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Newchip Accelerator

The following (verified) people have been significantly associated with this entity, either as a participant, contributor, promoter, or beneficiary, according to our OSINT research:

  • Armando Vera Carvajal (Fraudster, Imposter, Scammer)
  • Hendrikus Kwan (Fraudster, Sysadmin)
  • Vijay Kumar Bhagal (Fraudster)
  • Nihar Patel (Fraudster, Imposter)
  • Eddie Ler (Advisor, Investor)
  • Sofia Roque (Spammer)
  • Joshua Lawton (Businessman, Consultant)
  • Samuel Bell ()
  • Matthew Bell (Douchebag, Fraudster, Grifter)
  • Noah Obstfeld (Fraudster, Spammer)
  • Austin C. Evans (Executive, Spammer)
  • “Andrew” Ryan Rafols (Conman, Fraudster, Spammer)
  • Maria Glaister (Spammer)
  • Anthony Garibay (Fraudster, Imposter, Spammer)
  • Reviews:

    Hendrikus is now assisting the fraudsters at Newchip / Garibay Ventures by hosting copyright infringement of my blog posts on his web hosting company in Oklahoma, KVC Hosting. Anthony Garibay and his SEO spammers from India that he hired illegally duplicated posts on to try and hurt our site ranking or something (apparently they don't understand how SEO works) on their spam blog I submitted a copyright complaint to Hendrikus and his team, they responded (twice) acknowledging the request and promising the content would be taken down... and then, total silence. When I followed up a week later, they claimed my request wasn't "proper"... when I asked them what else they needed, they refused to respond. Illegal black hat web hosting, that is what you get with Hendrikus and KVC Hosting He also uses fake names like "David" or "Benjamin" to conduct business, trying to hide his identify from the company Update Aug 29, 2022: After publishing this page on Hucksters, I suddenly received back a note from KVC Hosting tech support: "The concerned customer has been issued notice on 15th August The customer had requested time to make changes in website and not responded back We have taken the site down now for no response from the concerned customer" So they changed their story around 3-4 times, but apparently finally decided to take the site offline... the owner of the site is using a fake name "Jack" harassing me via email now, most likely this guy: ...working for Anthony Garibay / Newchip. Read More

    Question: how do you graduate from college, do a quick stint as a "research assistant" and then suddenly get named Vice President of a major investment firm in Austin Texas, Newchip? Answer: you don't! While Armando was smart to finally cut ties with Ryan Rafols and his gang of imposters, he spent 3 years too long helping their scam, pretending to be a venture capitalist offering cash to startups and bloggers of all sizes... ...the only catch? you had to pay $5,000 for a "course" first, called Newchip Accelerator, otherwise they won't consider you! After the course finished, they ghost you and disappear with your money, thanks! SEC? FTC? where are you? Read More

    Anthony hired Vijay on Upwork to do his SEO spamming for him... he's now posted on Hucksters using fake names like "Pietro Comito" demanding that I email him about some secret information he has lol Vijay is also spamming Pinterest (they deleted it), Reddit, and other web forums desperately trying to post junk links everywhere to improve Garibay Ventures reputation, which of course is impossible, since Anthony is spammer and imposter who is now permanently exposed you shouldn't have gotten in bed with the conman Ryan Rafols, Anthony Vijay, bad idea getting involved too, don't throw your reputation away for these scam artists for just $8/hour Update: Vijay is now submitting fraudulent takedown notices to Google India for pages on on behalf of Newchip and Garibay... bad decision mate Read More

    How did Nihar go from freelance blog post writer in 2018 to "Chief Investment Officer" in 2019 for Astralabs ala Newchip? "Journey Venture Partners" which Nihar founded, claims to be a venture capital firm just like Newchip has in the past, and just like Garibay Ventures does... but none of these scam artists has any cash to their names! It's all just leading back to Ryan Rafols, who falsely claims to have founded and sold 4x companies (the real number is zero) avoid Newchip and Astralabs and Journey Ventures, do not pay for their courses, and do not respond to their illegal email spam! Read More

