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B2B Scammers (United States)

The following (verified) people have been significantly associated with this entity, either as a participant, contributor, promoter, or beneficiary, according to our OSINT research:

  • Ryan Elmore (Fraudster, Grifter, Web Developer)
  • Kegan Quimby (Fraudster, Shill, Web Designer)
  • Andrew Finkelstein (Fraudster, Spammer)
  • Steve Krause (Blogger, Fraudster, Scammer)
  • Brian Lejeune (Blogger, Fraudster, Grifter)
  • Janine Hang Do (Fraudster, Grifter, Pharmacist)
  • Steven W. Hirsch (Attorney, Crony, Embezzler)
  • Hendrikus Kwan (Fraudster, Sysadmin)
  • Jeffrey Charles Wilde (Fraudster, Spammer)
  • Barry Abrahamson (Harasser, Operative, Sysadmin)
  • Todd Machtmes (Executive, Harasser, Spammer)
  • Michael Salvaggio (Fraudster, Harasser, Spammer)
  • David Gosse (Fraudster, Larper, Spammer)
  • David A. Yovanno (Executive, Fraudster, Spammer)
  • Matthew Bell (Douchebag, Fraudster, Grifter)
  • Antonio Thorton (Fraudster, Harasser, Spammer)
  • Christopher Cullison (Fraudster, Grifter, Spammer)
  • Tommy Patterson (Douchebag, Grifter, Spammer)
  • John Stormer (Harasser, Spammer)
  • James Christopher Foster (Fraudster, Harasser, Imposter)
  • Tony Atkins (Fraudster, Spammer)
  • Jay Feldman (Fraudster, Grifter, Spammer)
  • Mason Cook (Fraudster, Spammer)
  • Ryan P. Mullen (Conman, Fraudster, Scammer)
  • Burton M. Goldfield (Executive, Fraudster, Spammer)
  • Archil Cheishvili (Fraudster, Spammer)
  • Max Muir (Fraudster, Spammer)
  • Daniel Patrick (Fraudster, Harasser, Spammer)
  • Zak Stahlsmith (Fraudster, Spammer)
  • Robert Carr (Fraudster, Grafter, Spammer)
  • Rana June Sobhany (Data broker, Fraudster, Spammer)
  • Michael Iaccarino (Data broker, Fraudster, Spammer)
  • Andrew Scherer (Fraudster, Spammer)
  • Jon West (Fraudster, Harasser, Spammer)
  • Chad Ledford (Fraudster, Spammer)
  • Ranjini Poddar (Fraudster, Spammer)
  • Stephen Hull (Fraudster, Spammer)
  • Robert Burns (Fraudster, Spammer)
  • Steve Bachar (Attorney, Embezzler, Fraudster)
  • “Andrew” Ryan Rafols (Conman, Fraudster, Spammer)
  • Anthony Garibay (Fraudster, Imposter, Spammer)
  • Marc Benioff (Charlatan, Grifter, Spammer)
  • Connor Robertson (Fraudster, Spammer)
  • Zuleika Marrero (Fraudster, Spammer)
  • Jasmine Bailey (Extorter, Fraudster, Recruiter)
  • Leslie Baughn (Extorter, Fraudster, Scammer)
  • Walter Wise (Fraudster, Spammer)
  • Brian Wycinowski (Extorter, Fraudster, Salesperson)
  • Ryan Lacerda (Fraudster, Spammer)
  • Chad Heath (Fraudster, Imposter, Spammer)
  • Brian Merritt (Executive, Extorter, Fraudster)
  • Keith Givens (Attorney, Fraudster, Spammer)
  • Ari Osur (Executive, Fraudster, Spammer)
  • Kelly Shanley (Fraudster, Spammer)
  • Carlos A. Rodriguez (Fraudster, Spammer)
  • Charlie Johnson (Fraudster, Grifter, Spammer)
  • Bryce Kapitzky (Fraudster, Scammer, Spammer)
  • Chris Pierce (Fraudster, Spammer)
  • Evan H. Samlin (Fraudster, Loan Shark, Spammer)
  • Lou Honick (Fraudster, Operative, Spammer)
  • Troy McQuagge (Fraudster, Spammer)
  • Daniel Longoria (Fraudster, Scammer, Spammer)
  • Michael Minter (Fraudster, Spammer)
  • Patrick Bove (Fraudster, Ghostwriter, Spammer)
  • Jeff Brown (Grifter, Propagandist, Spammer)
  • Charlie Eissa (Fraudster, Scammer, Spammer)
  • Toby Scammell (Fraudster, Scammer, Spammer)
  • Sebastian Scholl (Fraudster, Harasser, Spammer)
  • Albert Santalo (Fraudster, Investor, Spammer)
  • Bill Bice (Fraudster, Marketer, Spammer)
  • Matt Clyne (Fraudster, Spammer)
  • Dwan Roby (Fraudster, Imposter, Spammer)
  • Mark Briggs (Fraudster, Harasser, Spammer)
  • Scott Bartnick (Fraudster, Harasser, Spammer)
  • Kristina Godfrey (Fraudster, Spammer)
  • Jason Rager (Fraudster, Scammer, Spammer)
  • Marc Jablon (Fraudster, Spammer)
  • Imeila Fonua (Fraudster, Salesperson, Spammer)
  • Mike Moran (Fraudster, Scammer, Spammer)
  • Maria Cosman (Fraudster, Scammer, Spammer)
  • Jordan Bass (Fraudster, Spammer)
  • John Robson (Fraudster, Spammer)
  • Brian Krogsgard (Blogger, Crony, Fraudster)
  • Johnny Nguyen (Blogger, Fraudster, Grifter)
  • Hugo Nogales (Extorter, Fraudster, Salesperson)
  • Rhonda Mettler (Extorter, Fraudster, Manager)
  • Russell Brunson (Fraudster, Grifter, Spammer)
  • Reviews:

    Ryan has several fake agencies in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and probably others. He makes fake Maps listings and then link exchanges (spams) trying to improve ranking, it doesn't work very well. He also hides his name from LinkedIn and Crunchbase apparently scared customers will figure out it's the same faker collecting leads and then outsourcing the work -- a common scam. Avoid this guy, he's full of shit Read More

    I don't know who this dumbass is, but he started leaving 1 star reviews of my small web hosting company because he doesn't know how to migrate a WordPress website, despite claiming to be a WordPress developer. Now he's lying about my company publicly saying we "blocked" him from migrating a WordPress site because the only software Kegan knows how to use is cPanel apparently. Big warning, don't hire Kegan to work on your WordPress site unless you want a clueless douchebag to mess up your site and then get in fights with people about it because he's embararassed. Edit: I found out he's committing fraud on Yelp by claiming to run offices in both New York and San Francisco, but they are fake office locations and he doesn't have any offices. I reported him to Yelp for the fraud. Edit #2 ... of course! Kegan is a Rank Math and Perfmatters shill... every... single... time Edit #3 ... wow Kegan has 2 fake office locations on Google Maps too Edit #4 he also leaves fake 5 star reviews of himself on Trustpilot Edit #5 I have discovered a total of 3 fake office locations on Google Maps so far... there's possibly more for. He's illegally using an old LLC from New Hampshire as a tax shelter called Kegan Quimby Web Design LLC while residing in New York city and running fake agencies in California. All while daring to trash talk honest competitors! A classic example of a tone-deaf douche, sad Read More

    Andrew, another dumbass from Florida who thought he was clever to setup an alternative domain!! to hide from his massive illegal spam campaigns on behalf of his failing business, Sales Wick. This idea is simply too clever, he must have learned it at the University of Miami, where most of the grifters from South Florida seem to attend. He harasses the shit out of thousands of companies from to hide from spam reports, this is why you should give him money to help you with marketing, because he's such a genius that he does what every other spammer does "CEO of SongWriteClub and Sales Wick | 2X Exits (Wildfire/Google & TVTY/Nielsen)" Linkedin profile lmao This absolute dumfuck claims to have sold 2 companies, because he happened to have a job at the companies that were later acquired. With a name like Finkelstein, he's not trying hard to avoid stereotypes Read More

    Steve is a Gen X dumbass in over his head, running a shitty blog network using various names but often trying to be anonymous. A few of his blogs are general content, but one of his main scams is "Dating Busters" where he pretends to investigate fake dating sites to "help" the public avoid being scammed... but in fact, he's the scammer, and then sends readers to his Adult Friend Finder affiliate links. He tried very very hard to hide his identity, even using various domain registrars and web hosts on his various sites, but of course we were still able to track this dumbfuck down Please report Steve to the FTC,FCC,FBI, and local attorney general if he submits fake DMCA demands to Google or web hosts trying to get your articles removed ... this is his latest tactic, trying to outrank other sites on Google, by paying Indian freelancers to submit dozens of fake copyright complaints using fake Canadian identities like "Michael Shaw" among others. Read More

    Brian and his whiny bitch-ass wife Janice fraudulently took over a web hosting account on my platform, then demanded that I help them move their website free of charge to another hosting provider... you can't make this stuff up if you tried. When I refused, they started trash talking me on review websites... they were never my client, but think I owe them free work! Read More

