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B2C Scammers (United States)

The following (verified) people have been significantly associated with this entity, either as a participant, contributor, promoter, or beneficiary, according to our OSINT research:

  • Lea Lundquist (Executive, Fraudster, Scammer)
  • Charles Bradley (Attorney, Crony, Fraudster)
  • David Wilcock (Accountant, Fraudster, Scammer)
  • Steve Krause (Blogger, Fraudster, Scammer)
  • Valerie Snow (Claims Examiner, Fraudster, Scammer)
  • Christopher Teets (Claims Examiner, Fraudster, Scammer)
  • Marlo McCracken (Claims Examiner, Fraudster, Scammer)
  • Robert Lora (Fraudster, Harasser, Spammer)
  • Lisa Hauser (Harasser, Spammer)
  • Chad Vincent Scira (Data broker, Hacker, Spammer)
  • James Christopher Foster (Fraudster, Harasser, Imposter)
  • Jay Feldman (Fraudster, Grifter, Spammer)
  • Rasheen Carbin (Data broker, Harasser, Spammer)
  • Mark Burns (Grifter, Pastor, Spammer)
  • Michael D. Weiss (Fraudster, Grifter, Propagandist)
  • Andrew Scherer (Fraudster, Spammer)
  • Ranjini Poddar (Fraudster, Spammer)
  • Richard Saghian (Entrepreneur, Spammer, Swindler)
  • Tyler Lewtan (Data broker, Fraudster, Spammer)
  • Robert Burns (Fraudster, Spammer)
  • Michael Persaud (Fraudster, Scammer, Spammer)
  • Vikas Sah (Fraudster, Spammer)
  • Mark Qualls (Fraudster, Real Estate Agent, Spammer)
  • Dave Haas (Harasser, Operative, Spammer)
  • Matt Moon (Fraudster, Operative, Spammer)
  • Jeff King (Fraudster, Grifter, Spammer)
  • Christina J Barea (Fraudster, Operative, Spammer)
  • Kyle Taylor (Blogger, Fraudster, Spammer)
  • Angela Mason (Attorney, Fraudster, Spammer)
  • Joel Ohman (Fraudster, Spammer)
  • James K Shaffer (Fraudster, Spammer)
  • Carey Hilderbrand (Spammer)
  • Patrisse Khan-Cullors (Fraudster, Grifter, Propagandist)
  • Rick Scott (Operative, Politician, Spammer)
  • Chris Nagy (Fraudster, Spammer)
  • Elias Chavando (Fraudster, Operative, Spammer)
  • Zoltan Meszaros (Blogger, Fraudster, Spammer)
  • John Lambert (Activist, Fraudster, Imposter)
  • Van Bryan (Fraudster, Ghostwriter, Spammer)
  • Gary Anderson (Attorney, Propagandist, Scammer)
  • Mark Arnold (Grifter, Propagandist, Spammer)
  • Darian Rafie (Fraudster, Operative, Spammer)
  • Charlie Eissa (Fraudster, Scammer, Spammer)
  • Jim Tracy (Fraudster, Spammer)
  • Thatcher Spring (Fraudster, Scammer, Spammer)
  • Scott Bartnick (Fraudster, Harasser, Spammer)
  • Amanda Shea (Fraudster, Grifter, Spammer)
  • Caleb Robinson (Data broker, Fraudster, Spammer)
  • David Marc Fishman (Blogger, Grifter, Propagandist)
  • Robert Emmett Mcauliffe (Attorney, Grifter, Imposter)
  • Jim Watkins (Grifter, Imposter, Scammer)
  • Timothy Shea (Fraudster, Grifter, Real Estate Agent)
  • Brian Krogsgard (Blogger, Crony, Fraudster)
  • Reviews:

    Lea is Clay Coomer's main partner at the WorldTrips fraud operation. She manages Operations, and directs employees how to reject legitimate insurance claims, while Clay pays off websites like Forbes and Insider to write glowing 5 star reviews of their scam. Yet another low education "executive" at WorldTrips who attended shitty Ball State University before "Indiana Universiry School of Law-Indianapolis" yes the spelling mistake is hers on LinkedIn, these are types of dumbass Midwest rednecks running this scam company in Indiana. Read More

