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Black Lives Matter (BLM)

The following (verified) people have been significantly associated with this entity, either as a participant, contributor, promoter, or beneficiary, according to our OSINT research:

  • Camille Stewart Gloster (Executive, Propagandist)
  • Robin Meriweather (Judge, Oligarch)
  • Kychelle Lourne Del Rosario (Abuser, Activist, Doctor)
  • Julie Bourgeois (Crony, Judge, Operative)
  • Quintez Brown (Assaulter, Murderer (Attempted))
  • Corey Wise (Activist, Operative, Superintendent)
  • Pamela Moses (Fraudster, Grifter, Operative)
  • Micah Xavier Johnson (Mass Shooter, Terrorist)
  • Marvin Smith (Politician, Rapist)
  • Darrell E Brooks Jr. (Murderer)
  • Cortez Rice (Activist, Race-Baiter)
  • Frederick Joseph (Grifter, Harasser, Race-Baiter)
  • Melissa Lewis (Activist, Blogger)
  • Deonte Murray (Gang Member)
  • Julie-Emma Chamberlain (Activist, Artist, Propagandist)
  • Jose Felan (Arsonist)
  • Kishma Morancie (Activist, Grifter)
  • Patrisse Khan-Cullors (Fraudster, Grifter, Propagandist)
  • Robert Mackey (Demagogue, Propagandist)
  • Brandon Mitchell (Activist, Coach, Juror)
  • Sarah Friar (Activist, Executive)
  • Alison Collins (Activist, Commissioner (School Board), Grifter)
  • Emily Morford (Activist, Harasser, Management)
  • Jade Sacker (Activist, Instigator, Photographer)
  • David Bailey (Activist, Policeman)
  • Cindy Martens (Activist)
  • Jimmy Galligan (Activist)
  • John Sullivan ()
  • Aline Espinosa-Villegas (Activist)
  • Emily Nowlin (Activist)
  • Brittany Dawn Jeffrey (Activist)
  • Renea Baek Goddard (Activist, Journalist)
  • Paulina Cardenas (Activist)
  • Maria Diez (Activist)
  • Tanaz Zahedi (Activist)
  • Rebecca Karb (Activist, Doctor)
  • Cynthia A. Johnson (Activist, Politician)
  • Johanna Wright (Activist)
  • Haroon Siddique (Activist, Journalist)
  • Evan Turnage (Activist, Attorney, Harasser)
  • Klaus Schwab (Cult Leader, Economist, Powerbroker)
  • Kenneth Wayne Deberry (Activist)
  • Brittany S. McAlister (Activist)
  • Lynn S. Morancie (Activist, Designer)
  • Chase Strangio (Activist, Attorney, Personality)
  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (Activist, Personality, Politician)
  • DeRay McKesson (Activist)
  • Clara Sia (Activist, Public Relations)
  • Patrisse Cullors (Activist, Terrorist)
  • Matthew Dolloff (Activist, Security Guard)
  • Jerry Harris (Actor)
  • Debra Cleaver (Activist)
  • Tyler Dos Santos-Tam (Lobbyist)
  • Adrian Tam (Activist, Real Estate Agent)
  • Devon Bryan (Activist, Actor)
  • Denise DuFort (Activist, Government)
  • Sheryl Sandberg (Activist, Executive)
  • Fredrick Franklin (Attorney)
  • Richard O’Malley (Superintendent)
  • Charity “Sadé” Bryan (Activist, Comedian)
  • Colin Kaepernick (Activist, Athlete)
  • Jayvon Hatchett (Murderer)
  • Robert Reich (Activist, Government)
  • Lisa Tilley (Activist, Professor)
  • Jessica Krug (Activist, Author, Professor)
  • Blaire Erskine (Activist, Comedian)
  • Sam Ruddell (Activist)
  • Tressie McMillan Cottom (Activist, Professor)
  • David Atkins (Blogger, Researcher)
  • Emily Gil (Activist)
  • Alexander Reid Ross (Activist, Professor)
  • Michael Reinoehl (Activist, Snowboarder)
  • Marvin Neal (Activist)
  • Brittany Couch (Activist)
  • Brittany Cabriales (Activist, Marketer)
