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Steve Krause

A.k.a. MrGroove, Michael Shaw
Blogger, Fraudster, Scammer / Male / Center-Right

Steve Krause is a center-right Blogger and Fraudster and Scammer who is a citizen of Canada, and has been associated with the following entities as either a significant contributor, participant, promoter, or beneficiary, according to our OSINT research:

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fraudulent DMCA notices trying to delete this page:

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“Don’t fall for the Dating Busters Scam”

Steve R.

Dating busters is a complete scam. His business model is to try and capitalize on all dating site brands by calling them a scam. This is a way for him to rank in Google for brand names that users are searching for legit reviews about. You may ask, why would he only leave negative reviews? Simple. He is promoting adult friend finder and and gets pay $100 per signup. So he redirects traffic to them in order to actually scam the user. What a scummy site. Don’t fall for it. Bluehost

competitor who is licensed PI

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One response to “Steve Krause”

  1. Jesse Nickles says:

    Steve is a Gen X dumbass in over his head, running a shitty blog network using various names but often trying to be anonymous. A few of his blogs are general content, but one of his main scams is “Dating Busters” where he pretends to investigate fake dating sites to “help” the public avoid being scammed… but in fact, he’s the scammer, and then sends readers to his Adult Friend Finder affiliate links.

    He tried very very hard to hide his identity, even using various domain registrars and web hosts on his various sites, but of course we were still able to track this dumbfuck down

    Please report Steve to the FTC,FCC,FBI, and local attorney general if he submits fake DMCA demands to Google or web hosts trying to get your articles removed … this is his latest tactic, trying to outrank other sites on Google, by paying Indian freelancers to submit dozens of fake copyright complaints using fake Canadian identities like “Michael Shaw” among others.

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