    This cunt secretly took over the account of one of my private web hosting clients, swapping out her credit card for his without talking to me first and in direct violation of our TOS. Later, she contacted me by email and I had no idea who she was, and she started demanded that I help her (for free) move her website to a different web host. The bitchy entitlement didn't end there, as after I refused her demands she started leaving negative reviews about me online despite NEVER BEING MY CLIENT... watch out for Janine Do and her enabler husband Brian Lejeune, another grifter couple who thinks that posting podcast videos makes them e-commerce gurus! and serial entrepreneurs! like all the rest of them. Edit: This is classic... Janine, the serial entrepreneur business flipping guru, lost $40,000 trying to flip a house in Florida during all-time low interest rates... you can't make this stuff up! Read More

    Hendrikus is now assisting the fraudsters at Newchip / Garibay Ventures by hosting copyright infringement of my blog posts on his web hosting company in Oklahoma, KVC Hosting. Anthony Garibay and his SEO spammers from India that he hired illegally duplicated posts on to try and hurt our site ranking or something (apparently they don't understand how SEO works) on their spam blog I submitted a copyright complaint to Hendrikus and his team, they responded (twice) acknowledging the request and promising the content would be taken down... and then, total silence. When I followed up a week later, they claimed my request wasn't "proper"... when I asked them what else they needed, they refused to respond. Illegal black hat web hosting, that is what you get with Hendrikus and KVC Hosting He also uses fake names like "David" or "Benjamin" to conduct business, trying to hide his identify from the company Update Aug 29, 2022: After publishing this page on Hucksters, I suddenly received back a note from KVC Hosting tech support: "The concerned customer has been issued notice on 15th August The customer had requested time to make changes in website and not responded back We have taken the site down now for no response from the concerned customer" So they changed their story around 3-4 times, but apparently finally decided to take the site offline... the owner of the site is using a fake name "Jack" harassing me via email now, most likely this guy: ...working for Anthony Garibay / Newchip. Read More

    Jeff Wilde, who changed his name from Jeffrey Charles Ranney after he got kicked out of the California Bar Association, is yet another douchebag spammer who tried really hard to hide his identity from the internet he illegally buys mass email lists and spams the fuck out of WordPress sites and others trying to sell "translation" services which I assume he farms out to third world freelancers (zero employees on their homepage) Report this asshole to the FTC, local attorney general, and all of his web hosting and email companies Update SEpt 2022: Jeff is now trying to get this page removed from Google results Read More

    As the head of Legal as Salesforce, Todd is directly responsible for preserving the MASSIVE illegal email spam that Salesforce generates in directly violation of the CAN SPAM ACT Despite my dozen requests for Salesforce to permanently remove me from their email system, Todd and his executive team have refused to acknowledge my requests sent to their official email addresses abuse@ and legal@ at Todd works hand-in-hand with Sarah Franklin, the marketing VP at Salesforce to develop these illegal email spam campaigns: Despite now being a publicly traded company, Salesforce continues to be one of the most dishonest scams in the history of American corporations, all the way up to their conman CEO Read More

    Michael is a absolutely dumbass from Pennsylvania who illegally buys mass email lists and spams the fuck out of thousands of businesses using fake names like "Melisa Lawrence" and what is Mike selling? FAKE REVIEWS for Trustpilot, and other consumer business profiles, breaking a slew of laws... his main domain is AYO REVIEWS but he has dozens of others he uses too Report this fraudster to the FTC and local attorney general, maybe AG in Philly will put a stop to his fraud, apparently Mike didn't learn anything after getting out of prison for his various drug charges in his previous life Read More

    David is the ultimate Christian Larper of North America - Canadian who pretends to be American - has one successful website from 2009 and now pretends to be a serial software engineer/entrepreneur - Christian virtue signaler from Azusa Pacific who hangs out in Utah, Boise, and Vegas... ... while illegally spamming the fuck out of thousands of Americans trying to get them to post "guest posts" and "backlinks" to his shitty website like its still 2003, using fake aliases like "Rob Lora" David is such a douchebag in fact, he even created a profile on GitHub just to upload photos and links to his sites, but has zero activity on the entire GitHub website Report this assholes email spam and consumer fraud to the FTC and local attorney general Read More

    David and this chick keep spamming me no matter how many times I demand they stop David and his "affiliates" are assholes who illegally buy email lists and them spam the fuck out of thousands of people in direct violation of CAN SPAM ACT Report this dickhead's spam and fraud to the FTC and local attorney general Update March 2023: this fucker is still illegally spamming me and refuses to stop Read More

    Nope thats another lie. My name legally is Andrew Ryan feel free look it up in court records. Ryan “Andrew” Rafols was the name I was born with but I dropped my fathers last name years legally in a name change Read More

    “What types of comments (reviews) do you allow or disallow? We only allow comments to be posted under your real name… if we determine a comment was posted using a fake name or aliases it will be deleted.” Jesse Nickles own rules from: Except** when Jesse post fake comments himself under “anonymous” to push up his own fake slander campaign and high five himself. Thats your style of writing and grammar Jesse! At least edit it to seem like its somebody else Jesse. Thats all that has to be said really about his credibility in these lie/slander campaigns and blog post. And we need an official government audit? We do public audits every year… as YOU know as its available on the SEC’s website you linked on this page. Jess takes anything and tries to twist it into lies. He’d likely cite my own birth certificate entry in a post about being an illegal alien… Read More

    Thank you for this. I was a minute away from being scammed but went on Hucksters. I was dealing with a guy named Adam Laughlin but Anthony Garibay reached out to me first. Terrible people. Read More

    Marc is the ultimate douchebag American exec -- grifting on social media and newspapers demanding censorship of "right wing" conspiracy theories while meanwhile he illegally spams the living fuck out of thousands of Americans every day with his shitty Salesforce platform that is abused by thousands of spammers (half of whom seem to be from India and Pakistan) This fucker is the perfect embodiment of postmodern America If you continually get fraud and spam emails from Salesforce like I do, report them to the FTC and local attorney general Read More

    To the owner of THANK YOU. You are 100% on target exposing Newchip and its leading con artist Ryan Rafols. It's hilarious how he changed his name to “Andrew Ryan” and even got himself a new hairdo. We think it's because most of the Austin startup and business community already know of Ryan's awful reputation. As a result, he can't raise a dime from any legit investor. The silly disguise won't fool anyone smart enough to make one phone call. Everything compiled and published here on this website is accurate as far as we former Newchip employees know. Newchip continues to mass spam for lead generation and their turnover rate among employees remains appalling. Everything about the toxic culture has stayed the same, if it hasn't gotten worse. A few extra details worth highlighting: Ryan is not an accredited investor and will never be one. Many of us former Newchip employees believe we couldn’t get the company registered as an investment broker because of Ryan’s shady past. In fact, if there is an official government audit into Newchip’s finances, the whole house of cards will collapse and Ryan will most likely go to jail. We strongly encourage the SEC, FTC, and all other government authorities to investigate and put an end Ryan's fraud to once and for all. To Ryan Rafols, "Andrew Ryan," or whatever you're name is now and you happen to read this: You are a FRAUD. Everyone who's worked and interacted with you know you a fraud. Though you'll never admit it, we think you know it too. Read More

    Hey Kristina! I just came across Etalon, and I think you'd be a great addition to an article we have coming out on USA Today where we are selecting 10 innovative companies in the Medical Device industry. We have a few questions we'd need to ask you to make sure, but this will be a full feature article that can include your name, company info, a link to your site or social media, and of course a lot of exposure. Right now, we have 4 spots left, would you like one? If you do or if you have questions, shoot me an email back here saying "Yes" with your phone number so we can talk about it:) Chase Timmerman 1100 Brickell Bay Dr Miami FL 33131 Read More

    I wrote up a thorough write-up here exposing Jesse, and instead of following "transparency" and free speech principles by posting it as he says everyone can post, it was not approved to post, and instead, Jesse decided to doxx where my little sister and parents' house is and my ex-girlfriend from high school's address. This is the kind of person he is. Read More

