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Hucksters Who Tried To Takedown Our Web Pages (International)

The following (verified) people have been significantly associated with this entity, either as a participant, contributor, promoter, or beneficiary, according to our OSINT research:

  • Ian McKinnon (Charlatan, Crony, Fraudster)
  • Omar Hamdi (Fraudster, Harasser, Spammer)
  • Jeffrey Charles Wilde (Fraudster, Spammer)
  • Vijay Kumar Bhagal (Fraudster)
  • Iqra Ahsan (Fraudster, Spammer)
  • Tanner Schweppe (Harasser, Spammer)
  • Kerri Isham (Activist, Child Groomer, Pedophile)
  • James Christopher Foster (Fraudster, Harasser, Imposter)
  • Adam Ophir (Blogger, Editor, Propagandist)
  • Gregg Re (Fraudster, Plagiarizer, Producer)
  • Graeme Barron (Attorney, Extorter, Fraudster)
  • Amit Mehta (Grifter, Judge, Operative)
  • Usman Shaheen (Fraudster)
  • Anthony Garibay (Fraudster, Imposter, Spammer)
  • Idan Mezan (Fraudster, Harasser, Spammer)
  • Amit Juyal (Fraudster, Spammer)
  • Sumit Kumar Kala (Fraudster, Harasser, Spammer)
  • Ari Osur (Executive, Fraudster, Spammer)
  • Bryce Kapitzky (Fraudster, Scammer, Spammer)
  • Evan H. Samlin (Fraudster, Loan Shark, Spammer)
  • Charlie Eissa (Fraudster, Scammer, Spammer)
  • Paul Christopher Campbell (Spammer)
  • Dwan Roby (Fraudster, Imposter, Spammer)
  • Jacek Salamandra (Spammer, Web Developer)
  • Imeila Fonua (Fraudster, Salesperson, Spammer)
  • Imran Ali (Fraudster, Scammer, Spammer)
  • Richard Kershaw (Blogger, Marketer)
  • Reviews:

    Ian is the douchebag CEO of Internet Removals, an Australian company he tries to hide his involvement in. He hides his name from WHOIS, from LinkedIn, and all other public profiles for the company. He submitted a dishonest "defamation" complaint to Google against trying to remove our profile of Omar Hamdi, the Egyptian failed comedian who has began sending thousands of illegal email spam messages using Gmail accounts: In the complaint he even demands Google does not allow Lumen Database to publish his complaint, lmao Ian, if you're such a slimy P.O.S. that you take money from scammers to help them hide journalistic reports about their crimes from the internet, don't be surprised when we fight back and expose you as the asshole that you are. P.S. of course! he used to work for Queensland Police... the sanctimonious hypocrisy makes a lot more sense now Edit: just found another complaint he sent in May 2023, pretending to be from Egypt, also for Omar Hamdi. I like how Hamdi pretends to be from UK, Egypt, or the UAE depending on what's convenient for him Update Sept 2023: More fraudulent DMCA takedowns submitted by Ian using fake aliases (highly illegal) Read More

    Sep 19, 2022, 5:33 pm Hello XXX, I know we’ve been in touch before but we truly admire what you’re doing at XXX in the research sector - can my team share details of the editors / publications that are interested in covering you? I believe you have a lot of newsworthiness to what you’re doing, and the media can help you demonstrate your value to clients and partners. We don’t charge up front so there is no risk to you. Can I send over some details of the media interest? My colleague Shane is on CC Thanks, Kam sender: [email protected] cc: [email protected] Read More

    Michael Jason 03:19 (4 hours ago) to XXXX, shane Hello there XXXX, I know we've reached out to you before - love what you're doing at XXXX - can I put you forward for media enquiries we get from editors and TV producers? I’ve looked at your site and really like the sound of what you are doing. I want to discuss how I can work with you to secure some national and global press coverage for your work (I don't charge upfront, don't worry!) I'd be happy to talk you through some examples of what we've done for our clients and the success they have seen. CC'ing my teammate Shane Thanks, Michael Read More

    We got this from them. ('xxxxx' is what I put there) From: Yugun Bruke Sent: Friday, 26 August 2022 12:00 am To: xxxxx Cc: sha** Subject: New Zealand Businesses and Global Expansion - media enquiry Hey there xxxxx, With everything in the news currently revolving around the global expansion of New Zealand businesses, we are getting lots of interest from editors and TV producers for experts (such as yourself) in the space. I’ve looked at your site and really like the sound of what you are doing. I want to discuss how I can work with you to secure some national and global press coverage for your work (I don't charge upfront, don't worry!) I'd be happy to talk you through some examples of what we've done for our clients and the success they have seen. CC'ing my teammate Shane Thanks, Yugun Read More