    Nope thats another lie. My name legally is Andrew Ryan feel free look it up in court records. Ryan “Andrew” Rafols was the name I was born with but I dropped my fathers last name years legally in a name change Read More

    “What types of comments (reviews) do you allow or disallow? We only allow comments to be posted under your real name… if we determine a comment was posted using a fake name or aliases it will be deleted.” Jesse Nickles own rules from: Except** when Jesse post fake comments himself under “anonymous” to push up his own fake slander campaign and high five himself. Thats your style of writing and grammar Jesse! At least edit it to seem like its somebody else Jesse. Thats all that has to be said really about his credibility in these lie/slander campaigns and blog post. And we need an official government audit? We do public audits every year… as YOU know as its available on the SEC’s website you linked on this page. Jess takes anything and tries to twist it into lies. He’d likely cite my own birth certificate entry in a post about being an illegal alien… Read More

    Thank you for this. I was a minute away from being scammed but went on Hucksters. I was dealing with a guy named Adam Laughlin but Anthony Garibay reached out to me first. Terrible people. Read More

    To the owner of THANK YOU. You are 100% on target exposing Newchip and its leading con artist Ryan Rafols. It's hilarious how he changed his name to “Andrew Ryan” and even got himself a new hairdo. We think it's because most of the Austin startup and business community already know of Ryan's awful reputation. As a result, he can't raise a dime from any legit investor. The silly disguise won't fool anyone smart enough to make one phone call. Everything compiled and published here on this website is accurate as far as we former Newchip employees know. Newchip continues to mass spam for lead generation and their turnover rate among employees remains appalling. Everything about the toxic culture has stayed the same, if it hasn't gotten worse. A few extra details worth highlighting: Ryan is not an accredited investor and will never be one. Many of us former Newchip employees believe we couldn’t get the company registered as an investment broker because of Ryan’s shady past. In fact, if there is an official government audit into Newchip’s finances, the whole house of cards will collapse and Ryan will most likely go to jail. We strongly encourage the SEC, FTC, and all other government authorities to investigate and put an end Ryan's fraud to once and for all. To Ryan Rafols, "Andrew Ryan," or whatever you're name is now and you happen to read this: You are a FRAUD. Everyone who's worked and interacted with you know you a fraud. Though you'll never admit it, we think you know it too. Read More

    Josh has been referred to as the "co-founder" of Newchip in several online articles, and was briefly the "President" of Traction Academy which re-branded to an independent service called Sofos... but, he quickly ditched all ties to Ryan Rafols and companies, and even deleted all references from his LinkedIn Profile, even going so far as to change his name! Why? I'm sure it's because Josh quickly realized the operation was not only a shit ton of illegal spam and harassment, but also a complete fraud since Ryan has never actually "sold" any companies like he claims... Ryan even hides his name from the Sofos brand, apparently trying to pretending it's a separate company or something, but it's Ryan's. And like pretty much every other partner Ryan has had, Josh said "hell no" and got out of Dodge esp. since Ryan was trying to use his background as an "Oracle executive" for marketing purposes... Read More

    Eddie and his Singapore company "Vantage Venture" appears to be the main invesor behind Newchip Accelerator and their new parent brand ASTRALABS that apparently convinced Journey Venture Partners (Indian dudes) to join their umbrella to be more legit all around... that's nice, but why are foreigners the main people investing in an Austin Texas "startup" accelerator? Apparently because there are no investors from Texas interested in partnering with Ryan Rafols and Newchip... practically every business partner he's had in the past has cut ties with him very quickly That's fine, not everyone works well with others, but in that case YOU SHOULD NOT BE ADVISING COMPANIES especially when you have zero background in launching and managing your own companies! Apparently Eddie doesn't care, or didn't do his homework. Read More

    Sofia was the main girl running Sofos AI after Ryan spun "Traction Academy" out of Newchip into a new brand, apparently also considering it one of his "4 startups" that he claims to have founded, even though it's just some spammers he pays to spam people via email and LinkedIn... no wonder they hide all their names from the Sofos homepage and social media Read More