    I'm actually not pissed. Jesse Nickles is a nobody and I don't say that lightly, he just doesn't exist relevance wise, nor is he relevant to the progress of humanity even though this site is built on a mission to change the world one hate post at a time, the fact that he spends all of his time and hard-earned money he scams from people to attack me and Barack Obama and Hillary and Jimmy Fallon and everyone else on his Top 100 list online is just sad. He creates "brand profiles" with SEO on them so he can post all of his comments but not where the company can respond, I have to respond on my personal conman profile he made, it's his fiefdom of hate but let's find something positive in it shall we? We just don't think being called doushebags, con-men, bitches, or any of the other terms Jesse likes to throw around are professionally appropriate for someone who has never even interacted with us and just got an email from someone once and we won't go for low blows. Positive wise, it's a blessing for these companies and a reminder to every growing company that they need to invest in SEO. We've always just trusted in organic SEO, but his campaigns have shown us how important it is to manage your brand presence online so a troll with upworkers in India doesn't affect your company negatively (the loudest people are often heard the most even though they don't reflect the will of the masses). So I'm dedicating a whole part of our program curriculum to him under troll management to our startups (not even kidding this is important education and I would even bring him in to teach it if I had a muzzle big enough). To his message, as usual in his MO to lie and try to manipulate (trust me we're all for free speech but fake speech and fake reviews lose all credibility), Jesse says above "the guys at Ycombinator" to try to make it feel "like the actual leadership at Ycombinator" vs. just a random web developer and a game developer that posted years ago on HackerNews asking a question - that's just his MO and if it weren't I'd respect this site more, to be honest, now he'll probably go and edit it after this to change otherwise but leaving mine the same. You see, HackerNews is a forum owned by Ycbombinator, and the above developers were asking about us as we were new back then years ago and they said they didn't agree with the model of tuition and thought tuition is a scam - and yes many tuition programs are even, in my opinion, are not good returns on investment because they are incubators, NOT accelerators (incubators help you with the idea, accelerators help you grow your company and get funding once you HAVE traction - big difference), not scams but definitely not always the best ROI. And given we had just launched and nobody knew who we were (as is common for newer accelerators then like us compared to the likes of Tech Stars or Ycombinator), we don't fault those developers either, nor will we go online and slander and attack them because they disagree with us - the antithesis of free speech is trying to bully people for their speech or harm them for it - that is their free speech and their opinion years ago - I don't know if it's changed nor do I care, we've grown to 80+ countries and helped so many entrepreneurs it matters not what some random person on the internet thinks. And to be honest, posts like the above make up 90% of the handful of anonymous postings online by people who don't agree with the tuition model vs. actual companies we've worked with- it's not for everyone- that is a fact, and that is part of why we built a guarantee into our programs. Not every startup can get into our accelerator nor do they have the traction either to do so, but if you went to Wharton and can call your friends for $1M or work at Facebook or have already built a successful startup you also don't need an accelerator even if you have the traction - no need to apply if you have access to the capital you don't need us. There's always someone successful that got funding from their parents that will say accelerator isn't necessary as well (whether its Bezos or unicorn founders or Trump), but the 99.9% of people that don't have deep pockets, their alumni network, or parents to call, a tuition-based program built on a SaaS type model is a good investment. See, we take refundable tuition up-front in a SaaS-type model (we call it accelerator as a service) of upfront or optional monthly payments plus an option to invest in your company at the terms we all agree upon BEFORE you join. It's unique and our vision has always been to level the playing field for the 99.9% of startups that don't get into Ycombinator and other top accelerators (just to note about 1/10~ of our startups actually are in YC + Newchip and about 2/10~ are in another major accelerator) and yes over 1M startups launch yearly and 99% of those fail largely because they are locked out of the top tier networks of investors, mentors, and startup hub access. To be clear, we end up refunding about maybe 10% of companies that we bust our ass to help that just don't make it for whatever reason (usually it's a market shift change or the deal falls through at the end and we often help that founder in their next startup too). Our model is to invest in the best companies and our warrant options to invest cover us long-term loss-wise - yes that is right we don't profit from this, it's a money-losing model by design. No Mazaratis over here (there are a few actual conmen on his list btw, and MANY missing). You just cannot offer everything we offer including hundreds of thousands in software credits and mentorship and investors for a few hundred bucks per month. Next, Jesse points to an anonymous Reddit post that he is a major contributor to (as he is all of them now), to say "LOOK HERE, OTHER PEOPLE!!!. Second to people that don't agree, there is always going to be a founder here or there we kick out that isn't happy with our accelerators or a founder that went out of biz because of a poor decision on their part that is upset that we couldn't help them raise a round when they blew all their money on XYZ instead of revenue and our investors didn't want to invest (we kick out maybe 5%~ of every cohort so 25 of 250). However, having worked with thousands of startups, the handful of people that write negatively (vs. 100x more that do love us) fit one of the two buckets above, and comparatively, that's a very low percent of actual companies that we work with. I just kicked out an election software company that on the front end seemed to be top-notch and made it past admissions. However, we discovered after diligence they were deep state Trump company ie "overturn the election" crowd, not to mention that the founder was upset at a female staff member's female-splaining to him and said "back in the day they'd take her behind the shed and handle her"- they were as you imagine swiftly handled themselves and refunded even, but the narrative online is we're SCAM SCAM SCAM on the review side. This is not a common behavior but 5% of "bad" founders is actually a godsend compared to what we're told other accelerators deal with. You see, the world is full of crazies and nobody is crazier than someone who thinks they can change the world and make it better or solve a major problem. To risk it all, literally, everything you have and your family oftentimes is always on the border of crazy and stupid, so there are going to be some bad eggs. Everyone sees them, not just us. We just kick them out aggressively (and we're upfront about it from day one)- don't be an asshole, disrespectful, racist, sexist, etc (honestly too don't seem like they'd be hard rules to follow). It's even more apparent when you work internationally and the cultures are definitely at odds sometimes. I'm not going to call out specific countries but some founders from some countries have issues meeting with female investors for example, and you wouldn't think it given how progressive the world has become till you see it. Why do we still work internationally then? We're building the next generation of startup CEO's, not everyone had the privilege of growing up in America or Palo Alto for that matter and when we can coach, we coach, when we can't we kick out- its that simple, its not fun but we put in the effort even when it means tough conversations with people who don't agree. Lastly, on the timing side, Jesse has had it out for Anthony for at least a year as far as I know and we can't tell the difference between his anonymous fake post vs. any other anonymous post as they tend to copy the same formula - what I can say is that when we identify an actual individual we always manage to contact them through whatever system and resolve whatever issue they have if it's legitimate. Otherwise, if it's just someone we kicked out we could sue them or build a site to trash them, but why sue someone or try to hurt them just because? We put our effort into our companies and let the rest sort itself out the world handles assholes, they usually end up on Upwork running one-man consultant shops selling some service that they outsource to India for $10 an hour and charge $200 an hour for. That's capitalism too, not hating, that's just what happens to people who burn every bridge in their lives typically. In terms of diligence, we're all for people doing diligence into any program they join before signing on and we recommend anyone looking into applying for our programs to check out our startups and online but also be cognizant of your traction(how much revenue you've made) and professional funding requirements (ie how much you've raised from investors already) so that you don't waste time applying and being denied (the third bucket of upset reviews of people not being admitted and angry because they didn't get accepted). Check out our portfolio of startups here and on youtube and Facebook and linked: and online or meet some of our mentors on Linkedin (we have hundreds on there). We don't deny that we work with Anthony and he has brought us into some amazing startups, how he finds startups is his prerogative, and I'm still annoyed that his email brought Jesse into my life but it has taught me a lesson. Anthony is an Angel Investor and has invested in several of our startups. I don't have an exact count nor will I post them as I don't want them to be harassed either as we've gotten to that point. We are all 100% transparent that we don't invest in every deal nor does Anthony or any of our investors, VCs, or Ambassadors guarantee investment in every deal. We work with over 1,000 startups per year and our 3,000+ investors and VC network make up the bulk of our investments, we're small fries and we co-invest and Anthony personally invests in a number but not every single one too - thats how investing works, not every fund is a billion-dollar fund but we makeup for that in a large investor community globally. And we do guarantee our programs that meet our requirements and that complete the accelerator receive a number of intros to investors based on their stage and a term sheet, or their tuition is free and we're proud to be the only company in the ENTIRE industry that offers that model; while it is new, it is not a scam nor would thousands of investors and major corporate enterprises would work with us if it was. Read More

    There's a reason Matthew started a company called "Honest Labs" -- it's because he's a liar who, for example, writes incredibly positive reviews of the Newchip Accelerator program, which is a known scam... without disclosing that A) he makes money / gets connections from Newchip B) his fucking brother (Samuel) is the manager of Newchip's partnership program! This is highly illegal, but Matthew doesn't care because he's a douchebag grifter with zero ethics Report Matthew's consumer fraud to the FTC and local attorney general Read More

    Antonio is a fraudster who illegaly buys email lists and illegally spams the fuck out of thousands of Americans using fake aliases like "Maxine Singleton" and fake websites and domains names... This dumbass thinks he's clever, but just another spammer pretending like he's a hot shot "entrepreneur!!!" Report Antonio's consumer fraud to the FTC and attorney general in Georgia Read More

    Christopher and his partner James C. Foster are some of the biggest fraudsters in the D.C. metro. By some miracle of the gods, they won a $14 million contract from the FBI for "social media intelligence" and were so bad at their job that FBI agents now refer to their company ZeroFOX as "Zero Fucks" because of their absolute incompetence. Besides absolutely failing at their government contract, these fuckers also run a side gig for their corporate clients, where they use overseas freelancers in countries like Ukraine and Indonesia to submit hundreds of fake "trademark" (copyright) notices to web hosting companies for web pages they want deleted from the internet They impersonate a lawyer named "James Christopher" who doesn't exist (maybe a combination of "James" and "Christopher" and submit tons of fake legal complaints. Not only should the FBI revoke their contract immediately, these assholes should be indicted for their massive fraud operation! Read More