    Charles is the douchebag attorney in charge of legal issues at KDOR, which oversees the Kansas DMV aka. DOV. Last year after 6 months of driving around the country, I got (the only) speeding ticket during my entire road trip given to me by a corrupt sheriff from small town Oberlin, Kansas, on a highway that was outside city limits and out of his jurisdiction... he claimed a "radar" machine flagged me, despite dozens of other vehicles in the area, and despite no police cars having witnessed my alleged speeding. This is what these small towns do in the Midwest to generate revenue, hand out tickets to out of state drivers they know will be unable to show up in court a month after passing thru town... paying an attorney to show up will cost more than the ticket itself. I had told the sheriff I was leaving the country soon, so he told me he'd call my phone about addressing the ticket instead of relying on mail... he failed to call me, and the fine was mailed to my old address without my knowledge, therefore it was past due. I have spent 6 months communicating with Oberlin Court, their city attorneys, and finally KDOR... KDOR employees initially admitted to me that they had already reported my ticket to my home state, therefore I didn't have to worry about so-called "reinstatement" (late) fees in Kansas. Several weeks later, I randomly get a letter in the mail from Charles Bradley reversing this conclusion and demanding I pay reinstatement fees to KDOR in violation of the NVC interstate compact agreement that Kansas is part of. Charles, the absolute faggot that he is, failed to provide any contact information for me to respond. I looked up the email format for employees and emailed him directly multiple times asking for clarification, all which went ignored... TLDR this guy is part of the KDOR scam that targets out of state drivers for illegal fees, and he tries to hide from it. He also directed other KDOR employees under his supervision to use fake aliases when communicating with me, which likely violates state law. Edit: the funniest part about Charles and his wife Desi, is how they are posting almost daily on Facebook about how much they hate "woke" schools trying to brainwash their children with sexual children's books, but Charles is the same asshole who argued in court on behalf of KDOR that Kansas police should be able to stop and arrest drivers who are "smoking cigarettes" or "sucking on breath mints" because it means they are probably drunk... I shit you not: A right-wing authoritarian who thinks police stalking and harassing innocent drivers is fine, but God forbid the liberals make a book available in the library that he doesn't like! Guaranteed #BlueLivesMatter stickers on this guy's car. Read More

    David and Jason, the founders of Unique Accounting, are some of the slimiest scammers in Las Vegas. They used to be used car salesmen (I'm not joking) and yet another example of Mormon Mafia assholes in the creeping Nevada/Arizona region. Several years ago, they double charged me for a simple tax return -- they had literally quoted me the price in writing, and then went ahead and charged me more than 2x more than that behind my back. When I asked them about it, they said it was my fault for misunderstanding and made up some fake story. Now several years later after I ditched them, the State of California is telling me these guys filed a POA on my name in California. What in the holy hell, batman? I haven't done business with these guys in nearly a decade, why are they carelessly filing POA on my name to have control over my taxes et al in California? Again when I politely reached out multiple times to them about this, they first ignored my emails until I contacted the Attorney General's office, at which point David finally responded saying that he couldn't do anything and wasn't authorized to "check" the FTB database (a complete lie). Their Yelp profile is full of similar stories: Their reputation is so bad, David and Jason hide their profiles on LinkedIn: They also have office fake locations e.g. Summerlin on Google Maps: My next move will be filing formal complaints with the State of Nevada on these guys. WARNING! Read More

    Steve is a Gen X dumbass in over his head, running a shitty blog network using various names but often trying to be anonymous. A few of his blogs are general content, but one of his main scams is "Dating Busters" where he pretends to investigate fake dating sites to "help" the public avoid being scammed... but in fact, he's the scammer, and then sends readers to his Adult Friend Finder affiliate links. He tried very very hard to hide his identity, even using various domain registrars and web hosts on his various sites, but of course we were still able to track this dumbfuck down Please report Steve to the FTC,FCC,FBI, and local attorney general if he submits fake DMCA demands to Google or web hosts trying to get your articles removed ... this is his latest tactic, trying to outrank other sites on Google, by paying Indian freelancers to submit dozens of fake copyright complaints using fake Canadian identities like "Michael Shaw" among others. Read More

