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Glossary (Metadata)

  • Main name: What the person usually prefers to be called, or for public figures, what the general public usually calls them.
    • Example: Bob Dylan
  • Other names (a.k.a.): Other common names for the person, or to differentiate between other people with the same [main] name. The goal is not to “doxx” every single possible nickname or middle name, etc of the person unless they are commonly used or necessary to distinguish them from other people.
    • Example: Bob Zimmerman, Robert Zimmerman
  • Niche/career: The main “jobs” the person is known for, usually limited to around 3-4 or less. Many people have tons of side projects and hobbies, the purpose of our directory is to keep focused on their primary role in the ecosystem of the internet, business, media, and government (including what they were best known for in the past).
    • Example: Musician, Activist

Honesty Score:

For our purposes, and similar to what you might study in a Western Philosophy class, the Ethics score is not about if someone is “nice” or “mean”, religious or not, leftist or rightist, or otherwise. It has nothing to do with how likeable someone might be, or even if they have a criminal past. For our purposes it refers more to how consistent and transparent (honest) someone is about their beliefs and actions, and what effects that approach tends to result in (esp. regarding society in general). Someone can be an a*****e, admit they’re an a*****e, and bring tremendous selflessness or value to the world at the same time. This might be considered highly ethical and transparent, for our purposes. At the same time, someone might be very charming, have no criminal history, very outgoing and friendly, and yet be defrauding thousands of people out of their life savings; this might be considered very unethical and insidious, for our purposes. What motivates someone? Is it selfishness? Altruism? Hate? If it’s hate, what do they hate, and why? Is that hatred rooted in ethical beliefs? These are some questions we pose.

  • Example: Linus Torvalds = good ethics
  • Bernie Madoff = poor ethics

Political Spectrum

  • Far-Left: Supports totalitarian government/corporate control of citizens, including restricted speech, vast welfare programs, etc. Often extremely secular to the point of hating cultural traditions, religion, and traditional family units. Often believes in social tribalism, where the government party matters more than anything else.
  • Center-Left: Believes in a powerful centralized government to offset (potentially) powerful corporations, and typically opposes corporate monopolies and corporate welfare. Traditionally supports labor unions and various forms of citizen welfare programs. Free speech and individual liberties matter, but thinks government should regulate these.
  • Center-Right: Believes individual liberty and free speech is more important than most anything else. Supports limited government primarily for the purpose of military and national defense, basic law enforcement, and to break up (potential) corporate monopolies. Skeptical of labor unions and government regulations, or anything that gives government more power.
  • Far-Right: Evermore rare in the modern world, but typically supports a narrow ethnic/national identity or religion, and wants to eliminate most anyone from society who does fall into that preferred ethnic group. The role of government should be to enforce policies that promote this ethnic identity. Individual liberty and free speech beliefs vary wildly, but generally a powerful centralized government is acceptable as long as it is performing its ethnic-guardian role. Traditional families and culture are often championed, along with family businesses, but often skeptical of large corporations which inevitably tend to promote globalism.

Niches (Career Industries):

  • Politician: Someone who works in government, and whose salary is typically funded by taxpayers. Differs from general government employees in that politicians are usually more interested in self-promotion, publicity, achieving power or fame, establishing legacy, or similar. They are also often “elected” by the general public, or “appointed” to a role by a more senior official.
  • Executive: Typically refers to someone who is on an official Board of Directors of a company or organization, or has a key role in establishing, running, investing in, or otherwise. Often these people are the ones “behind the scenes” that are responsible for decisions and the direction of a company or organization, but might not be very publicly known. This term is usually avoided for smaller businesses or organizations, in place of other terms like Entrepreneur, Consultant, Freelancer, etc.
    • Examples: Board Of Directors (Corporate, etc)
  • Freelancer: Sometimes they can also be considered Consultants, but for our purposes they are usually people who offer commodity services and might maintain profiles on freelancing marketplaces like Upwork, Fiverr, etc. Also they are typically not licensed for a niche industry, e.g. they are not attorneys, doctors, or other licensed professions.
    • Examples: Graphic Designer, Virtual Assistant, Video Editor, etc.
  • Consultant: Usually people who have many years of experience in a certain industry or field, and companies or organizations might seek them out for advice and guidance, or even complete project management and long-term contract work. Generally speaking, we consider this to be higher paying and more experienced than Freelancers.
    • Examples: Business Planner, SEO Consultant, College Admissions, etc.
  • Journalist: Nearly always refers to someone who has had professional training (higher education) in media and reporting, and typically is employed by one or multiple outlets. Also usually adheres to certain publishing standards outlined by bodies like the Associated Press or otherwise. Their work is often reviewed or approved by editors or supervisors.
    • Examples:
  • Blogger: Typically has not undergone professional training in journalism, although they might have (or might be a current/former journalist as well). Usually their work is not peer reviewed or approved by editors or supervisors before being published, and they are often the founder/owner of the website where their articles are first published. Unlike Journalists, they might address a wide array of topics and genres (and websites) in contrast with Journalists who often focus on a certain “beat” or area of news.
  • Personality: Someone who aggressively promotes themselves, often blurring the lines between being a Consultant, Journalist, Author, etc… perhaps even a micro-celebrity of sorts who is trying to make a name for themselves in political commentary, mass marketing, or otherwise.

*The vast majority of people listed in this database are just “normal” business people, therefore no negative connotation is insinuated nor should misdeeds be assumed based on existing in our business directory. Our underlying goal is exposing misdeeds and fraud, but to accomplish this we often must first identity “honest” business people. This is because of things like similar names, impersonation, copyright infringement, and other reasons. Thus, the vast majority of people in our database are not being accused of anything shady. For this reason, profiles are now “noindexed” by default until comments exist on any given profile, since many of them are unnotable.

DISCLAIMER: ALL INFORMATION ON THIS WEBSITE WAS OBTAINED LEGALLY VIA PUBLIC RECORDS AND WEB PAGES. This public interest website functions as a transparency engine to expose relationships between individuals and entities (e.g. brands and organizations). Under no circumstances do we publish confidential data about an individual such as ID numbers, medical records, health status, or financial information, including contact details such as personal email addresses and phone numbers, residential addresses, or personal media (e.g. photos/videos). If you discover any such information on our website (including in public comments or reviews), please let us know so that it can be removed immediately. (This does not apply to business-related phone/email, office locations, or other contact information that was used as part of a spam/fraud/etc campaign.) We explicity discourage using this internet directory in any effort to harm or harass any individual or entity, regardless of the reason. We also do not accept or solicit payments or other forms of value in exchange for removing or altering pages that are published here. Anyone is allowed to register a free account on and publish reviews at anytime, as long as they use their real name and abide by our Terms, as well as all relevant laws of the United States and any local jurisdictions. Reviews can be edited or deleted at anytime at the discretion of the review author, and we strongly encourage updating the content whenever appropriate (e.g. if no longer accurate, or if new information exists). Users are also allowed to review themselves. Any comments that do not include the author’s full (real) name will be deleted. By posting on this site (under your real name), you therefore take legal responsibility for your words, and you understand that other people might therefore choose to dispute the nature of your words in a relevant court of law (thus commenters shall not hide behind Section 230). Reviews should be relevant to the subject’s career and not mundane/personal events. We encourage honesty, humility, and good humor, whenever possible.

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