    Tom is a grifter who illegally buys mass email lists and illegally spams the fuck out of thousands of Americans trying to sell his shitty "marketing services" like 90% of the other spam in your inbox This asshole also is being sued for stealing trade secrets from another agency in California He also looks to have paid off to write up a glowing review of himself complete with professional photography He also paid off Forbes to feature him (Forbes needs to be indicted for fraud btw) Report his spam to the FCC and his web host(s) ClickFunnels Read More

    John is one of the top execs at Salesforce who I have explicitly asked to remove me from their system and after several years, often spammers (mostly from overseas like Pakistan) keep creating new accounts on Salesforce and spamming the fuck out of me Salesforce doesn't care at all about spam, in fact it's part of their business model cuz assholes like John know the spam is why so many people join their platform, and also why Google/Gmail never seems to label their shit as "spam" because Gmail has the exact same business model (pretending to fight spam, when actually being one of the worst enables of spam) Read More

    James is absolute dumbass fraudster who thinks he's clever and high-tech by creating fake "companies" online like Takedown Reporting and then submitting hundreds of fraudulent trademark/copyright complaints to dozens of web hosting and social media platforms trying to get content removed that might paint his "clients" in a negative light, some of which are major Fortune 500 companies like ADP Report this criminal to the FTC, FBI, and local attorney generals, hopefully he gets arrested soon for impersonating a law firm and submitting tons of fraudulent DMCA complaints! May 23 update: James and his freelancers in Indonesia are now stalking me online, and have (predictably) submitted fraudulent takedown requests to Google for this page, and the accompaying expose blog post about his massive fraud campaign: Read More

    Tony is yet another leadgen spam asshole who pretends to be a rich investor looking to give out money to companies It's all bullshit, just another leadfag illegally buying email lists and spamming the fuck out of Americans in direct violation of the CAN SPAM ACT and consumer laws, report him to the FTC and local attorney general Read More

    Jay is a co-founder of Otter PR, the company that so many people have contacted me about to complain about their fraud and tactics, like posting tons of fake reviews on Google and Glassdoor for their own company AND also for their clients, highly illegal. No surprise really, Jay was fired during his first year as a doctor in residency for mocking his dying patients on social media and being a huge grifter trying to make money by endorsing "health supplements" while trying to use his doctor clout Now that he failed to become a doctor, he calls himself an "alternative medicine" doctor but his actual career is spamming the shit out of Americans (literally) and paying for fraudulent PBN blog posts and endorsements for his own products and his "PR" clients... to be sure, Otter PR is not a real PR agency, they are a spam/fraud agency that partners with Indian freelancers and others Don't believe anything medical this guy says... actually, just don't believe anything he says Report Otter PR's illegal spam and consumer fraud to the FTC and local attorney general, esp. in Florida Read More

    Mason is yet another 20-something "expert investor!" douchebag who illegally buys mass email lists and spams the shit out of thousands of webmasters trying to get them to "apply" for his "accelerator" which is in fact a scam that you have to pay money for (real investors never spam companies begging you to ask them for money but-you-need-our-course-first) Very similar scam that Garibay Ventures / Newchip Accelerator does Report Mason to the FTC for his consumer fraud and illegal spamming, hopefully the feds stop this guy P.S. surprise! he's a white Christian conservative, always the most reliable scammers... Read More

    Also received similar email as posted above from a shady Chase Timmerman character. Read More

    Burton is one of those over-the-hill execs who never really made it, so he desperately tries to get more attention for himself by illegally buying mass email lists and spamming the shit out of thousands of Americans trying to advertising his shitty Trinet "HR" service He also illegally paid editors of Wikipedia to publish a glowing page about him, which is pending deletion due to fraud Of course he tries to hide his own email addresses from the public, but he sees no problem with harassing thousands of other people and buying/selling their private email addresses... typical right-wing American exec, all a big charade while he "donates" to charities for PR Report this asshole's spam to the FTC and any company that hosts his websites Read More

    Archil illegally buys mass email lists and then breaks the Terms of platforms like Mailchimp where he swears to not be spamming users and that all his users have opted-in Yet another douchebag selling "AI" aka spam and harassing services, super clever! nope, just a dickhead Read More

    Max is yet another dumbass spammer from Florida (the supply is infinite) who illegally buys mass email lists and spams the fuck out of thousands of companies using fake aliases like "Chase Timmerman" and fake domains, all in blatant violation of the CAN SPAM ACT Report this spamfag to the FTC and local authorities for consumer fraud Read More

    Daniel works with various companies, currently Coaching Sales, to illegally spam thousands of Americans using fake aliases and fake Gmail addresses (blatant consumer fraud) to annoy and harass the shit out small businesses if you respond to any of their fake emails you will get a reply back from the next layer of spammers and eventually Daniel himself with Calendy links and the same predictable shit that so many email harassers are doing these days in direct violation of the CAN SPAM ACT and several consumer protection laws Report this asshole to the FTC and local attorney general for fraud and spam Read More

    Hello Hucksters Team, I was hoping to have this feed reviewed and deleted. There is no backing to the allegations, and we have a legitimate team of 46 employees that work in two offices in Orlando and St Pete. I would be happy to set up a zoom call with me or any one of our active clients. If there are any questions about our work, you can see over 30 case studies here As a two-year-old startup fully funded by its founders, we are extremely proud to offer our employees benefits, including a flexible and remote work environment, unlimited PTO, health, dental, vision, life insurance, 401k, and a premium subscription to Calm to supplement mental health! You may learn more If anyone has questions or would like to reach out to our team, you may book a consultation directly on our website. For the Hucksters team, please reach out to me so we can resolve the concerns. Thank you, Read More

    I'm the guy this report is about. I appreciate you letting me know, even though this isn't the format I would prefer. This is how we get better. I can see how this looks like spam but please note I did write this email and I have sent it to a group of people I absolutely found on LinkedIn who I think are a good fit to work with my small marketing agency. Your company LittleBizzy looks really cool! I live and work with a team in Pennsylvania and I'm doing my best to use emails to connect with good brands and good people. I'm truly sorry if I offended you or anyone in any way. If you'd like to talk, you can call me or respond to my email I'm a real person and provide jobs to a group of incredible people who only want to help make the world a better place. I promise not to send you another message unless you'd like me to. Read More

    This douchebag is yet another "leadgen bro" who illegally buys massive email lists and spams the fuck out of you falsely claiming that he "saw you on Linkedin" like all these all leadfags are doing now Like always, Zak blatantly violates the CAN SPAM ACT too using fake domains to send his spam to protect his "real" domain from spam reports, which is actually Report this asshole to the FTC and all of his email/web hosts Read More

    Several weeks ago, in October 2021, I exposed Anthony Garibay and his fake "Garibay Ventures" brand for illegally spamming the shit out of thousands of companies and startups around the world with email lists he purchases. Anthony later impersonated Ryan Rafols to threaten me, and Ryan personally contacted me via email claiming that it wasn't him, that Anthony had impersonated him and that Anthony was breaking the "rules" for their affiliate marketing program... Fast forward 4 months, and Anthony is still spamming the fuck out of people on behalf of Newchip (he was never banned from their marketing program despite Ryan's comments), and he has filed several desperate takedown requests with Google to hide these pages from search results. Ryan is a liar who pays harassers like Anthony to ilegally spam massive numbers of people on behalf of Newchip Accelerator Update August 2022: After months of Ryan commenting on Hucksters and Reddit, and Anthony Garibay submitting tons of fraudulent takedown complaints to Google trying to hide their scam that we exposed, Ryan is now also submitting takedown requests to Google: Read More