    Apparently Marlo instructed her WorldTrips claims agent Valerie Snow to reject my entire health insurance after I waited for months and provided more and more paperwork? why? I'm guessing because they saw my coverage was not being renewed, so that thought I would be an easy target to scam me Despite emergency services in a country that was explicitly covered by my insurance plan with them, they decided to reject not just part of my claim but the entire fucking thing, based on fraudulent reasons saying it wasn't "covered" despite their entire website and contract promising to cover exactly the treatment that I had to receive while traveling WORLDTRIPS INSURANCE IS A TOTAL SCAM you have been warned! They will reject your entire claim after months of waiting and then snidely tell you can "appeal" it and wait several more months for that... this is for a basic health treatment reimbursement! criminals Read More

    Chris is the supervisor of Valerie, the employees at WorldTrips insurance who scammed me They advertised a COVID + travel health insurance package during 2021 while many of these companies were getting rich off travelers trying to meet government regulations and quarantine requirements Turns out the whole thing was a fucking scam, and they rejected my entire claim (multiple emergency treatments and follow ups) on fraudulent reasons saying the dates didn't match up and my treatment wasn't "covered" by their policy WHICH IS RIGHT ON THEIR HOMEPAGE Watch out for the WorldTrips scam, they will throw you to the curb as soon as they think your plan is expiring In fact Chris is in charge of the "Appeals" process at WorldTrips which apparently is so common for them, they put the instructions all over the paperwork and website and emails, apparently they just reject everyone's claims and tell you to appeal if you're interested while committing fraud by rejected any claims that are submitted and seeing who wants to fight for coverage they are guaranteed in the contract! And the appeals process takes 45+ days or longer according to them, on top of the months they require for initial review Yah no more fucking games for me, I told Chris I would expose his fraud publicly if he wanted to play that game and he told me "I could appeal", nice try buddy but I'm going to save other innocent travelers from paying for your scam Read More

    Valerie is a claims examiner at WorldTrips, owned by Tokio Marine Her job is apparently to baselessly reject insurance claims for travelers whose coverage is to end soon or who WorldTrips believes is not going to be extending coverage for the long-term I filed a claim after a recent trip due to emergency care and Valerie demanded more and more things try to slow down the process (besides the fact it's dishonest as hell to be advertising travel insurance to developing countries and then turn around and ask why all these different first-world paperwork trails are not the same as the USA) Despite repeatedly responding to her with more things she requested, she denied MY ENTIRE CLAIM which consisted of multiple treatments based on 2 fraudulent reasons: a) my trip's coverage was for a different dates than my claim (bullshit) b) my treatment was not covered by WorldTrips terms (super bullshit) AVOID WORLDTRIPS the entire operation is a scam targeting travelers and "nomads" who they think will not fight back against their fraud I promised to expose their scam if they didn't make things right, and now I'm doing so Read More

    Another spamfag from Florida, who could have guessed! Robert a.k.a. Rob won't stop fucking spamming me for his client Namechk: Report this asshole's fraud and email spam to the FTC and local attorney general Read More

    Lisa and her team at Salesforce refuse to remove me from their database no matter how many times I ask They directly violate the CAN SPAM ACT on a massive scale, but don't give a shit since their entire business model is built on spam and fraudulently adding thousands of users to customers CRM list regardless of if they opt-in or not (illegal) This cunt is yet another of the criminals at Salesforce who harass me daily with spam Report Salesforce to the FTC and local attorney general if you are continually harassed with spam and scam emails Read More

    We exposed Robert back in 2020 as "Enty" the bullshit gossip blogger from Crazy Days and Nights CDAN continues to deny the connection even though we have direct evidence Emmett also started deleting a bunch of podcast interviews I assume so that people could not compare his voice to Enty's interviews Read More