    I wrote up a thorough write-up here exposing Jesse, and instead of following "transparency" and free speech principles by posting it as he says everyone can post, it was not approved to post, and instead, Jesse decided to doxx where my little sister and parents' house is and my ex-girlfriend from high school's address. This is the kind of person he is. Read More

    I'm actually not pissed. Jesse Nickles is a nobody and I don't say that lightly, he just doesn't exist relevance wise, nor is he relevant to the progress of humanity even though this site is built on a mission to change the world one hate post at a time, the fact that he spends all of his time and hard-earned money he scams from people to attack me and Barack Obama and Hillary and Jimmy Fallon and everyone else on his Top 100 list online is just sad. He creates "brand profiles" with SEO on them so he can post all of his comments but not where the company can respond, I have to respond on my personal conman profile he made, it's his fiefdom of hate but let's find something positive in it shall we? We just don't think being called doushebags, con-men, bitches, or any of the other terms Jesse likes to throw around are professionally appropriate for someone who has never even interacted with us and just got an email from someone once and we won't go for low blows. Positive wise, it's a blessing for these companies and a reminder to every growing company that they need to invest in SEO. We've always just trusted in organic SEO, but his campaigns have shown us how important it is to manage your brand presence online so a troll with upworkers in India doesn't affect your company negatively (the loudest people are often heard the most even though they don't reflect the will of the masses). So I'm dedicating a whole part of our program curriculum to him under troll management to our startups (not even kidding this is important education and I would even bring him in to teach it if I had a muzzle big enough). To his message, as usual in his MO to lie and try to manipulate (trust me we're all for free speech but fake speech and fake reviews lose all credibility), Jesse says above "the guys at Ycombinator" to try to make it feel "like the actual leadership at Ycombinator" vs. just a random web developer and a game developer that posted years ago on HackerNews asking a question - that's just his MO and if it weren't I'd respect this site more, to be honest, now he'll probably go and edit it after this to change otherwise but leaving mine the same. You see, HackerNews is a forum owned by Ycbombinator, and the above developers were asking about us as we were new back then years ago and they said they didn't agree with the model of tuition and thought tuition is a scam - and yes many tuition programs are even, in my opinion, are not good returns on investment because they are incubators, NOT accelerators (incubators help you with the idea, accelerators help you grow your company and get funding once you HAVE traction - big difference), not scams but definitely not always the best ROI. And given we had just launched and nobody knew who we were (as is common for newer accelerators then like us compared to the likes of Tech Stars or Ycombinator), we don't fault those developers either, nor will we go online and slander and attack them because they disagree with us - the antithesis of free speech is trying to bully people for their speech or harm them for it - that is their free speech and their opinion years ago - I don't know if it's changed nor do I care, we've grown to 80+ countries and helped so many entrepreneurs it matters not what some random person on the internet thinks. And to be honest, posts like the above make up 90% of the handful of anonymous postings online by people who don't agree with the tuition model vs. actual companies we've worked with- it's not for everyone- that is a fact, and that is part of why we built a guarantee into our programs. Not every startup can get into our accelerator nor do they have the traction either to do so, but if you went to Wharton and can call your friends for $1M or work at Facebook or have already built a successful startup you also don't need an accelerator even if you have the traction - no need to apply if you have access to the capital you don't need us. There's always someone successful that got funding from their parents that will say accelerator isn't necessary as well (whether its Bezos or unicorn founders or Trump), but the 99.9% of people that don't have deep pockets, their alumni network, or parents to call, a tuition-based program built on a SaaS type model is a good investment. See, we take refundable tuition up-front in a SaaS-type model (we call it accelerator as a service) of upfront or optional monthly payments plus an option to invest in your company at the terms we all agree upon BEFORE you join. It's unique and our vision has always been to level the playing field for the 99.9% of startups that don't get into Ycombinator and other top accelerators (just to note about 1/10~ of our startups actually are in YC + Newchip and about 2/10~ are in another major accelerator) and yes over 1M startups launch yearly and 99% of those fail largely because they are locked out of the top tier networks of investors, mentors, and startup hub access. To be clear, we end up refunding about maybe 10% of companies that we bust our ass to help that just don't make it for whatever reason (usually it's a market shift change or the deal falls through at the end and we often help that founder in their next startup too). Our model is to invest in the best companies and our warrant options to invest cover us long-term loss-wise - yes that is right we don't profit from this, it's a money-losing model by design. No Mazaratis over here (there are a few actual conmen on his list