    I had high hopes for the New Chip accelerator program. During the “sales” process, I spent a great deal of time addressing my concerns about being fundable even though we were a pre-revenue company at that time. As an older, experienced female executive, it was critical to our firm to find someone who would know more than I did and find people who truly “got healthcare" and more importantly, "got mental health” concerns. These were clearly referenced throughout the sales process. New Chip has not delivered on its sales promises. Worse yet, my first meeting with a Program Advisor resulted in me being told that without MRR/ARR, my company would not get funded and that I had to find my own investors by mining my LinkedIn account. This amounts to a “bait and switch” approach which is totally unacceptable in any business. I understand that New Chip defines its business as an educational company. Frankly, the curriculum has been an insult to my intelligence and the comments shared during my mastermind sessions confirmed I am not the only one feeling that way. The redundancy, poor organization, and incoherent webinars made completing the curriculum wasteful at best and beyond annoying at worst. Please remember that, regardless of how you define the company, the New Chip sales pitch focuses heavily on a 70% success rate of getting startups funded. The limited mentorship also has not lived up to the sales hype. In our case, it took three attempts to get matched with a mentor in the behavioral health space. Unfortunately, that mentor has no experience raising investor funding which resulted in no help at all. Frankly, conducting 20 min sessions to perfect a pitch deck is totally insufficient and inconsistent with the sales pitch which convinced us to engage New Chip. Further, I was then told that New Chip investors will not fund companies that have an app because they’ve been burned in the past. The result of this was being told I should only describe our company as a SaaS based solution because that’s what your investors will fund. This causes me to question whether there are serious investors or whether those investors have any understanding or knowledge in healthcare or specifically mental health apps. When I would share the advice I was getting from New Chip resources with trusted colleagues they would just shake their heads and wonder why I was paying for this. At long last, I finally had two resources affiliated with New Chip (but not employees) review my deck and I received only minor suggestions for upgrades basically saying they loved the deck. Following this, I was told by my Program Advisor that I still needed more feedback before our deck could be submitted to the IR department. This only reinforced either a gating mechanism punishing me for being outspoken about how disappointed I was in the program or incompetence on New Chip’s part. Quite frankly this has been a complete failure on New Chip's part and a complete waste of our limited funds. Add to the fact that the earliest I could hope to engage with New Chip investors is in the last month of the program the likelihood we could raise funds through New Chip despite your claimed 70% success rate is nil. I still wonder how many people get funded because they did have in their LinkedIn network investors who funded them. (I had already ruled out my LinkedIn network because none of my investor contacts had healthcare experience.) I also wish to highlight that there were constant changes in the program while all of this was going on. The constant program changes, which typically meant taking stuff away, suggests they understand the program has challenges and issues. We respect those challenges, however they are not our responsibility. All I can indicate is that New Chip has a lot of work to do to deliver on its value proposition. I might go so far as to suggest that your one size fits all model has reached the breaking point. Read More

    Robert and his team illegally purchase mass email lists and illegally spam the shit out of thousands of US businesses using fake aliases, fake domain names, and fake email addresses in direct violation of the CAN SPAM ACT They harass thousands of businesses with these anonymous emails trying to sell their shitty payment processing services This fucker was already convicted of insider trading, why is he allowed anywhere near the payment industry? Report this asshole to the FTC and local attorney general Read More

    Rana is another "high quality" Indian immigrant to the United States, bringing third world fraud schemes to America She has bounced around from Florida to Delaware to Louisiana to California with various "corporations" that she sets up and then shuts down Her current scam is a "lead generation" service where she puts a ton of fake employees on her Xync / Zync company's LinkedIn and homepage and then spams the living fuck out of thousands of Americans with fake gmail accounts and aliases like "Yasmin Lopez" trying to advertising her shitty third world spamming services... yes, another Indian spammer selling spam of course none of this is that surprising since Rana hides her real (Indian) surname and pretends to be white (going by "Rana June"), while also desperately trying to market herself as a part-time DJ and musician and book author Report her mass fraud to the FTC and all her web hosts Read More

    Michael is fast becoming one of the biggest criminals in the illegal data-trading black market in the US, hiring out to offshore Indians to illegally spam the fuck out of millions of Americans trying to buy and sell private consumer data that all feeds back (via anonymous websites and fake companies / email aliases) into the growing Data Axle network of companies This fucker belongs in jail but he's exactly the type of asshole that US politicians love to keep "handy" when it comes time for political campaigns and spying on American citizens He pretends to comply with privacy laws like the CCPA but it's all bullshit, and using Indians to help launder his crimes Read More

    Tony Scamell and his company Womply had fraudulently altered my ppp promissory note and date on ppp loans . He also picked and choose the applicants that would pay him out more in fees not including the 17 lenders that he fucked over some of them taking 100% of there fees . The guy is a fucking greedy ass bastard who fucked my small bussiness and thousands of others . Read More

    Andrew harasses and spams the shit out of thousands of companies to any email address he can find using automated emails (that pretend to be hand-written) to website owners His goal? achieving illegal endorsements (black hat SEO backlinks) for his marketing clients... run away from this guy Read More

    This fuckhead Jon and his team of spammers continue to harass me via email months after I've repeatedly demanded they stop contacting me in direct violation of the CAN SPAM ACT They use a variety of fake names, fake domains, and illegally buy massive email lists of users who have already opted-out of other lists all in violation of long established U.S. consumer laws Report this fucker and his team of harassers from Addshoppers to the FTC and local attorney generals Read More

    Chad and his team at Addshoppers continue to spam the shit out of my company despite my repeated demands they stop, in direct violation of the CAM SPAM ACT and various consumer protection laws that prevent the reselling of user information Don't believe a word these fraudsters say and report their spam to the FTC and local authorities until they get indicted for fraud Read More

    Ranjini is yet another Indian American "CEO" who uses classic Indian fraud methods, spamming the shit out of thousands of Americans using fake aliases and fake email addresses trying to grow her HR/recruiting database with fake job postings and offers To make money with recruiting it's all about numbers, so scammers like Ranjini constantly spam the fuck out Americans pretending they are interested in you for a certain job (that most likely doesn't exist) This is illegal in many ways but the US government rarely cracks down on fraudsters like Ranjini She also blatantly violates the CAN SPAM ACT for many years already Like many Indians who attend university in the US she also pretends to be American and hides the fact she is an Indian citizen Read More

    Agree. Totally annoying. Scrapes data dn sends emails to book appts. Hard to believe people pay for this service. Also gives business,investment and tax advice that is foolish with no credentials Read More

    Stephen illegally buys and sells thousands of email addresses and private consumer information as yet another "lead gen guru" also abusing email APIs like SendGrid (he's now banned)... as a former cybersecurity professional, he should know better. These assholes are a dime a dozen, don't believe a word they say it will only get you blacklisted and permanently damage your reputation just like Stephen's here... report this guy to the FTC and local authorities Read More

    Robert is yet another American frauster who illegally buys massive email lists and spams the hell out of thousands of people using fake alises and fake domains to hide his illegal activity, which all feeds back into his website It's no wonder his background is in backlink fraud (illegal endorsements) and PR release spam Report this scammer to the FTC, his web hosts, and local authorities Update: Robert is now spamming fake comments on this page using the alias "Andy": "I went to this persons website and see zero sign of “illegal activity”. As a matter of fact I see no unethical activity either. Can anyone besides Jesse please tell me what looks “illegal or fraudulent” about this business? It looks like a very legitimate business which creates product demo videos. The email clearly states that all you needed to do was ask to be removed from any further emails. There is nothing illegal about trying to generate new business by reaching out to folks as long as you state clearly how they can opt out. Is it not hard enough for small business owners to make a living these days without hostility like this?" ... the fraud just never stops with this guy. Read More

    Sorry for anyone that has to deal with this site owner Jesse Nickles. Here’s a link explaining it all. Thanks! Read More

    Anthony is yet another wannabe investor who illegally buys mass email lists and spams the shit out of thousands of Americans trying to offer "ventural capital" a.k.a. stealing % of companies that are already proven successful Update: He claims he "found" me on Linkedin that's funny, I don't have an email on Linkedin! total fraudster Update #2: this asshole is still emailing me and now threatening to sue me for exposing him lol Update #3: anddd there it is: "I'm Anthony Garibay from Austin, TX. I help businesses find verified leads and tailor the email marketing list with high quality leads for a reasonable cost. I can search filters depending on what you're looking for. " This guy is some "millionaire" investor who worked for Mark Cuban who wants to "give me money" but he's also illegally selling people's email addresses on for $100. Yep! Update #4: Anthony is now in serious trouble after impersonating his boss, Andrew the CEO of NewChip in order to threaten me: "You are a troll artist who begs for attention. Fuck right off you idiot. I make millions why you sit behind your computer and suck your mom tit … Don’t put Newchip accelerator in any of your website content or i will sue you bitch --- Ryan Rafols” Update #5: Anthony tried to get this page removed from Google results but they rejected his meritless claim... crime doesn't pay, Anthony Update #6: Anthony is now leaving fake "death threats" on this page using aliases in a desperate effort to make Google delete this page from search results... he's also leaving fake comments defending his reputation... dude just doesn't stop... Update #7: Months later, Anthony is still spamming the shit out of thousands of companies trying to earn "affiliate" commissions from various angel investors, and he continues to file unsuccessful attempts to Google trying to remove this page from results Update May 2022: Anthony and Newchip are pissed at the many complaints being shared on Reddit and elsewhere about their scam, Anthony is now paying SEO folks to try and hide the results from Google: Update June 2022: Pinterest has deleted the spam that Anthony paid an Indian freelancer to post in an effort to outrank this page: Read More

    Hey Jesse, 1. You don't to give your info to ZoomInfo or other related tools your info for it to be legal. You can, however, request that they remove you. You may actually have been scraped by, another data tool we use. You can request for them to remove your info here: 2. Not sure what you mean by a fake email address. I use multiple email addresses for organization. 3. Admittedly it's more than we usually send, it should have only been 3. There was a mistake that resequenced you. Apologies. 4. That's your choice. I think most reading the comments here will see I am a real person that removed you upon request and tried to help you get your info. 5.I don't do anything to hide my profiles. I post actively on LinkedIn although am not very active on FB or Insta. Read More