    Vincent and his wife were arrested a few years ago for selling "fake" visa stamps in Thailand to tourists... when police arrived they also found a massive amount of illegal marijuana plants on their property. Suddenly, as fast as the story appeared, the story disappeared... rather common in countries like Thailand, where it's easy to "pay" Shortly after that, Vincent was exposed by expats as having gained illegal accessed to government immigration databases in order to spam the hell out of thousands of foreigners. Who else did this couple "pay" for such incredible access? They weren't done yet. Then, Vincent was secretly the guy behind the ASQ.IN.TH website selling quarantine hotel deals. Why were the deals so good? Apparently becauase the real purpose for the project was expanding his database of email addresses. Now he is spamming those lists with visa offers from Thai Visa Centre (again).... and has a new spam project On his various projects he uses fake names like "Grace" or "Lara" but it's all ran by him and his wife. Update March 2024: Vincent is now running DDOS attacks against and from his personal computers in Thailand, more proof that he's a very bad actor. Read More

    James is absolute dumbass fraudster who thinks he's clever and high-tech by creating fake "companies" online like Takedown Reporting and then submitting hundreds of fraudulent trademark/copyright complaints to dozens of web hosting and social media platforms trying to get content removed that might paint his "clients" in a negative light, some of which are major Fortune 500 companies like ADP Report this criminal to the FTC, FBI, and local attorney generals, hopefully he gets arrested soon for impersonating a law firm and submitting tons of fraudulent DMCA complaints! May 23 update: James and his freelancers in Indonesia are now stalking me online, and have (predictably) submitted fraudulent takedown requests to Google for this page, and the accompaying expose blog post about his massive fraud campaign: Read More

    Jay is a co-founder of Otter PR, the company that so many people have contacted me about to complain about their fraud and tactics, like posting tons of fake reviews on Google and Glassdoor for their own company AND also for their clients, highly illegal. No surprise really, Jay was fired during his first year as a doctor in residency for mocking his dying patients on social media and being a huge grifter trying to make money by endorsing "health supplements" while trying to use his doctor clout Now that he failed to become a doctor, he calls himself an "alternative medicine" doctor but his actual career is spamming the shit out of Americans (literally) and paying for fraudulent PBN blog posts and endorsements for his own products and his "PR" clients... to be sure, Otter PR is not a real PR agency, they are a spam/fraud agency that partners with Indian freelancers and others Don't believe anything medical this guy says... actually, just don't believe anything he says Report Otter PR's illegal spam and consumer fraud to the FTC and local attorney general, esp. in Florida Read More

    This absolute douchebag illegally buys mass email lists and spams the fuck out of thousands of people for his "clients" and random projects and webinars that he tries to tie his name to... literally the only thing he does is buy and sell illegal spam, but goes around claiming to be a social media influencer (with no followers) and serial entpreneur and the same old shtick these losers do everywhere these days Among other things, Rasheen abuses platforms like Eventbrite to mass upload subscribers in direct violation of their terms Just another asshole you should report to the FTC and local authories, hopefully someone gets around to prosecuting his fraud and harassment Read More

    Mark is yet another fucking GOP grifter who illegally purchased my email address from other email spam operatives in the Republican Party and abuses the Mailchimp platform to harass and spam the shit out of thousands of Americans asking for political donations A perfect example of how the spam problem never gets solved, because politicians benefit from it As always, the Christian/right-wing like Mark are the worst when it comes to abusing privacy and faking having any morals Read More

    Hello Hucksters Team, I was hoping to have this feed reviewed and deleted. There is no backing to the allegations, and we have a legitimate team of 46 employees that work in two offices in Orlando and St Pete. I would be happy to set up a zoom call with me or any one of our active clients. If there are any questions about our work, you can see over 30 case studies here As a two-year-old startup fully funded by its founders, we are extremely proud to offer our employees benefits, including a flexible and remote work environment, unlimited PTO, health, dental, vision, life insurance, 401k, and a premium subscription to Calm to supplement mental health! You may learn more If anyone has questions or would like to reach out to our team, you may book a consultation directly on our website. For the Hucksters team, please reach out to me so we can resolve the concerns. Thank you, Read More