    Omar illegally spams the fuck out of thousands of websites with fake names and fake Gmail addresses trying to sell his junk "PR" services which are even more spamming from He's so proud of his shitty company that he made some black guy with a fake name in Dubai the face of his company on LinkedIn Another fiercly proud Egyptian Muslim immigrant to the UK importing third world values, who could have guessed? Report Omar's fraud and illegal email harassment to OFT office in the UK, and his email and web hosts Update June 2023: Omar is now paying Indian freelancers from Upwork to submit fraudulent DMCA takedowns to Cloudflare against Hucksters, using fake articles on Tumblr: ...his mass amount of illegal email spam has also caught the attention of Reddit: Read More

    Jeff Wilde, who changed his name from Jeffrey Charles Ranney after he got kicked out of the California Bar Association, is yet another douchebag spammer who tried really hard to hide his identity from the internet he illegally buys mass email lists and spams the fuck out of WordPress sites and others trying to sell "translation" services which I assume he farms out to third world freelancers (zero employees on their homepage) Report this asshole to the FTC, local attorney general, and all of his web hosting and email companies Update SEpt 2022: Jeff is now trying to get this page removed from Google results Read More

    I'm a web developer at a company. This scammer decided to email us. I was forwarded the email. Just seeing the email and what he brings up.... I knew immediately it was a scam. Half of what he mentions as an issue he couldn't know and few suggestions are bad in general. Also, web help wont reach out to you unless it's a scam. All you really have to do is go to his website for Sanoya Labs. It's awful and unfinished. Scam written all over it like those Scammer websites from India. To report directly to google - alt+shift+I and it pops up the report window as long as your on the website otherwise manually put it in. He uses for domain help. Here is there domain abuse help email.... [email protected]. Read More

    Anthony hired Vijay on Upwork to do his SEO spamming for him... he's now posted on Hucksters using fake names like "Pietro Comito" demanding that I email him about some secret information he has lol Vijay is also spamming Pinterest (they deleted it), Reddit, and other web forums desperately trying to post junk links everywhere to improve Garibay Ventures reputation, which of course is impossible, since Anthony is spammer and imposter who is now permanently exposed you shouldn't have gotten in bed with the conman Ryan Rafols, Anthony Vijay, bad idea getting involved too, don't throw your reputation away for these scam artists for just $8/hour Update: Vijay is now submitting fraudulent takedown notices to Google India for pages on on behalf of Newchip and Garibay... bad decision mate Read More

    Iqra illegally buys mass email lists and spams the shit out of Westerners, pretending to be a company in the UK (her fees are past due) in reality just another fraudster from Pakistan selling junky SEO links and "guest posts" on sites like JPost and Hindustan Times Read More

    Jacek is a total SCAM. He is pretending to be senior wordpress developer while he does not know how to write any custom code. He basically fucked us up. We were outsourcing him for one of our projects and he locked out the site the day after it should have been delivered, then blackmailed us into paying him in full even though he has not finished the site. After we paid, he started ignoring us and did not do any work at all. Also started acting like he is a victim. We paid more than it was agreed, he did not deliver and even blackmailed us. Read More

    Richard is submitting takedown complaints to Google trying to hide this page, for reasons unknown, since it doesn't even expose any information that he doesn't already claim on his own LinkedIn profile and elsewhere. In any case we will now double down on maintaing this page, the public deserves to know who is running thousands of blog posts endorsing various products and services. Read More

    Correct me if I am wrong but this blog does appear by definition to be a hate blog. "hateblog (plural hateblogs) A blog dedicated to expressing intense disapproval or hatred of someone or something." This entire blog is dedicated to you trashing companies and people you dislike or disagree with. Can you stop with the stereotypical assumptions. You think because I come from Missouri we are all "white Christians" you know nothing about my life or my religious or political views. You are just a keyboard warrior looking to pick a fight with anything you read and don't agree with. Our company has nothing to do with "diploma mills" or whatever you keep spewing on about. It is to make sure our clients are represented accurately online. Some of that includes statistical data like tuition information and student population and net price. We make sure sites have the correct addresses and phone numbers listed oh and obviously making sure the SCHOOL NAME is correct. Most people want the information about them or their company to be accurate and up to date which is what we do. If you have an issue with that then I am not sure what to tell you. Next time maybe try reaching out personally we easily could of marked you and your website as a Non-Compliant website and put you on the Do not contact list. Instead you decide to post a bunch of blogs on this site about information you clearly know nothing about just randomly making stuff up out of thin air (religious and political views) I hope you find joy in your life doing something other than posting hate blogs in your tiny little corner of the internet. Have a great day! Read More