    Russell is one of the douchiest "marketing gurus" in America, because he has serious cash and is able to promote himself constantly and yet half of the shit he sells is blatantly fraudulent (or illegal email spam). For years now he's run dozens of Facebook Ads campaigns in one of the best examples of how Facebook has no problem accepting thousands of dollars from marketing scammers and hype-bros yet if you say one thing they disagree with politically they will ban you. (I have even reported one of his fraudulent campaigns to Facebook Ads, and they immediately rejected my report.) Now that Facebook users are leaving in droves Russell is stepping up his illegal email spam game, illegally buying lists of thousands of business people and trying to sell his latest bullshit courses/books/crap like Marketing Secrets. These scammers have never built a business that actually adds value to the world, the entire business model is hyping the hype of the hype for the hype that you will hype make money like them hype with fake testimonials Read More

    Lou runs a massive online fraud campaign on behalf of Wells Fargo bank using his front company "Host Merchant Services" which he formerly used to run fraud for First Premier Bank and also via their intermediary OpenSRS apparently... Somehow it seems all of Lou's credit card/processing partnerships always disappear in a shroud of smoke and mirrors, but at some point Wells Fargo decided to acquire his fraud engine anyways (Wells Fargo, the bank repeatedly exposed as the most fraudulent large consumer bank in the United States, who then pays huge fines, and then does it all again) For years now he's been running these fake websites with zero tracking information (trying to remain anonymous) as leadgen micro sites using fake employees, fake email addresses, and he even hides his company(s) from his own LinkedIn profile as well These fuckers are the perfect example of how privileged elites never go to jail in the US, and the government agencies that are supposed to be stopping this shit NEVER do their job, the only thing they ever do is slap small "fines" on these assholes when it become public Lou regularly violates the CAN SPAM ACT along with dozens of consumer protection regulations, but he's still a high profile employee of Wells Fargo running these fraudulent leadgen operations and nothing is ever done about it P.S. Lou also has a fake "blogger" on Medium called Kevin Novaka where he illegally posts positive endorsements of Host Merchant Services: Read More

    Lou is a scammer, plain and simple. Don't trust a word that comes out of his mouth. He's arrogant and thinks that everyone he deals with is beneath him. Read More

    Connor is yet another American scammer who ilegally buys massive email lists and spams the fuck out of thousands of US companies using fake aliases and Gmail acounts to sell yet another lead generation service He also pretends to be a doctor, when in fact he only has a "degree" from a chiropractor program Report this fraudsters to the FTC and local authorities Update: after I told Connor to stop spamming me he claimed "There is an opt out… you opted in originally through a lead form 46 days ago.... Our opt in form goes through go high level( and doesn’t directly track IP address on submission.(feature coming soon though from them and their web builder + form builder)" ... of course, that is not true and even if someone was impersonating me, why use a fake Gmail and fake name to contact me?? = fraud Read More

    As the Product Manager of ADP, Zuleika helps oversee the massive illegal email spam campaign that ADP does against thousands of Americans pretending to be other people (using aliases and fake Gmail accounts) She is a big part of the mass consumer fraud effort and violates the CAN SPAM Act too in many different ways Report ADP and Zuleika to the FTC and SEC for fraud and spam Read More

    Jasmine recruits and manages the salespeople (extortion team) at Trustpilot who publish fake slanderous anonymous reviews about thousands of small businesses to try and force you into buying their services. Look at this review that Jasmine's team published about my web design company about from an Indian pretending to be my American customer: "Jesse Nickles founded A site 24x7 is illegally collecting private data by the founder's hack skills. He should be sentenced to jail." Read More

    2 years ago I reported to Leslie that BBB Southern Nevada was not only refusing to delete my (retired) company's profile from their website, but was deleting positive reviews of my company from verified customers while publishing fake "negative" reviews that directly violated their own Terms of use contract. For example, a serial stalker of mine Naveed Moein, was pretending to be my customer on the BBB website. Another random guy was convinced by (or paid?) by Naveed to do the same thing from an IP address in Texas, also never my customer. Leslie initially sanctioned Rhonda Mettler for deleting my public responses to several reviews, but to this day the "fake" reviews exist on the profile and despite my LLC expiring way back in 2013, more fake reviews continue to be published about me. As someone involved in various online projects including software and Hucksters (this fraud tracking database) a lot of people have reason to lash out. Don't take my word for it... Leslie was also caught having a sexual affair while making a business deal on behalf of BBB with the owner of "Trust Card" and then sued over the corruption of the entire process: Let this stand as definitive proof that the BBB is not some well-meaning non-profit charity... they are a business, and their sales agents called me 2 years ago trying to get me to join their membership after this all started getting published on my profile. Read More

    Walter Wise is an elderly grifter who just doesn't know when to quit, one of those guys who tries to get his name on any random blog or directory with his poorly taken portrait photos just to act like he's some big shot In fact he pays email spam gangs to illegally mass spam thousands of business people using fake email addresses and fake domains with bullshit leadgen pitches that sound like a 1980s As Seen On TV ad Super original, report this spammer to the FTC and local authorities Read More

    Brian is another of the "salespeople" at Trustpilot that purposefully publish fake slanderous reviews about small businesses in order to damage your reputation so that they can turn around and sell you their services: This is what Brian and his team published about me from some anonymous Indian spammer with broken English: "A loser founded this website and all the products should be thrown to the bin. No any value. Don't waste time using them. The founder is a scammer, his free Github is just his bait." This is what Trustpilot does... if your IP address is from India or Pakistan or anywhere else they don't give a crap, you can publish fake reviews of your competitors under fake names and say that you are from Germany or USA or whatever you want Read More

    Hi Jesse, 1) I use ZoomInfo, a legal tool thousands use to pull contact information. 2) My emails state if you'd like me to stop messaging you then just let me know and I'll unsubscribe you. 3) You were emailed a total of 6 times in a 1-month period. 4) You've been removed from our database and will no longer receive emails. 5) My LinkedIn profile is not hidden from any search engines. 6) Take care Ryan L. AddShoppers Read More

    Ryan illegally buys mass email lists and spams the shit out of thousands of business people, emailing them again and again trying to annoy them into responding while using a fake email address to avoid the spam penalties on their real .com homepage. Like the total coward that he is, he also hides his LinkedIn profile from search engines Report Ryan and his boss Jon West to the FTC and local authorities for their illegal spam and harassment Update: months later these motherfuckers are still spamming the shit out of my company in direct violation of the CAN SPAM ACT Read More

    Chad leads a massive online fraud network selling "leads" (same old story) by illegally spam calling thousands of companies around the USA in direct violation of several laws He pretends to be other fake people like "Aaron Anderson" or "Mandy" to hide from his illegal activity but is too stupid to realize that his crimes are easy to trace He buys other lead businesses like Rank Leads on Flippa and also has used his own brand Tower Leads as well, but purposefully avoids doing SEO on some of his domains to try and hide them from Google results... only dumbass business owners would think his websites look legit, which he hides all information about the actual owner of his leadgen websites He also illegally pretends to be a lawyer, using brands like and sells inquiries to other lawyers He knows so well that he's a scammer that for his new company, Netmark, he literally bought the domain name "" ahead of time knowing that many customers would be pissed at being scammed... just look at his Yelp profile for more on what Netmark does He even uses China-based registrars to register some of his domains like apparently too stupid to realize that doesn't save him Report Chad to the FTC and other law enforcement authorities until they take action Read More

    Brian leads the "revenue" team (extortion department) of Trustpilot where he encourages the website to publish any and all fake reviews of hundreds of small businesses on Trustpilot so that it will damage your reputation despite being 100% fake and anonymous Here's yet another fake review Brian's team published about my company that literally was written by an Indian guy using the fake alias "Emma Jones" and posting from his location in India, but Trustpilot published it anyway and says it was from a US customer: Here is the real guy who wrote the review: These fuckers are Eurotrash scam artists with several rich investors behind them. They offer to help your reputation if you pay them Read More

    Managing partner Keith and his colleague Angela Mason lead their ambulance chasing team of scammers in illegally mass-spamming thousands of Americans searching for possible "victims" of random products from large corporations like the Philips breathing machine. Their emails claim you received the message because you are a "former client" ... obviously false, but these dumbasses think that it actually provides them legal protection under the CAN SPAM ACT to... lie? not how it works, douchebag Read More