    Andrew harasses and spams the shit out of thousands of companies to any email address he can find using automated emails (that pretend to be hand-written) to website owners His goal? achieving illegal endorsements (black hat SEO backlinks) for his marketing clients... run away from this guy Read More

    Ranjini is yet another Indian American "CEO" who uses classic Indian fraud methods, spamming the shit out of thousands of Americans using fake aliases and fake email addresses trying to grow her HR/recruiting database with fake job postings and offers To make money with recruiting it's all about numbers, so scammers like Ranjini constantly spam the fuck out Americans pretending they are interested in you for a certain job (that most likely doesn't exist) This is illegal in many ways but the US government rarely cracks down on fraudsters like Ranjini She also blatantly violates the CAN SPAM ACT for many years already Like many Indians who attend university in the US she also pretends to be American and hides the fact she is an Indian citizen Read More

    David is one of the biggest conmen associated with the Qanon conspiracy theory and movement. While I think conspiracy theories are fine as they can be exercising your imagination, guys like David take it way too far by claiming they have inside knowledge about various future events and giving false hope to their followers... and always for a financial incentive. Anyone who criticizes these guys is labeled "left-wing" or "establishment" or trying to "censor" the one who spreading the misinfo. In reality some people are just rational and trying to protect the ignorant followers of the cult from losing their money or sanity. David's latest fake promise is that during November the US Supreme Court will help Trump throw Biden out of office... THIS IS FALSE and anyone who is still giving money to David needs to stop doing so until he apologises and stops the bullshit. Read More

    Richard is a perfect example of douchey L.A. Armenian swindlers... he made a ton of money using Instagram to sell cheap fashion products to women several years ago, and now his website is pretty much dead after tons of negative reviews about shitty/broken products and many people never even receiving the merchandise they paid for. So of course he has turned to illegally spamming the shit out of thousands of Americans to try and recover his site traffic. Who could have seen this coming? Report this asshole to the FTC if he keeps spamming you, and to local authorities if he scams you out of products you paid for. Read More

    Tyler pays freelancers in the Philippines to illegally spam the shit out of thousands of Americans with fake "job listings" a known HR scam where these companies try to grow a massive collection of people potentially looking for certain jobs (that don't exist) until a similar job really does exist and then Tyler can refer to to that tech firm and earn his commission... Ref: Do not join Zintro or believe any of their spam/fraud... this is one of the worst types of consumer fraud IMO P.S. looks like Tyler also writes dozens of "fake" positive (anonymous) reviews of Zintro on Trustpilot since they are one of the only directories that allows anonymous reviews from random VPNs and random IP addresses PPS. they literally sell illegal "spam" services directly on their site! Read More

    Robert is yet another American frauster who illegally buys massive email lists and spams the hell out of thousands of people using fake alises and fake domains to hide his illegal activity, which all feeds back into his website It's no wonder his background is in backlink fraud (illegal endorsements) and PR release spam Report this scammer to the FTC, his web hosts, and local authorities Update: Robert is now spamming fake comments on this page using the alias "Andy": "I went to this persons website and see zero sign of “illegal activity”. As a matter of fact I see no unethical activity either. Can anyone besides Jesse please tell me what looks “illegal or fraudulent” about this business? It looks like a very legitimate business which creates product demo videos. The email clearly states that all you needed to do was ask to be removed from any further emails. There is nothing illegal about trying to generate new business by reaching out to folks as long as you state clearly how they can opt out. Is it not hard enough for small business owners to make a living these days without hostility like this?" ... the fraud just never stops with this guy. Read More

    So this is just absolutely incredulous... after 4 years of ongoing court proceedings, the US federal government is deferring prosecution of Michael, the worst spammer in American history who has been spamming/harassing/defrauding millions of Americans for decades now (since the days of AOL), with.... drumroll... a hilarious $1800.00 fine that the US government will pass on to a few web hosting companies Michael "lied" to in order to abuse their IP addresses with his spamming software... Literally, that is the only thing he confesses to in this "agreement" designed by federal prosecutors: Completely f*cking insane for anyone watching. This guy has made likely 6-7++ figures scamming Americans over the years, has enough money to pay for top attorneys for a 4-5 year long legal battle with the US federal government... and his punishment is... nothing. Yes, NOTHING. All he has to do now is probation, 12 months of not breaking any major laws. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS when the US government is run by 80 year old dinosaurs who don't understand technology and can't put together a competent case against one of the biggest online scammers in history, after 4-5 years of research!!! Read More