    The funniest thing is that you believe I am "upset" I did not go through the effort of creating a Hate blog on the internet of someone I have never had an interaction with before. You are not being spammed the email you replied to was sent 2 years ago. "On Thu, Apr 2, 2020 at 11:06 PM" The notice had nothing to even do with diplomas the site had the old school name and they wanted it updated from Stanbridge College to Stanbridge Unviersty. "Deviation #1 Inaccurate information: Incorrect School Name (not resolved) The school name listed on your page is inaccurate. Please update to the following: Stanbridge University" This email wasn't a threat it was to inform the website that the listing was incorrect. Either way it doesn't matter because you have made it blatantly obvious you are just an angry miserable person that feeds off of trash talking behind the computer screen. I went ahead and did a little research on you as well and it seems you tend to do this quite often. I am not sure what you "exposed" I do tend to try and keep my information off the internet just as personal preference (Thanks for posting those links so I can get those removed also) but I do honestly hope that you learn that not everyone on the internet is an angry self-entitled prick like you, some people just want the information about themselves or their companies to be accurate. (Defamation of character is against the law btw) Have a great day! Read More

    Hi Jesse, I am sorry you are such an upset individual. Unfortunately the information you have posted about me is false, which is pretty funny considering you have been doing the exact same thing you claim I do. "Their teams spams and harasses the fuck out of websites whose content their clients disagree with, trying to get it censored." You have been spamming us with "Cunts and Fuckheads" because you simply did not agree with the notification you received. I also find it funny you got my age and work experience completely wrong (Can't believe everything you read on the internet :D). The fact that you have decided to throw a temper tantrum like a child instead of reaching out directly to discuss what is going on you decided to start posting a bunch of false/negative information on the internet in order to promote others to reach out and harass/spam the people/entities you do not agree with. I will be looking into getting this false information about me removed from this page and I hope you have a great day! Read More

    Tanner is a 20-something guy with no career experience who for whatever reason works at Integrishield, a company run by "evangelical Christian" Gayla Huber: Their teams spams and harasses the fuck out of websites whose content their clients disagree with, trying to get it censored. In my case, their clients are a dozen for-profit diploma mills angry that one of my websites exposed their lack of full accreditation. Another shit company from Missouri ran by shit people, report their harassment and spam to authorities Update: Tanner is now trying to pay freelancers in the Ukraine to figure out how to get this page removed from the internet Read More

    Kerri is another fat, ugly, far-left boomer white lady from Canada who, according to her LinkedIn, has done nothing of significance in her life until receiving a "Sexual Health Educator" certificate from a no-name group called Options For Sexual Health, a thinly veiled community of trans activists and child predators who go out into Canadian schools and clinics and advocate for all kinds of grooming and sexual behavior from young children. After Libs of TikTok exposed the "masturbation" homework that indigenous schools were giving 4 year old students in Canada, it was revealed that the workbook was actually provided by Kerri herself to these government funded schools. She claims repeatedly she targets 2-7 year old children for sexual health because it helps prevent abuse (lmao)... and yet, on podcasts she's appeared on in the past like "Turn Me On Podcast" she's literally talking about sexual foreplay and children... how in the fuck does this prevent sexual abuse? It's all a lie, they just want to diddle kids! if you think the US is bad, Canada is 5x worse Read More

    James is absolute dumbass fraudster who thinks he's clever and high-tech by creating fake "companies" online like Takedown Reporting and then submitting hundreds of fraudulent trademark/copyright complaints to dozens of web hosting and social media platforms trying to get content removed that might paint his "clients" in a negative light, some of which are major Fortune 500 companies like ADP Report this criminal to the FTC, FBI, and local attorney generals, hopefully he gets arrested soon for impersonating a law firm and submitting tons of fraudulent DMCA complaints! May 23 update: James and his freelancers in Indonesia are now stalking me online, and have (predictably) submitted fraudulent takedown requests to Google for this page, and the accompaying expose blog post about his massive fraud campaign: Read More