btw, and MANY missing). You just cannot offer everything we offer including hundreds of thousands in software credits and mentorship and investors for a few hundred bucks per month. Next, Jesse points to an anonymous Reddit post that he is a major contributor to (as he is all of them now), to say "LOOK HERE, OTHER PEOPLE!!!. Second to people that don't agree, there is always going to be a founder here or there we kick out that isn't happy with our accelerators or a founder that went out of biz because of a poor decision on their part that is upset that we couldn't help them raise a round when they blew all their money on XYZ instead of revenue and our investors didn't want to invest (we kick out maybe 5%~ of every cohort so 25 of 250). However, having worked with thousands of startups, the handful of people that write negatively (vs. 100x more that do love us) fit one of the two buckets above, and comparatively, that's a very low percent of actual companies that we work with. I just kicked out an election software company that on the front end seemed to be top-notch and made it past admissions. However, we discovered after diligence they were deep state Trump company ie "overturn the election" crowd, not to mention that the founder was upset at a female staff member's female-splaining to him and said "back in the day they'd take her behind the shed and handle her"- they were as you imagine swiftly handled themselves and refunded even, but the narrative online is we're SCAM SCAM SCAM on the review side. This is not a common behavior but 5% of "bad" founders is actually a godsend compared to what we're told other accelerators deal with. You see, the world is full of crazies and nobody is crazier than someone who thinks they can change the world and make it better or solve a major problem. To risk it all, literally, everything you have and your family oftentimes is always on the border of crazy and stupid, so there are going to be some bad eggs. Everyone sees them, not just us. We just kick them out aggressively (and we're upfront about it from day one)- don't be an asshole, disrespectful, racist, sexist, etc (honestly too don't seem like they'd be hard rules to follow). It's even more apparent when you work internationally and the cultures are definitely at odds sometimes. I'm not going to call out specific countries but some founders from some countries have issues meeting with female investors for example, and you wouldn't think it given how progressive the world has become till you see it. Why do we still work internationally then? We're building the next generation of startup CEO's, not everyone had the privilege of growing up in America or Palo Alto for that matter and when we can coach, we coach, when we can't we kick out- its that simple, its not fun but we put in the effort even when it means tough conversations with people who don't agree. Lastly, on the timing side, Jesse has had it out for Anthony for at least a year as far as I know and we can't tell the difference between his anonymous fake post vs. any other anonymous post as they tend to copy the same formula - what I can say is that when we identify an actual individual we always manage to contact them through whatever system and resolve whatever issue they have if it's legitimate. Otherwise, if it's just someone we kicked out we could sue them or build a site to trash them, but why sue someone or try to hurt them just because? We put our effort into our companies and let the rest sort itself out the world handles assholes, they usually end up on Upwork running one-man consultant shops selling some service that they outsource to India for $10 an hour and charge $200 an hour for. That's capitalism too, not hating, that's just what happens to people who burn every bridge in their lives typically. In terms of diligence, we're all for people doing diligence into any program they join before signing on and we recommend anyone looking into applying for our programs to check out our startups and online but also be cognizant of your traction(how much revenue you've made) and professional funding requirements (ie how much you've raised from investors already) so that you don't waste time applying and being denied (the third bucket of upset reviews of people not being admitted and angry because they didn't get accepted). Check out our portfolio of startups here and on youtube and Facebook and linked: and online or meet some of our mentors on Linkedin (we have hundreds on there). We don't deny that we work with Anthony and he has brought us into some amazing startups, how he finds startups is his prerogative, and I'm still annoyed that his email brought Jesse into my life but it has taught me a lesson. Anthony is an Angel Investor and has invested in several of our startups. I don't have an exact count nor will I post them as I don't want them to be harassed either as we've gotten to that point. We are all 100% transparent that we don't invest in every deal nor does Anthony or any of our investors, VCs, or Ambassadors guarantee investment in every deal. We work with over 1,000 startups per year and our 3,000+ investors and VC network make up the bulk of our investments, we're small fries and we co-invest and Anthony personally invests in a number but not every single one too - thats how investing works, not every fund is a billion-dollar fund but we makeup for that in a large investor community globally. And we do guarantee our programs that meet our requirements and that complete the accelerator receive a number of intros to investors based on their stage and a term sheet, or their tuition is free and we're proud to be the only company in the ENTIRE industry that offers that model; while it is new, it is not a scam nor would thousands of investors and major corporate enterprises would work with us if it was. Read More