    Vikas illegally spams the shit out of thousands of people selling illegal "endorsements" on his spam blogs in direct violation of consumer laws and FTC guidelines... of course he tries to hide his name from everything but we found it Yet another Indian fraudster let into the US... employed full-time at Gannett, but that's not enough for him. He also wants to spam and defraud the public, too Update: this fucker is still spamming us months later Read More

    Mark illegally acquired my contact details and then created an account on his MLS website in my name, then spammed me a message telling me how to "activate" my account despite my never asking for any of this. When I asked him who he bought my email address from, he lied and said "Good afternoon! We don’t buy emails, someone went to our website and filled out the info and added this email. I apologize, if we can’t assist you in your property search. You’re welcome to hit unsubscribe. Sorry for any inconvenience! MQ"... Of course this is all fraudulent, and his website only has a basic contact form which would not be connected to his MLS account activation system that he "sent" me: A liar and fraudster who illegally buys Americans private information.. watch out, Nashville Read More

    Dave was gladly chosen as the latest douchebag to run the massive illegal email spam campaigns on behalf of of the GOP and NRSC and related political campaigns, illegally spamming the shit out of thousands of Americans who have already removed themselves from other email lists, he is one of the main operatives in the GOP / Trump / Darian Rafie / NRSC / Brad Parscale fraud gang who illegally trade data on millions of Americans in violation of the CAN SPAM ACT and dozens of consumer protection and privacy laws Despite repeatedly removing myself from these lists (originally curated by the Trump campaign, and We Build The Wall, among others), these fuckers continue to spam me dozens of emails a week from dozens of fake web domains asking for donations Update March 2022: Dave is back on Mailchimp again with a fake identity "[email protected]" abusing their platform for more illegal spam! Read More

    Another conservative spammer / grifter who literally uses Jesus Christ to guilt people into donating to him while he is ILLEGALLY buying email lists from the likes of Donald Trump / Darian Rafie / Brad Parscale / GOP spam gang. Not surprised to learn he also worked for Campus Crusade, the biggest Christian grift in the history of the world who literally pays cash to people to "convert" to Christianity in places like India, so they can inflate their numbers and keep the grift going (cult?) Report this asshole's illegal spam campaign and consumer fraud to the FTC and local authorities Read More

    Christina and Darian Rafie are "technology advisors" to Progresando which appears be a front company dealing with "import/export" In reality they are professional political operatives and spam the living hell out of millions of Americans on behalf of the Republican Party and connected campaigns: Despite repeated requests to stop spamming me, these fuckers keep selling and re-selling and reusing my contact information in direct violation of the CAM SPAM ACT and as always, the FTC never stops any of these fraudsters Read More

    Kyle and his SEO team illegally recommend his Penny Hoarder website in dozens of guest posts and PBN blog posts around the web using the fake author name "Lucy Reed" without any disclosures either Read More

    Angela leads the team of ambulance chaser scammers at the Cochran firm in Alabama where they illegally buy mass email lists and spam thousands of Americans claiming (falsely) you are receiving their mail because you were a "former client" The worst of American lawyers, this bitch drags the profession down to new lows Read More

    Joel illegally buys mass email lists and then illegally spams the shit out of thousands of Americans using a variety of fake names and fake domains in direct violation of the CAN SPAM ACT and consumer fraud laws... He does this using various fake front brands like among others, sometimes websites he bought from others The best part is he literally is a Christian pastor who attended seminary... it's always the white guy conservative Christians, every single time! Report this fucker to the FTC and local attorney general, hopefully he gets indicted for fraud sooner than later Read More