    Adam is the little punkass Wikipedia editor @KidAd who decided to singlehandedly delete the page for Rosemont Seneca Partners, the firm at the center of possibly the worst case of White House-connected corruption in American history. Why? because this 20? year old and his friend @AlexEng decided it was causing too many "conspiracy theories" lmao Adam went to The Marin School, which is $50k per year, where his mom is a teacher... his dad is a rich ass cop who worked for the City of San Francisco... these are the authoritarian little bitches deciding what information gets published on Wikipedia Update: May 18, Adam is now submitting removal requests trying to get this page deleted from Google results... sorry Adam, it's not going work buddy! This ain't Wikipedia lol Read More

    Gregg is a total fraudster wannabe who steals other people's content on Twitter to try and grow his pathetic following. Why? Because he's a failed lawyer turned producer for Fox News and Tucker Carlson Tonight. He blatantly ripped off my exclusive research and blog post about Kychelle Del Rosario, who I discovered was the doctor who confessed that she purposefully injured a patient at Wake Forest Medical School because the patient made a joke about her "pronouns" ID card. ... I asked him to credit me, he "liked" that Instead of crediting me or retweeting my research, he simply copy and pasted into a new fucking tweet 5 hours after mine, and then got "quoted" by The Post Millennial's Libby Emmons (also a content thief): This is how so much of "conservative" media (and beyond) works... instead of passionately following a story, it's a bunch of grifters and douchebags fighting for attention using faux outrage pieces they stole from other people. What a dickwad Update: Update June 2022: Gregg continues to file tons of legal requests to Google trying to hide all kinds of links that expose his illegal behavior, you can't hide Gregg! Soon everyone will know how Tucker's producer fraudulently steals content from bloggers. Update July 2022: Instead of apologizing and crediting me and other bloggers for his news stories on Tucker Carlson, Gregg Re continues to double down in a hilarious and pathetic manner, submitting more and more desperate legal requests to Google to hide the exposure of his plagiarism. Here is his latest attempt, this time hypocritically claiming "defamation" since his fake doxxing/porno requests failed: Read More

    Amit and his team at ISKPRO are serial fraudsters who "use" the office addresses of other US companies and pretending to be based in the US with a ton of fake "white" employees and fake aliases and email addresses In reality they are a gang of Indian scammers, same old story... stay far away from any of their brands Update Sept 2023: He is now submitting fraudulent "defamation" takedown demands to Google, lying and saying he and his partner Sumit Kumar Kala have contacted us "many times" and we have demanded money from them (totally false) Read More

    You must have a very sad life to follow what is happening to your victims (yes, I am your victim and 2,000 others). I'm sorry your life didn't work out. I pray every day that you will find your way anew. Read More

    Graeme is the main lawyer behind TrustPilot's criminal enterprise where they generate thousands of URLs for websites all over the world and encourage fake/defamation reviews to be written about small businesses, and then SEO-rank them to damage small companies. Then after businesses notice the spam, they are invited to "join" Trustpilot's premium membership in order to manage/respond to reviews and to try and invite other "happy" customers to review instead, to cover up the fake reviews. It's a massive shakedown site, and no wonder Google has begun to down-rank them in SERPs tremendously. This violates Google's own rules so you can request Google to remove any Trustpilot pages about your company. No wonder Graeme and his team were so desperate for an IPO so that investors could have a piece of the pie and relieve the pressure, when all the sharks are making money off the Trustpilot fraud there is suddenly less complaining about the extortion in some corners. Fuck this scam artist "attorney" and his Eurotrash mafia colleagues, it's Ripoff Report reborn! Update Mar 2022: other businesses were sharing this page and left negative reviews on Trustpilot about Trustpilot mentioning this page and guess what? They fucking deleted it! These fuckwads are pure hypocrite scam artists: "OMG, hucksters(dot)net(slash)person(slash)graeme-barron OMG, is that true? hucksters(dot)net(slash)person(slash)graeme-barron Read More

