Chase Strangio

A.k.a. Kate Strangio, Kate B Strangio, Kate Bachrach Strangio
Activist, Attorney, Personality / Female / Far-Left

Chase Strangio is a far-left Activist and Attorney and Personality who is a citizen of United States, and has been associated with the following entities as either a significant contributor, participant, promoter, or beneficiary, according to our OSINT research:

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#BlackLivesMatter 💔

— Chase Strangio (@chasestrangio) July 8, 2016


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2 responses to “Chase Strangio”

  1. Jesse Nickles says:

    Chase is an example of how hypocritical “the left” has gotten in postmodern US society. He was a diversity hire by the ACLU as that organization continues it’s raging internal battle between leftist virtue-signaling and censorship, and actual free speech litigation like it had been doing in past decades. Chase has gone on to grab lots of media attention for his various hateful campaigns against conservatives and trying to censor and shut down those who he disagrees with… wtf? This is the new ACLU?

    Chase might have had a sad/difficult past, but this is a perfect example of letting “empathy for victims” spiral out of control to the point that a major civil rights organization betrays it’s entire history and values, and then doubles down on their hypocrisy…

  2. Caleb Murdock says:

    Strangio is perhaps the most obnoxious of all the trans activists. He believes the nonsense that trans women are real women by virtue of the way they feel — “I feel like a woman, so that makes me a real woman”. Like all trans activists, he can’t support this idea with anything resembling facts (not that the Right cares about facts either). What makes Strangio dangerous is that he is a lawyer and frequently argues cases in court, so he’s in a position to spread transgender nonsense through the legal system.

    For those who don’t understand the legal issues, gays are discriminated against because of their identities, and so gays are winning their rights because of their identities. Trans people are trying to do the same thing. But there is a difference between gays and trans people: When a man says he is attracted to his own gender, there is no legal reason to doubt him — and thus he must not be discriminated against for that part of his identity, especially since his attraction to his own sex does no harm to anyone (yup, no harm). But when a man says he is a woman, there are LOTS of legal and scientific reasons to doubt him; and since no man can scientifically prove he is a woman, he should not be able to secure rights based on that pretense. But because of people like Strangio, the courts are accepting the arguments that trans people should be recognized as the sex they want to be instead of the sex they are.

    I am a liberal, and clearly this is a conservative site. Not all liberals agree with transgender ideology, just as not all conservatives worship the Trump deity. Here is my own article on transgender ideology:

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