    There's a reason Matthew started a company called "Honest Labs" -- it's because he's a liar who, for example, writes incredibly positive reviews of the Newchip Accelerator program, which is a known scam... without disclosing that A) he makes money / gets connections from Newchip B) his fucking brother (Samuel) is the manager of Newchip's partnership program! This is highly illegal, but Matthew doesn't care because he's a douchebag grifter with zero ethics Report Matthew's consumer fraud to the FTC and local attorney general Read More

    Noah and Austin C. Evans help manage the affiliate program (fraud and email spam) program at Newchip where they illegally spam the shit out of thousands of young businesses promising their investment and pretending to be investors (partners like Garibay Ventures) when in fact none of the people at Newchip are actually real investors... it's a big scam where they only try to make you pay for their course using bro psychology and insult anyone who asks questions... a common tactic of affiliate marketing bros since circa 2005 Don't fall for their shit and if they lie and pretend to be investors, report them to the SEC, FTC, and local attorney general Read More

    Austin is the "VP of Sales" at Newchip Accelerator aka. the guy in charge of their affiliate program where they pay spammers like Anthony Garibay and others to ilegally spam the fuck out of thousands of webmasters with fraudulent "investment" offers, which are totally fake, in the hopes they can bait-and-switch young stupid entpreneurs into paying for one of their $5,000 training courses and then ghost you Many such cases online, nearly all of their marks are never seriously considered for referrals to VC investors Read More

    Several weeks ago, in October 2021, I exposed Anthony Garibay and his fake "Garibay Ventures" brand for illegally spamming the shit out of thousands of companies and startups around the world with email lists he purchases. Anthony later impersonated Ryan Rafols to threaten me, and Ryan personally contacted me via email claiming that it wasn't him, that Anthony had impersonated him and that Anthony was breaking the "rules" for their affiliate marketing program... Fast forward 4 months, and Anthony is still spamming the fuck out of people on behalf of Newchip (he was never banned from their marketing program despite Ryan's comments), and he has filed several desperate takedown requests with Google to hide these pages from search results. Ryan is a liar who pays harassers like Anthony to ilegally spam massive numbers of people on behalf of Newchip Accelerator Update August 2022: After months of Ryan commenting on Hucksters and Reddit, and Anthony Garibay submitting tons of fraudulent takedown complaints to Google trying to hide their scam that we exposed, Ryan is now also submitting takedown requests to Google: Read More