    Amit is yet another radical left-wing Democrat crony appointed to the DC federal courts... his ruling allowing President Trump to be "sued" by random far-left politicians at taxpayer expense for the "mostly peaceful protests" of Jan. 6 is utterly insane... in his ruling he literally quoted Trump's campaigning speech, where he said "march to the capitol and let your voices be peacefully... heard" ... as actually purposefully inciting violence, and that even though Trump was still president, he can't be seen as the president for... some reason? An absolute nutjob grifter, this asshole is a citizen of India by the way, how fucked up is our corrupt legal system that a random grifter from India gets to "decide" how (again) Trump's next election campaign goes? Update Sep 2022: This shitbag is now hiring freelancers on trying to get this page removed from Google... a perfect example of the grifting piece of shit he is, no morals and all about the ego, just like so many other "high class" Indians! Read More

    Usman is a Pakistani fraudster who takes money from people to submit fraudulent DMCA takedown requests to Google (etc) using fake copyright data such as the Israeli citizen Idan Mezan: What Usman does is he submits fraudulent DMCA complaints to Google, making up fake stories about copyright violation because it's the easiest takedown request to submit to Google. Huge copyright and fraud conman, business as usual in Pakistan apparently Read More

    I had high hopes for the New Chip accelerator program. During the “sales” process, I spent a great deal of time addressing my concerns about being fundable even though we were a pre-revenue company at that time. As an older, experienced female executive, it was critical to our firm to find someone who would know more than I did and find people who truly “got healthcare" and more importantly, "got mental health” concerns. These were clearly referenced throughout the sales process. New Chip has not delivered on its sales promises. Worse yet, my first meeting with a Program Advisor resulted in me being told that without MRR/ARR, my company would not get funded and that I had to find my own investors by mining my LinkedIn account. This amounts to a “bait and switch” approach which is totally unacceptable in any business. I understand that New Chip defines its business as an educational company. Frankly, the curriculum has been an insult to my intelligence and the comments shared during my mastermind sessions confirmed I am not the only one feeling that way. The redundancy, poor organization, and incoherent webinars made completing the curriculum wasteful at best and beyond annoying at worst. Please remember that, regardless of how you define the company, the New Chip sales pitch focuses heavily on a 70% success rate of getting startups funded. The limited mentorship also has not lived up to the sales hype. In our case, it took three attempts to get matched with a mentor in the behavioral health space. Unfortunately, that mentor has no experience raising investor funding which resulted in no help at all. Frankly, conducting 20 min sessions to perfect a pitch deck is totally insufficient and inconsistent with the sales pitch which convinced us to engage New Chip. Further, I was then told that New Chip investors will not fund companies that have an app because they’ve been burned in the past. The result of this was being told I should only describe our company as a SaaS based solution because that’s what your investors will fund. This causes me to question whether there are serious investors or whether those investors have any understanding or knowledge in healthcare or specifically mental health apps. When I would share the advice I was getting from New Chip resources with trusted colleagues they would just shake their heads and wonder why I was paying for this. At long last, I finally had two resources affiliated with New Chip (but not employees) review my deck and I received only minor suggestions for upgrades basically saying they loved the deck. Following this, I was told by my Program Advisor that I still needed more feedback before our deck could be submitted to the IR department. This only reinforced either a gating mechanism punishing me for being outspoken about how disappointed I was in the program or incompetence on New Chip’s part. Quite frankly this has been a complete failure on New Chip's part and a complete waste of our limited funds. Add to the fact that the earliest I could hope to engage with New Chip investors is in the last month of the program the likelihood we could raise funds through New Chip despite your claimed 70% success rate is nil. I still wonder how many people get funded because they did have in their LinkedIn network investors who funded them. (I had already ruled out my LinkedIn network because none of my investor contacts had healthcare experience.) I also wish to highlight that there were constant changes in the program while all of this was going on. The constant program changes, which typically meant taking stuff away, suggests they understand the program has challenges and issues. We respect those challenges, however they are not our responsibility. All I can indicate is that New Chip has a lot of work to do to deliver on its value proposition. I might go so far as to suggest that your one size fits all model has reached the breaking point. Read More

    This appears to be a new site they just set up in 2021... Read More

    Sorry for anyone that has to deal with this site owner Jesse Nickles. Here’s a link explaining it all. Thanks! Read More

