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Toby Scammell

Fraudster, Scammer, Spammer / Male /

Toby Scammell is a Fraudster and Scammer and Spammer who is a citizen of United States, and has been associated with the following entities as either a significant contributor, participant, promoter, or beneficiary, according to our OSINT research:

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Public references:,6_KH7,11.htm

Womply ceo is a scam artist, been convicted of insider trading in the past from PPPLoans

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2 responses to “Toby Scammell”

  1. Jesse Nickles says:

    Update: the reason it’s so easy to get “approved” by Womply is cuz Tony and his “partner” lenders approve every freaking application for COVID loans, so be aware you may end up being charged for fraud if you deal with these people, since their due diligence is next to zero

    Apparently going to jail for insider trading wasn’t enough for Tony. Now this idiot is sending out mass email spam campaigns (illegally) to thousands of US companies pretending to represent the PPP loan program of the US Federal government EXCEPT guess what… Tony has an affiliate program that you can make $200 from for each referral hahaha… I mean what a fucking idiot.

    Have fun Tony when the feds show up at your door again to arrest you for wire fraud and a shit ton of other charges (again).

    He even posts fake “CEO reviews” of himself on Comparably.

    The REAL employees on Glassdoor tell a different story… stay far away from this douchebag.

    “The founder went to jail so hard to find new investments. Co-founder as unethical the founder. Both don’t know business 1:1… fire these two and the company may be will have a future.”

    Tony Scammell… yes, even his mom knew what to name him, apparently.

  2. David says:

    Tony Scamell and his company Womply had fraudulently altered my ppp promissory note and date on ppp loans .
    He also picked and choose the applicants that would pay him out more in fees not including the 17 lenders that he fucked over some of them taking 100% of there fees .
    The guy is a fucking greedy ass bastard who fucked my small bussiness and thousands of others .

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