    Ari helps with the massive fraud/spam campaign that ADP runs sending illegal emails to thousands of US businesses from fake aliases and fake email addresses trying to generate leads for their programs... report this asshole to the FTC along with his colleagues Update May 2022: Ari is now trying to get this page deleted by submitting fraudulent copyright complaints to Cloudflare: Cloudflare received a trademark infringement complaint regarding: The information we received was the following: Reporter's Name: James Christopher Trademark Holder's Name: Reporter's Email Address: alert@takedownreporting Reported URLs: Original Work: Trademarked Symbol: ADP Registration Number: 4427965 Registration Office: WIPO Logs or Evidence of Abuse: Your platform is illegally using ADP Inc's name in the website name and is providing ADP Inc's HQ address and contact number in the domain. ADP Inc does not host this content. ADP Inc has requested the removal of this content. Please remove this content as soon as possible. Update July 2022: Ari is now submitting MORE fraudulent takedown requests to Google claiming we "doxxed" him for sharing the fake Gmail accounts his criminal gang uses to scam American citizens Update July 2022 #2... turns out Ari used to be in charge of BLOCKING EMAIL SPAM at Bigfoot Interactive, he literally went to the Dark Side: "Tactically, ESPs are building workarounds to deal with the problem and simultaneously developing strategies for the future. For now, Bigfoot Interactive’s Ari Osur says the company monitors inbound email in response to a mailing. It’s routed to a human being, who scans messages for challenges and responds to them. “You can also do keyword handlers on that reply mail [to find challenges],” he said. “And they would just go through and manually do it.”" Update 2023: This absolute loser finally got fired by ADP apparently and now started his own company iCIMS, he is still submitting legal demand after legal demand to Google trying to delete this page from results! lol Read More

    Kelly oversees the massive fraud operation at ADP where they pay overseas "freelancers" from places like India to illegally spam and harass the shit out of thousands of US companies using fake company names like "Clearchoicewage" and fake names (often the nick names of the freelancers doing the fraud) in flagrant violation of the CAN SPAM Act and various consumer protection laws Not surprising she also worked for Deutsche Bank, the largest money launderer in banking history Report this lady and her CEO to the FTC and your local attorney general Read More

    Carlos and his team at ADP illegally buy massive email lists and illegally spam the fuck out of thousands of US companies using fake names and aliases, often nicknames of the third word freelancers they use to field inquiries In the initial email spam they purposefully hide all mention of ADP and their company to try and hide from their illegal activity Report these assholes to the FTC and your local attorney general, Carlos is a scammer and belongs in jail Read More

    Charlie illegally buys email lists and pretends to be sexy women named e.g. "Katie Robbins" (etc) and spams thousands of companies from fake web domains using these aliases trying to promote his marketing services in flagrant violation of the CAN SPAM ACT He also pretends to have worked at Google (false) and does random volunteer stints at places like TedX to make it seem like he's worked for a dozen different big brands when he's really just a grifter Report this scammy fucker to the FTC and your local attorney general Read More

    Update: Bryce got pissed that I exposed him here, so he paid his sham lawyers from Rapid Legal to threaten me... when that didn't work, he tried to hack into my Instagram account. A perfect illustration of how these bastards function... Bryce is a capital D douchebag, yet another out of hundreds of fraudsters selling illegal "leads"... he illegally buys email lists and then illegally mass-spams thousands of US companies trying to sell them more spam (leads) while using fake names and aliases of the Filipino freelancers he pays to do the fraud on his behalf, probably thinking it gives him legal protection (it does not). This dickhead also pretends he works at Forbes, and that he has 2 different "bachelor" degrees on LinkedIn... in the same field? Right When emulating douchebag spammers is considered cool, something is wrong with our society Report Bryce's consumer fraud and spam to the FTC and local authorities Read More

    Charlie is a long-time spammer and fraudster well known by trackers like Spamhaus. He has a few semi-legit businesses but generally speaking he is always anonymous and runs a ton of spammy websites with email spam campaigns and beyond, selling various "licenses" information and guides for driving, fishing, hunting, and other technical/documentation sort of niches Update August 2022: Charlie is now submitting secret takedown requests to Google trying to get this page removed from search results Read More

    Chris is a dumbass who sends out India-style shitty spam emails from random Gmail accounts to thousands of website owners trying to sell his junk SEO services from Yoor Group... yes, also a branding mastermind Report his spam to Bluehost and his other web hosts, and his fraud to the FTC Read More

    Evan is a loan shark who sends out illegal mass email spam campaigns from anonymous accounts trying to troll the web for takers of his fraudulent "business" loans... an incredibly stupid person, hopefully the feds arrest this guy sooner than later Update Apr 2022: Evan is now harassing me via email to delete this page, pretending like he has no idea that his employees are mass spamming thousands of Americans... typical American douchebag tactic of thinking you can outsource accountability Update #2: Evan now says he supports free speech and my right to expose fraud online, meanwhile he now submitted takedown requests to Google... you can't make this stuff up! Update May 30, 2022: And there you go: Evan is a liar, here is his fraudulent leadgen spam software: Evan tried to hurry and delete the REILCAP branding from his fraud software, but luckily we archived it! now deleted >> Read More

    Troy and his team illegally buy mass lists of email addresses and then illegally spam thousands of business owners trying to sell their insurance plans using fake aliases like "David McGill" in direct violation of the CAN SPAM ACT ... This dumbass can't even spell the name of his own company correctly on his Linkedin profile Report these fraudsters to the FTC and other authorities Read More

    Michael illegally buys mass email lists and then sends fake inquiries asking people if they are "still offering" online marketing coaching when in fact he is the one offering advertising, spamming, and marketing services... no unsub links either, and his website has zero contact information... report this illegal fraud to the FTC and local attorney general Read More

    Patrick and his colleague Van Bryan write all the fake email spam and blog posts using aliases like "Jeff Brown" for their scam network over at Legacy Research Group... they have been sued by the SEC for mass consumer fraud and deceptive advertising. These fuckers are some of the more immoral online fraudsters in America, no wonder they try to hide Read More

    Maria is Mike Moran's chief employee that helps him illegally mass-spam thousands of US businesses claiming they have won some fake bullshit award from The American Registry... it is a scam that Mike stole from his previous employer, Direct Insite, and then when his Jewish employees in Israel tried to steal it from Mike, he fucking sued them in federal court like the hypocrite criminal that he is. Report these people to the FTC, and your local attorney general, along with their web hosting Read More

    Hi Jess! Hope you're great. I'm really proud to have earned the "Fraudster", "Harasser", "Spammer", as well as "Male" titles on Huckster. This officially makes me one of the most credentialed Hucksters around! I want to take it to the next level. What do I need to do to earn more of these boy-scout badges on your fun little website? I really want "Evil Genius", but don't know what it will take yet. Sincerely S! Read More

    Update: the reason it's so easy to get "approved" by Womply is cuz Tony and his "partner" lenders approve every freaking application for COVID loans, so be aware you may end up being charged for fraud if you deal with these people, since their due diligence is next to zero Apparently going to jail for insider trading wasn't enough for Tony. Now this idiot is sending out mass email spam campaigns (illegally) to thousands of US companies pretending to represent the PPP loan program of the US Federal government EXCEPT guess what... Tony has an affiliate program that you can make $200 from for each referral hahaha... I mean what a fucking idiot. Have fun Tony when the feds show up at your door again to arrest you for wire fraud and a shit ton of other charges (again). He even posts fake "CEO reviews" of himself on Comparably. The REAL employees on Glassdoor tell a different story... stay far away from this douchebag. "The founder went to jail so hard to find new investments. Co-founder as unethical the founder. Both don't know business 1:1... fire these two and the company may be will have a future." Tony Scammell... yes, even his mom knew what to name him, apparently. Read More

    Albert is a scammer "investor" from Techstars who loves hiring other Latinos to join his team of spammers... first they steal equity from innocent young companies while promising them they will all get rich (none of which seem to make it big, for some reason) and now they are pushing this bullshit 8base platform to try to feed thousands of other clueless startups into their world of bullshit. Their company continues to illegally spam me claiming I "opted in" to their content on their website which is a blatant lie... these assholes are a bunch of fraudsters, stay the hell away and report their email to their web hosts and the FTC Read More

    Sebastian and David from 8base illegally spam and harass the shit out of thousands of US companies with fraudulent emails saying that you signed up for their content on their website (blatant fraud). No surprise since Sebastian also works for bullshit "startup funding" company Techstars that does nothing but steal 10% of young companies... Update: Sebastian is now illegally impersonating me on but he can't even spell my name correctly. Even more evidence these guys are pure criminals, STAY AWAY FROM 8BASE AND TECHSTARS... Update #2: Sebastian is now posting this fake slander about me: "Jessie has sent me over 17 emails to date after I've used the unsubscribe button in their emails, but the link is always broken. I've tried to reach out directly but can't get any response. This has been a real issue, as my family shares our email address and some of the stuff Mr. Nickles has sent is not appropriate for children... This has caused a real problem for my family, as we share an email address and several of the products being advertised in Mr. Nickles un-solicited emails are erotic." ... wow. This is what Techstars does when you expose their illegal email spam, they accuse you back of doing what they did, and of sending sexual material to minor children... what sick perverts these 8base people are... these assholes belong in jail, seriously. Update #3: Sebastian and 8base employees are now creating accounts for me on Pornhub and adding my email address to dozens of newsletters on my behalf... I'm proceed with filing police reports with the Miami-Dade Police Department against 8base at this point, as the harassment and impersonation won't stop. Ref (made by 8base employees to harass me): Read More