    Anthony is yet another wannabe investor who illegally buys mass email lists and spams the shit out of thousands of Americans trying to offer "ventural capital" a.k.a. stealing % of companies that are already proven successful Update: He claims he "found" me on Linkedin that's funny, I don't have an email on Linkedin! total fraudster Update #2: this asshole is still emailing me and now threatening to sue me for exposing him lol Update #3: anddd there it is: "I'm Anthony Garibay from Austin, TX. I help businesses find verified leads and tailor the email marketing list with high quality leads for a reasonable cost. I can search filters depending on what you're looking for. " This guy is some "millionaire" investor who worked for Mark Cuban who wants to "give me money" but he's also illegally selling people's email addresses on for $100. Yep! Update #4: Anthony is now in serious trouble after impersonating his boss, Andrew the CEO of NewChip in order to threaten me: "You are a troll artist who begs for attention. Fuck right off you idiot. I make millions why you sit behind your computer and suck your mom tit … Don’t put Newchip accelerator in any of your website content or i will sue you bitch --- Ryan Rafols” Update #5: Anthony tried to get this page removed from Google results but they rejected his meritless claim... crime doesn't pay, Anthony Update #6: Anthony is now leaving fake "death threats" on this page using aliases in a desperate effort to make Google delete this page from search results... he's also leaving fake comments defending his reputation... dude just doesn't stop... Update #7: Months later, Anthony is still spamming the shit out of thousands of companies trying to earn "affiliate" commissions from various angel investors, and he continues to file unsuccessful attempts to Google trying to remove this page from results Update May 2022: Anthony and Newchip are pissed at the many complaints being shared on Reddit and elsewhere about their scam, Anthony is now paying SEO folks to try and hide the results from Google: Update June 2022: Pinterest has deleted the spam that Anthony paid an Indian freelancer to post in an effort to outrank this page: Read More

    Idan runs the team at Webselenese, based in Israel and now owned by Kape Technologies (Mossad)... where he hires dozens of "ghost writers" to write fraudulent endorsement articles recommending services and products that tie back into Kape products like ExpressVPN, CyberGhost etc so that the Israel government can expand its VPN spying network. Idan makes sure that all his writers use fake names and he hides his name and his employees and companies name from all their fraudulent blogs like but these dumbasses are not nearly as secret as they think they are... Do not believe anything you read on blogs owned or managed by Webselenese, it's now all propaganda for Kape Technologies Update Feb 2022: Idan submitted a false Copyright complaint against this page (committing more fraud, like the liar that he is)... the funniest part is he hired an agency WorthIT Pvt Ltd from Pakistan to submit the fraudulent complaint (not Israel, or the US?) Update June 2022: months later, these Israeli cunts are still spamming the fuck out of me using fake names like "Angela" from Read More

    Sumit leads yet another spam/fraud gang in India where they illegally email thousands of US companies trying to sell their offshore web development services using fake "white people" names and claiming to represent an office based in Austin, Texas... it's all lies, just a gang of Indians spamming people, like all the rest Update March 2022: this fucker is still spamming me using various fake Gmail accounts, he is now fraudulently using the office address of another company in Cedar Park Texas pretending to be an American company Update Sept 2023: He is now submitting fraudulent "defamation" takedown demands to Google, lying and saying he and his partner Amit Juyal have contacted us "many times" and we have demanded money from them (totally false) Read More

    Imran and his partner Faisal run one of the most prolific spamming and online fraud gangs in India: They launch dozens of different websites and "brands" and fake conferences trying to pretend like they are a well known companies based in the USA when in fact all their work and team members are based in India It's the same old story of offering awards to loser business owners to make them feel cool, and then selling them tickets to their fake conferences so it's a win-win for anyone looking for fake speaker credentials on their LinkedIn profile or whatever Fraudsters who partner with grifters (or totally innocent/ignorant victims) ... that's their card Update Feb 2022: they tried to remove this page from Google: Update July 2022: they have allegedly been banned from Dubai for their scams... their latest scam conference is called "The Internet Meeting" among others Read More