    Charlie is a long-time spammer and fraudster well known by trackers like Spamhaus. He has a few semi-legit businesses but generally speaking he is always anonymous and runs a ton of spammy websites with email spam campaigns and beyond, selling various "licenses" information and guides for driving, fishing, hunting, and other technical/documentation sort of niches Update August 2022: Charlie is now submitting secret takedown requests to Google trying to get this page removed from search results Read More

    Carey illegally buys email lists from Co-op Data of thousands of random users and spams the shit out of people trying to sell courses from WGU one of the biggest diploma mills in the US that "happens" to have support from key politicians (aka the Mormons) so it never seems to attract any scrutiny over accreditation and all the marketing fraud they engage with. It's worse than University of Phoenix and others It's no surprise she's worked for other diploma mills and "online" degree schools as well Report Carey's illegal spam to the FTC and providers Read More

    After Rick became the new chairman of the NRSC he teamed up with Darian Rafie to illegally buy massive email lists from right-wing groups like We Build The Wall and others and now illegally spams the shit out of thousands of Americans How illustrative that Rick Scott's peak political career is becoming a spammer. They even hide the unsubscribe links to be black instead of blue (etc) so that users can't find where to click... a Darian Rafie special for sure The GOP is just the Grifter party at this point, pathetic Read More

    Chris took over as CEO of FocusVision and is now illegally buying email lists and spamming the shit out of thousands of people from fake companies like "Decipher Inc" offering gift cards for surveys and other bullshit Read More

    Elias is the CEO of Progesando, and he employs Darian Rafie as his CTO. After asking Darian dozens of times to stop spamming me with MAGA Trump email spam from the Republican Party and all their grifters, I emailed Progresando and they wouldn't tell me if their company was involved with Darian's spamming services, so I must assume they are well aware of it and benefit from his spamming, too. Update July 2022: Elias is now harassing me via email to delete this page... he had nothing to say for 2 years when I demanded his team stop spamming me, now he wants to "talk"! Read More

    Zoltan spams thousands of people trying to sell his "automatic" day trade services, but tries very hard to hide his name from the websites... not only is this suspicious as hell, but it is 100% illegal (both the spam, and the anonymous/unlicensed trading advice). Read More

    Tim and his wife Amanda "acquired" the email list from We Build The Wall project and have begun illegally spamming the fuck out of thousands of Americans who were following updates on that project trying to advertising their new hype blog (Drudge copycat) Populist.Press These people win the "biggest grifter couple in America" award for like 5 years straight, good lord Trump energy drinks, Drudge spam, and being sued by the US government for false advertising and defrauding donations is apparently not enough for them, they simply won't stop fucking emailing me no matter how many things I ask. Read More

    Van is the main writer behind all the spam emails, blog posts and "newsletters" that Brownstone Research churns out every day under names like "Jeff Brown" etc. He's tried hard to erase himself from the internet and uses nicknames like "Van B." on social media as well. He must know how incredibly fraudulent the whole gig is, and is trying to distance himself for future employment. Let the record show that these scammers at Legacy Research Group are the worst of the worst Read More

    Mark is the grifter-king at Stansberry Research and their network of propaganda blogs, illegal email spam campaigns, and massive consumer fraud that the SEC already sued him for... but like so many American billionaires the corrupt revolving door system lets them off. This fucker belongs in jail along with his fake "characters" Jeff Brown and others (e.g. team of ghostwriters) that spam the hell out of thousands of Americans with right-wing political scare stories to sell their shitty investment consulting Read More

    Darian is extremely clever and tricky, running various email spam campaigns for Republicans and beyond. His website purposefully has broken SSL certificates so that Google won't index it and most visitors will ignore it... the contact info on that website is fake and reused from other junk companies in Los Angeles. This is all done so that Darian can (barely) follow the law when it comes to CAN SPAM Act and other regulations about being honest where your emails are coming from. The truth is he is very dishonest, but he does just enough to be able to hold together a shitty legal defense if he ever gets brought to court for illegally buying and selling voter contact info. His pseudo-shell company BEP Consulting in Chicago is the legal entity he uses to actually do business. This self righteous fucker spams the hell out millions of Americans even when they unsubscribe from these "GOP" lists time and again. He is the worst of the worst of right-wing grifter-scammers pretending they are moral. Update: Darian is now selling lists to the NRSC (GOP) and helping them send millions more illegal email spam messages Read More