    I had high hopes for the New Chip accelerator program. During the “sales” process, I spent a great deal of time addressing my concerns about being fundable even though we were a pre-revenue company at that time. As an older, experienced female executive, it was critical to our firm to find someone who would know more than I did and find people who truly “got healthcare" and more importantly, "got mental health” concerns. These were clearly referenced throughout the sales process. New Chip has not delivered on its sales promises. Worse yet, my first meeting with a Program Advisor resulted in me being told that without MRR/ARR, my company would not get funded and that I had to find my own investors by mining my LinkedIn account. This amounts to a “bait and switch” approach which is totally unacceptable in any business. I understand that New Chip defines its business as an educational company. Frankly, the curriculum has been an insult to my intelligence and the comments shared during my mastermind sessions confirmed I am not the only one feeling that way. The redundancy, poor organization, and incoherent webinars made completing the curriculum wasteful at best and beyond annoying at worst. Please remember that, regardless of how you define the company, the New Chip sales pitch focuses heavily on a 70% success rate of getting startups funded. The limited mentorship also has not lived up to the sales hype. In our case, it took three attempts to get matched with a mentor in the behavioral health space. Unfortunately, that mentor has no experience raising investor funding which resulted in no help at all. Frankly, conducting 20 min sessions to perfect a pitch deck is totally insufficient and inconsistent with the sales pitch which convinced us to engage New Chip. Further, I was then told that New Chip investors will not fund companies that have an app because they’ve been burned in the past. The result of this was being told I should only describe our company as a SaaS based solution because that’s what your investors will fund. This causes me to question whether there are serious investors or whether those investors have any understanding or knowledge in healthcare or specifically mental health apps. When I would share the advice I was getting from New Chip resources with trusted colleagues they would just shake their heads and wonder why I was paying for this. At long last, I finally had two resources affiliated with New Chip (but not employees) review my deck and I received only minor suggestions for upgrades basically saying they loved the deck. Following this, I was told by my Program Advisor that I still needed more feedback before our deck could be submitted to the IR department. This only reinforced either a gating mechanism punishing me for being outspoken about how disappointed I was in the program or incompetence on New Chip’s part. Quite frankly this has been a complete failure on New Chip's part and a complete waste of our limited funds. Add to the fact that the earliest I could hope to engage with New Chip investors is in the last month of the program the likelihood we could raise funds through New Chip despite your claimed 70% success rate is nil. I still wonder how many people get funded because they did have in their LinkedIn network investors who funded them. (I had already ruled out my LinkedIn network because none of my investor contacts had healthcare experience.) I also wish to highlight that there were constant changes in the program while all of this was going on. The constant program changes, which typically meant taking stuff away, suggests they understand the program has challenges and issues. We respect those challenges, however they are not our responsibility. All I can indicate is that New Chip has a lot of work to do to deliver on its value proposition. I might go so far as to suggest that your one size fits all model has reached the breaking point. Read More

    Sorry for anyone that has to deal with this site owner Jesse Nickles. Here’s a link explaining it all. Thanks! Read More

    Maria helps Anthony Garibay (Garibay Ventures) with his mass email spam and fraud campaign where he claims to have "seen you on Linkedin" (same old story) and wants to invest money in your company but like you know only if you're company is super successful already... Watch out for these Garibay spammers!! Read More

    Anthony is yet another wannabe investor who illegally buys mass email lists and spams the shit out of thousands of Americans trying to offer "ventural capital" a.k.a. stealing % of companies that are already proven successful Update: He claims he "found" me on Linkedin that's funny, I don't have an email on Linkedin! total fraudster Update #2: this asshole is still emailing me and now threatening to sue me for exposing him lol Update #3: anddd there it is: "I'm Anthony Garibay from Austin, TX. I help businesses find verified leads and tailor the email marketing list with high quality leads for a reasonable cost. I can search filters depending on what you're looking for. " This guy is some "millionaire" investor who worked for Mark Cuban who wants to "give me money" but he's also illegally selling people's email addresses on for $100. Yep! Update #4: Anthony is now in serious trouble after impersonating his boss, Andrew the CEO of NewChip in order to threaten me: "You are a troll artist who begs for attention. Fuck right off you idiot. I make millions why you sit behind your computer and suck your mom tit … Don’t put Newchip accelerator in any of your website content or i will sue you bitch --- Ryan Rafols” Update #5: Anthony tried to get this page removed from Google results but they rejected his meritless claim... crime doesn't pay, Anthony Update #6: Anthony is now leaving fake "death threats" on this page using aliases in a desperate effort to make Google delete this page from search results... he's also leaving fake comments defending his reputation... dude just doesn't stop... Update #7: Months later, Anthony is still spamming the shit out of thousands of companies trying to earn "affiliate" commissions from various angel investors, and he continues to file unsuccessful attempts to Google trying to remove this page from results Update May 2022: Anthony and Newchip are pissed at the many complaints being shared on Reddit and elsewhere about their scam, Anthony is now paying SEO folks to try and hide the results from Google: Update June 2022: Pinterest has deleted the spam that Anthony paid an Indian freelancer to post in an effort to outrank this page: Read More

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