. I can search filters depending on what you’re looking for. ”

    This guy is some “millionaire” investor who worked for Mark Cuban who wants to “give me money” but he’s also illegally selling people’s email addresses on for $100. Yep!

    Update #4: Anthony is now in serious trouble after impersonating his boss, Andrew the CEO of NewChip in order to threaten me:

    “You are a troll artist who begs for attention. F**k right off you idiot. I make millions why you sit behind your computer and suck your mom tit … Don’t put Newchip accelerator in any of your website content or i will sue you b***h — Ryan Rafols”

    Update #5: Anthony tried to get this page removed from Google results but they rejected his meritless claim… crime doesn’t pay, Anthony

    Update #6: Anthony is now leaving fake “death threats” on this page using aliases in a desperate effort to make Google delete this page from search results… he’s also leaving fake comments defending his reputation… dude just doesn’t stop…

    Update #7: Months later, Anthony is still spamming the shit out of thousands of companies trying to earn “affiliate” commissions from various angel investors, and he continues to file unsuccessful attempts to Google trying to remove this page from results

    Update May 2022: Anthony and Newchip are pissed at the many complaints being shared on Reddit and elsewhere about their scam, Anthony is now paying SEO folks to try and hide the results from Google:

    Update June 2022: Pinterest has deleted the spam that Anthony paid an Indian freelancer to post in an effort to outrank this page:–1028791108601658019/

  2. Anthony Garibay says:

    Sorry for anyone that has to deal with this site owner Jesse Nickles.

    Here’s a link explaining it all.


  3. Patrina Mack says:

    I had high hopes for the New Chip accelerator program. During the “sales” process, I spent a great deal of time addressing my concerns about being fundable even though we were a pre-revenue company at that time. As an older, experienced female executive, it was critical to our firm to find someone who would know more than I did and find people who truly “got healthcare” and more importantly, “got mental health” concerns. These were clearly referenced throughout the sales process. New Chip has not delivered on its sales promises. Worse yet, my first meeting with a Program Advisor resulted in me being told that without MRR/ARR, my company would not get funded and that I had to find my own investors by mining my LinkedIn account. This amounts to a “bait and switch” approach which is totally unacceptable in any business.

    I understand that New Chip defines its business as an educational company. Frankly, the curriculum has been an insult to my intelligence and the comments shared during my mastermind sessions confirmed I am not the only one feeling that way. The redundancy, poor organization, and incoherent webinars made completing the curriculum wasteful at best and beyond annoying at worst. Please remember that, regardless of how you define the company, the New Chip sales pitch focuses heavily on a 70% success rate of getting startups funded.

    The limited mentorship also has not lived up to the sales hype. In our case, it took three attempts to get matched with a mentor in the behavioral health space. Unfortunately, that mentor has no experience raising investor funding which resulted in no help at all. Frankly, conducting 20 min sessions to perfect a pitch deck is totally insufficient and inconsistent with the sales pitch which convinced us to engage New Chip. Further, I was then told that New Chip investors will not fund companies that have an app because they’ve been burned in the past. The result of this was being told I should only describe our company as a SaaS based solution because that’s what your investors will fund. This causes me to question whether there are serious investors or whether those investors have any understanding or knowledge in healthcare or specifically mental health apps. When I would share the advice I was getting from New Chip resources with trusted colleagues they would just shake their heads and wonder why I was paying for this. At long last, I finally had two resources affiliated with New Chip (but not employees) review my deck and I received only minor suggestions for upgrades basically saying they loved the deck. Following this, I was told by my Program Advisor that I still needed more feedback before our deck could be submitted to the IR department. This only reinforced either a gating mechanism punishing me for being outspoken about how disappointed I was in the program or incompetence on New Chip’s part.

    Quite frankly this has been a complete failure on New Chip’s part and a complete waste of our limited funds. Add to the fact that the earliest I could hope to engage with New Chip investors is in the last month of the program the likelihood we could raise funds through New Chip despite your claimed 70% success rate is nil. I still wonder how many people get funded because they did have in their LinkedIn network investors who funded them. (I had already ruled out my LinkedIn network because none of my investor contacts had healthcare experience.)

    I also wish to highlight that there were constant changes in the program while all of this was going on. The constant program changes, which typically meant taking stuff away, suggests they understand the program has challenges and issues. We respect those challenges, however they are not our responsibility. All I can indicate is that New Chip has a lot of work to do to deliver on its value proposition. I might go so far as to suggest that your one size fits all model has reached the breaking point.

    1. Anthony Garibay says:

      Patrina – thanks for the insightful feedback. As a partner with Newchip I work with companies outside of their programs and would love to help you in any goals you might have. If you reach out to me through email or LinkedIn I will be happy to offer references to other investors or dig deep with you to find a way to help. Thanks!

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