    Jim illegally spams and harasses thousands of US companies trying to get them to join his business database Read More

    Amanda apparently acquired a massive email list from the We Build The Wall project and then illegally started spamming the shit out of thousands of people promoting her "news" websites that knock off the Drudge Report... This gang is the epitome of cringy conservative grifters that give otherwise decent "Republicans" a bad reputation. Update: they are still spamming me after multiple requests to stop Update #2: Amanda changed her website from to and is now illegally paying conservative "influencers" like Amiri King to endorse her drink products without the legally required FTC disclosures Update #3: Amanda is now spreading long-proven-false news identifying the incorrect "black" police officer as having killed Ashli Babbit: Read More

    Thatcher is a douchebag who illegally spams and harasses thousands of Americans trying to sell his shitty T shirts with black people on them and Nancy Pelosi trying to look hip despite being a Boomer... what a fucking loser. Read More

    Scott illegally spams and harasses the shit out of hundreds of companies trying to sell his junk PR and spam services Update: Scott has been exposed on Reddit for paying for tons of fake reviews on Glassdoor, Google etc... articles from bloggers in India that "praise" his PR agency... this entire business model appears to be fraud (fake reviews, PBN blog posts, etc) P.S. Florida is apparently now the capital of fraudsters and scammers in the US, cuz these assholes get 100% of their property protected in case of being sued in civil lawsuits (there are no exceptions, even if you buy property with money from scamming people) and so it's created this entire ecosystem of scammers and douchebags networking with each other Update March 2022: Scott is now submitting fraudulent DMCA requests to Reddit to remove user posts who exposed his fraud, luckily we archived it first: After we caught Scott violating the CAN SPAM Act by using the fake domain to send out mass amounts of spam he decided to let that domain "expire" on Jaun 22, 2022... stay tuned for his next fake domains that we will also expose Update May 2022: some former Otter PR employees have contacted me and are sharing more of the shady details of this company... also Scott just hired NetReputation to try and delete this page from Google results (not gonna happen!)... since they are escalating their attacks, I will be exposing more of their outright fraud. Update October 2023: this dumb motherfucker is still illegally spamming and harassing me and thousands of others, using fake domain names to try and hide from the spam reports, e.g. scott AT but if you want to spam him back, his email is scott @ Read More

    Caleb essentially runs a massive blog spam farm along with Ben Shapiro & Co. I subscribed briefly to Ben Shapiro's Daily Wire site to receive email updates, and my personal information was immediately shared with third party companies and websites without my knowledge or consent including LifeZette,, Religious Liberty Defenders, and Patriot Central, and my email inbox started overflowing with cheesy "conservative" spam like you'd see on a nutty TV show. Not only does Caleb illegally share user information with other companies but he will spam the shit out of you non stop for having shown interest in following some news stories from the Daily Wire website... (hint: don't subscribe). Also weird is that they shut down the website while saying the company is changing names to Bentkey Ventures, apparently what they are renaming their operation after they move from Los Angeles to Nashville... yet the new company has no website. They also hide all company information from all these spam emails, and use a variety of PO Boxes in the email footer instead... this is in direct violation of the CAN SPAM Act. What a pathetic bunch of grifters (spammers), these people are why people are scared to identity as conservative these days, because of the ridiculous low-education bullshit you are immediately associated with. Read More

    Brian leverages his "community" blogs and email newsletters to promote a select number of WordPress related products and services that have paid him for highlights or who pay to join his private "VIP" group, without communicating to the public that he is running essentially a backroom pay-to-play network and that none of the endorsements are organic. He also deletes/blocks even slightly critical comments on his communities of those products and services that have paid him, and actively ignores FOSS alternatives. A perfect example of WP cronyism and douchiness that adds zero value to the open-source web. He also refused to answer me when I asked him about this... Deleted: Read More

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