    Bill Bice is a seedy "marketer" who throws up shitty web designs for small businesses and then offers to find them new leads, proceeding to illegally spam and harass the shit out of thousands of Americans trying to sell stuff like local spas, local pizza, and other bigger campaigns like PayTech Trust on behalf of fraudsters Matt Clyne (using fake names and email addresses, of course). He also embeds his own Google Analytics to their websites (likely without their knowledge) tracking all their visitors and data... this is also most likely illegal, too. See his GA ID: UA-54515830 Report all these scammers to the FTC, your local attorney general, and their web hosts and email hosts. Read More

    Matt illegally spams and harasses thousands of US companies trying to sell his shitty payment services using fake email addresses and fake domain names... report his fraud to the FTC and local attorney general Edit: Matt is now using fake aliases like "Jim Hendrick, President" to hide his real identity from his illegal spam, he is also paying for fraudulent Google Maps reviews to make his service seem popular (it's not... avoid these scammers) Update: We have discovered it is Bill Bice from Boomtime who Matt paid to commit this massive fraud/spam: Read More

    Dwan illegally spams and harasses US companies trying to sell his junk web services, while hiding his identity and ownership on his various websites and using a network of fake domains and emails... Update Feb 2023: Dwan is now trying to demand Google delete this page from search results Update May 2023: Dawn is now illegally impersonating a lawyer, launching a website pretending to organize a class-action lawsuit against me and for having exposed his email spam. DO NOT FILL OUT THE FORMS on it is a fraudulent website pretending to be a law firm. Read More

    Mark and his team at Validity have two sides to their business: the "public" face dealing with email technology, and a secret black market side where they sell fraudulent Google Reviews (5 star reviews) and mass email spamming services, using a bunch of fake "front" companies like which are all based in a anonymous PO box in Seattle Washington using a non-existent LLC "Send in Bulk LLC"... these people belong in jail for years of breaking CAN SPAM ACT and several consumer fraud laws. Report to FTC and FBI! Update May 2022: One of Mark's clients Evan Samlin has been outed: Read More

    Kristina is a serial spammer for Official Advertising a.k.a. Fidelist who uses a variety of consumer fraud methods online Read More

    Scott illegally spams and harasses the shit out of hundreds of companies trying to sell his junk PR and spam services Update: Scott has been exposed on Reddit for paying for tons of fake reviews on Glassdoor, Google etc... articles from bloggers in India that "praise" his PR agency... this entire business model appears to be fraud (fake reviews, PBN blog posts, etc) P.S. Florida is apparently now the capital of fraudsters and scammers in the US, cuz these assholes get 100% of their property protected in case of being sued in civil lawsuits (there are no exceptions, even if you buy property with money from scamming people) and so it's created this entire ecosystem of scammers and douchebags networking with each other Update March 2022: Scott is now submitting fraudulent DMCA requests to Reddit to remove user posts who exposed his fraud, luckily we archived it first: After we caught Scott violating the CAN SPAM Act by using the fake domain to send out mass amounts of spam he decided to let that domain "expire" on Jaun 22, 2022... stay tuned for his next fake domains that we will also expose Update May 2022: some former Otter PR employees have contacted me and are sharing more of the shady details of this company... also Scott just hired NetReputation to try and delete this page from Google results (not gonna happen!)... since they are escalating their attacks, I will be exposing more of their outright fraud. Update October 2023: this dumb motherfucker is still illegally spamming and harassing me and thousands of others, using fake domain names to try and hide from the spam reports, e.g. scott AT but if you want to spam him back, his email is scott @ Read More

    Jason is a serial spammer and fraudster who partakes in a full variety of crimes, including illegally spamming and harassing thousands of companies trying to sell his junk lead gen services, using Filipinos to do his dirty work and using their names on his business profiles to try and hide from their illegal activity, trademark squatting and domain squatting which has cost him many (losing) lawsuits, and even pretending he is a Harvard University alumni when in fact he completed a single "extension" (free?) online course. His brother Matt (Matthew) is also his partner in crime. Stay away from these douchebags and ALL their products. Read More

    Marc and his team illegally spam and harass the shit out of thousands of US companies trying to sell their various training seminars in Los Angeles and online using a variety of web domains, fake email addresses, and aliases. Most of the harassment is connected to Frank Mobus and companies. Report these scammers to FTC, FBI, and your state attorney generals until they get indicted. Read More

    Imeila and his team illegally spam and harass hundreds of businesses trying to sell their junk offshore HR services. Yet another LDS-connected company from Utah with shady ethics, a seemingly bottomless pit... Update Feb 2022: he now copied this page onto a Weebly page and submitted a fake DMCA notice to Google: Update Mar 2022: this fraudster is now submitting more fake DMCA requests: Read More

    Johnny is a typical shill for a few Wordpress related brands like Rank Math SEO, Litespeed, and Swift Performance who doesn't actually know anything about computer programming or code development, so he just exchanges affiliate links and quid-pro-quo "endorsements" with other like-minded scammers. He didn't like that my company released 50+ free WordPress plugins (and the SlickStack script) for Nginx servers because Litespeed apparently performs worse than Nginx... so he started trolling my posts on Facebook groups saying I'm racist for having exposed all the fraud and spyware (and even a death threat) that Rank Math SEO was engaged in. More here: Wow: Just when you thought whiny virtue-signaling might stay out of the open source community, shills like Johnny showed up. It's really sad that your parents survive the Vietnam War and come to America, and then you decide to slander everyone as "racist" that is not helping you gain more affiliate link clicks. Thankfully 99% of Vietnamese refugees don't act like this! Update: Johnny is now leaving anon comments on his own blog claiming that I'm a "neo Nazi" among other smears. He doesn't even have the balls to trash talk a competitor using his real name... just straight to fraud, every time... the funniest part about his blog is that nearly every argument he posts he has previously taken a different or conflicting position on the subject in years past... he's like the Kamala Harris of WordPress Update Aug 2022: Johnny is now partnering with Mark Sea, the crypto scammer from China that I exclusively exposed, to post dozens of comments on WPJohnny and promote trademark infringing websites like and (thankfully, the web hosts shut them down after I alerted them). Johnny has lost already a dozen "positive" reviews on various blogs after my aggressive exposure of his fraudulent marketing, fraudulent "VPS hosting", and calling anyone "racist" who criticizes his Litespeed / Rank Math SEO shill gang... but he's too stupid to stop. ...after years of fraudulent reviews and spam, the WordPress community now sees thru the Litespeed / Rank Math scams, and Nginx and open source software are seeing a big resurgence in popularity (thankfully). Johnny is also now impersonating me in his blog comments, using email addresses... I asked him to stop, but he refused. Update May 2023: Johnny is now trying to stealth change his branding to "BlaqPanel" after "JohnnyVPS" got exposed as shill junk Read More

    Michael and his team of spammers from the US and Israel illegally spam and harass thousands of companies via phone, email, fax, and mail... they have been sued numerous times for their illegal behavior and have been forced to settle class-action lawsuits. Some of the Jews from their company realized how full of shit their company was, so they left and started a copycat business in Israel and then Michael's gang sued them for patent infringement in Florida despite them being over in Israel. Conveniently, all of their "unsubscribe" links are always broken (the SSL certificate is disabled). Of course the most ironic thing is that Michael also brought his own business "secrets" to American Registry from his past position at Direct Insite! These people are fucking pathetic, non-stop spam, harassment, and lawsuits back-and-forth from all of their bullshit. If they are harassing you, file police reports and complaints with the U.S. FTC. Read More

    Jordan and his team of spammers illegally harass and spam thousands of businesses trying to sell their junk marketing services, with many people claiming to have been fraudulently changed on their credit card for said services never rendered. Stay away from the scammers at Salesflow, the FTC needs to sue them for consumer fraud. Read More

    John manages a team of offshore Filipinos in the Philippines who spam and harass thousands of US companies using fake names, aliases, fake email addresses, fake companies, and fraudulent websites. He forces his Filipino staff to change their names, commit fraud on his behalf, create fake profiles on LinkedIn, pretend that they represent his brands to help him avoid criminal charges, and more. Read More

    Brian leverages his "community" blogs and email newsletters to promote a select number of WordPress related products and services that have paid him for highlights or who pay to join his private "VIP" group, without communicating to the public that he is running essentially a backroom pay-to-play network and that none of the endorsements are organic. He also deletes/blocks even slightly critical comments on his communities of those products and services that have paid him, and actively ignores FOSS alternatives. A perfect example of WP cronyism and douchiness that adds zero value to the open-source web. He also refused to answer me when I asked him about this... Deleted: Read More

    *The vast majority of people listed in this database are just “normal” business people, therefore no negative connotation is insinuated nor should misdeeds be assumed based on existing in our business directory. Our underlying goal is exposing misdeeds and fraud, but to accomplish this we often must first identity “honest” business people. This is because of things like similar names, impersonation, copyright infringement, and other reasons. Thus, the vast majority of people in our database are not being accused of anything shady. For this reason, profiles are now “noindexed” by default until comments exist on any given profile, since many of them are unnotable.

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