    Ari helps with the massive fraud/spam campaign that ADP runs sending illegal emails to thousands of US businesses from fake aliases and fake email addresses trying to generate leads for their programs... report this asshole to the FTC along with his colleagues Update May 2022: Ari is now trying to get this page deleted by submitting fraudulent copyright complaints to Cloudflare: Cloudflare received a trademark infringement complaint regarding: The information we received was the following: Reporter's Name: James Christopher Trademark Holder's Name: Reporter's Email Address: alert@takedownreporting Reported URLs: Original Work: Trademarked Symbol: ADP Registration Number: 4427965 Registration Office: WIPO Logs or Evidence of Abuse: Your platform is illegally using ADP Inc's name in the website name and is providing ADP Inc's HQ address and contact number in the domain. ADP Inc does not host this content. ADP Inc has requested the removal of this content. Please remove this content as soon as possible. Update July 2022: Ari is now submitting MORE fraudulent takedown requests to Google claiming we "doxxed" him for sharing the fake Gmail accounts his criminal gang uses to scam American citizens Update July 2022 #2... turns out Ari used to be in charge of BLOCKING EMAIL SPAM at Bigfoot Interactive, he literally went to the Dark Side: "Tactically, ESPs are building workarounds to deal with the problem and simultaneously developing strategies for the future. For now, Bigfoot Interactive’s Ari Osur says the company monitors inbound email in response to a mailing. It’s routed to a human being, who scans messages for challenges and responds to them. “You can also do keyword handlers on that reply mail [to find challenges],” he said. “And they would just go through and manually do it.”" Update 2023: This absolute loser finally got fired by ADP apparently and now started his own company iCIMS, he is still submitting legal demand after legal demand to Google trying to delete this page from results! lol Read More

    Be aware of his new conference scam Read More

    Update: Bryce got pissed that I exposed him here, so he paid his sham lawyers from Rapid Legal to threaten me... when that didn't work, he tried to hack into my Instagram account. A perfect illustration of how these bastards function... Bryce is a capital D douchebag, yet another out of hundreds of fraudsters selling illegal "leads"... he illegally buys email lists and then illegally mass-spams thousands of US companies trying to sell them more spam (leads) while using fake names and aliases of the Filipino freelancers he pays to do the fraud on his behalf, probably thinking it gives him legal protection (it does not). This dickhead also pretends he works at Forbes, and that he has 2 different "bachelor" degrees on LinkedIn... in the same field? Right When emulating douchebag spammers is considered cool, something is wrong with our society Report Bryce's consumer fraud and spam to the FTC and local authorities Read More

    Charlie is a long-time spammer and fraudster well known by trackers like Spamhaus. He has a few semi-legit businesses but generally speaking he is always anonymous and runs a ton of spammy websites with email spam campaigns and beyond, selling various "licenses" information and guides for driving, fishing, hunting, and other technical/documentation sort of niches Update August 2022: Charlie is now submitting secret takedown requests to Google trying to get this page removed from search results Read More

    Evan is a loan shark who sends out illegal mass email spam campaigns from anonymous accounts trying to troll the web for takers of his fraudulent "business" loans... an incredibly stupid person, hopefully the feds arrest this guy sooner than later Update Apr 2022: Evan is now harassing me via email to delete this page, pretending like he has no idea that his employees are mass spamming thousands of Americans... typical American douchebag tactic of thinking you can outsource accountability Update #2: Evan now says he supports free speech and my right to expose fraud online, meanwhile he now submitted takedown requests to Google... you can't make this stuff up! Update May 30, 2022: And there you go: Evan is a liar, here is his fraudulent leadgen spam software: Evan tried to hurry and delete the REILCAP branding from his fraud software, but luckily we archived it! now deleted >> Read More

    Paul illegally spams and harasses hundreds of companies trying to sell his shitty "recruiting" services... naturally there are no unsubscribe links making the email even more illegal Update July 2022: Paul is now trying to get Google to delete this page from search results.. he thinks its okay to illegally spam and harass Americans while buying and selling private consumer data, but he doesn't want anyone to know that he does! Read More

    Dwan illegally spams and harasses US companies trying to sell his junk web services, while hiding his identity and ownership on his various websites and using a network of fake domains and emails... Update Feb 2023: Dwan is now trying to demand Google delete this page from search results Update May 2023: Dawn is now illegally impersonating a lawyer, launching a website pretending to organize a class-action lawsuit against me and for having exposed his email spam. DO NOT FILL OUT THE FORMS on it is a fraudulent website pretending to be a law firm. Read More

    Jacek illegally spams and harasses hundreds of companies trying to sell his junk WordPress services Update: months layer, Jack is now harassing my company using anonymous Gmail addresses from "DATASOL company" trying to figure out how to contact me after this page started ranking in Google for his other spam brands Update Feb 2022: Jacek tried to remove this page from Google: This also seems: Read More

    Imeila and his team illegally spam and harass hundreds of businesses trying to sell their junk offshore HR services. Yet another LDS-connected company from Utah with shady ethics, a seemingly bottomless pit... Update Feb 2022: he now copied this page onto a Weebly page and submitted a fake DMCA notice to Google: Update Mar 2022: this fraudster is now submitting more fake DMCA requests: Read More

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