  • Tim Cadogan (Activist, Executive, Fraudster)
  • Steve Sinclair ()
  • Gaige Paul Grosskreutz (Activist)
  • Anthony Huber (Activist)
  • Evan Vucci (Journalist, Photographer)
  • Shaun King (Activist, Columnist, Personality)
  • Randall Munroe (Artist, Engineer)
  • Lane Heymont (Activist, Editor)
  • Ibram X. Kendi (Activist, Author)
  • Bethany Baptiste (Activist, Editor)
  • Dakota Means (Activist, Soldier)
  • Montrezl Harrell (Activist, Athlete)
  • Carlos Kareem Windham (Activist, Blogger)
  • Olivia Winslow (Activist)
  • Jesse N. Hawk (Activist)
  • Steven Girrens (Activist, Nuclear Engineer, Scientist)
  • Akela Lacy (Activist, Journalist)
  • Arnold Farr (Philosopher, Professor)
  • Marquise Love (Activist, DJ, Security Guard)
  • Samuel J. Robinson (Activist, Journalist)
  • Cori Bush (Activist, Politician)
  • Kamila Mikulec (Activist)
  • Diana Ludizaca (Activist)
  • Andrew J. Koslecki (Activist)
  • Kevin Alfaro (Activist)
  • Cyrus Vance (Activist)
  • Derrick Ingram (Activist)
  • Georgana Sziszak (Activist)
  • Letitia James (Activist, Attorney)
  • David Hampe (Activist)
  • Angela Chapa (Activist)
  • Kristina Lagasca ()
  • James Murdoch (Activist, Executive, Investor)
  • Eugene Gu (Doctor, Propagandist, Racist)
  • Samuel Young (Activist)
  • Edward Schinzing (Activist)
  • Bev Barnum (Activist, Marketer)
  • Alex Zielinski (Activist, Journalist)
  • Samantha Hamer (Activist, Social Worker)
  • Isaiah Jackson (Activist)
  • Zachary Ames Trudo (Activist, Web Developer)
  • Kristen Jessie-Uyanik (Activist)
  • Chris DeVries (Activist)
  • Vivha Pingle (Activist)
  • Savannah Kinver ()
  • Yaxeny Colon (Activist)
  • Xan “Grace” North (Blogger, Hacktivist)
  • Michael “Emma” Best (Grifter, Hacktivist, Propagandist)
  • Brittany Marshall (Activist)
  • Manjit Sappal (Activist, Law Enforcement Officer)
  • Jonathan Pullen (Activist, Instructor)
  • Susan Rosenberg (Activist)
  • Emily A. Harber (Activist)
  • Caroline Randall Williams (Activist)
  • Lauren Williams (Activist, Journalist)
  • Chris Aker (Activist, Entrepreneur)
  • Nicholas Barrett (Activist)
  • Jason Charter (Activist)
  • Natasha Lennard (Activist, Columnist)
  • Laura Nelson (Activist, Marketer)
  • Claira Janover (Activist, Influencer)
  • Julia Evans (Activist, Blogger, Programmer)
  • Robert Alvin Justus Jr. (Murderer)
  • Steven Carillo (Murderer)
  • Bryce Michael Williams (Activist, Arsonist)
  • Lore-Elisabeth Blumenthal (Activist, Arsonist)
  • Jack Conte (Activist, Entrepreneur, Musician)
  • Patricia Roemer (Activist)
  • Imran Ahmed (Activist)
  • Adele-Momoko Fraser (Activist, Journalist)
  • Gina Ke (Activist, Social Worker)
  • Casey Howe (Activist)
  • Lauren Ryder (Activist)
  • John Newmeyer (Activist, Doctor)
  • Jaime “James” Juanillo (Activist, Grifter, Poker Player)
  • Sarah Bird (Manager)
  • Brian Regienczuk (Activist, Entrepreneur)
  • Rayne Dominic Valentine (Activist)
  • Bryan Jimenez (Activist)
  • Weiting Liu (Entrepreneur)
  • Ben Halpern (Activist, Web Developer)
  • Jess Lee (Activist, Web Developer)
  • Quincy Larson (Activist, Web Developer)
  • Travis Austin Hessel (Activist, Rioter)
  • Emily Gorcenski (Activist)
  • Mattias Geniar (Entrepreneur, Web Developer)
  • Adam Schiff (Grifter, Politician, Propagandist)
  • Michael Moore (Activist, Film Director)
  • George Soros (Activist, Grafter, Investor)
  • Reviews:

    It's weird that people are expressing opposition yet still playing along with Kate's "Chase" persona. Read More

    Camille was just appointed to "National Cyber Director" at the White House... sounds important right? like maybe you should be an expert on cybersecurity, national security, hacking, and all that jazz But Camille was chosen because she was: a) black b) a woman So of course while she has the accolades that affirmation action has earned her -- job at Google, being named "Senior Policy Advisor" at Homeland Security for "Cyber and Critical infrastructure" just a few years after she finished law school, random fellowships, etc... ...she doesn't even know how to setup the basics of email security on her website: literally zero protection against DNS spoofing, email spoofing, or otherwise... enjoy, Russia! of course this is expected, since Camille has no experience whatsoever with actual hands-on tech skills, she's the new breed of credentialism and virtue signaling leaders, and more evidence that the administrative state will be our undoing Read More

    WE exposed Evan in 2020 for having illegally threatened and harassed opposing counsel (Trump campaign lawyers) Nobody in the courtroom was willing to expose this dumbie... why? apparently because he is black! Sure enough, Kirkland Law quietly passed him off to Senator Liz Warren in 2021 during the COVID pandemic and probably laughed their ass off they were able to do so without any media attention #BLM Now, a few days ago (July 2022) Evan deleted his LinkedIn profile after not tweeting anything since May 2022... why? Almost certainly he was fired again... did Liz Warren's team fail to vet this psycho carefully? All they had to do was check!! Read More

    I'm posting this a few years too late, since the full story was covered here: Anyway James aka Jaime is a Filipino dude with inferiority complex who pretends to be black, far-left gay douchebag who goes around from various white boyfriends in the bay area The story we covered was about how his entire BLM grifter tale was bullshit -- he claimed on Twitter (trying to get media attention) that a rich white lady refused to believe he was a resident of the San Fran neighborhood where he was painting graffiti on a local house, calling her a racist... we exposed that his story made no sense, because he had lived in a different house (in public records) just prior to that Read More

    This “thing” should be thrown out of Woke Forrest for deliberately injuring a human because it didn’t like the patient’s observations. Real doctors don’t injure patients. Read More

    This woman is a menace and has demonstrated that she is clearly unfit to work in the medical field. If Wake Forest doesn’t dismiss her then they are condoning her psychopathic behavior. This will not go awa but will live on as the Cuomo scandals, the Hunter scandals and others. Handle it now and discipline the Dean for covering it up. Read More

    Wake Forest will no longer be known as a joke for their football program. Thank you K Del. Read More

    I swear to fulfill, to the best of my ability and judgment, this covenant: I will respect the hard-won scientific gains of those physicians in whose steps I walk, and gladly share such knowledge as is mine with those who are to follow. I will apply, for the benefit of the sick, all measures [that] are required, avoiding those twin traps of overtreatment and therapeutic nihilism. I will remember that there is art to medicine as well as science, and that warmth, sympathy, and understanding may outweigh the surgeon's knife or the chemist's drug. I will not be ashamed to say "I know not", nor will I fail to call in my colleagues when the skills of another are needed for a patient's recovery. I will respect the privacy of my patients, for their problems are not disclosed to me that the world may know. Most especially must I tread with care in matters of life and death. If it is given me to save a life, all thanks. But it may also be within my power to take a life; this awesome responsibility must be faced with great humbleness and awareness of my own frailty. Above all, I must not play at God. I will remember that I do not treat a fever chart, a cancerous growth, but a sick human being, whose illness may affect the person's family and economic stability. My responsibility includes these related problems, if I am to care adequately for the sick. I will prevent disease whenever I can, for prevention is preferable to cure. I will remember that I remain a member of society, with special obligations to all my fellow human beings, those sound of mind and body as well as the infirm. If I do not violate this oath, may I enjoy life and art, respected while I live and remembered with affection thereafter. May I always act so as to preserve the finest traditions of my calling and may I long experience the joy of healing those who seek my help. Read More

    Kychelle is as trans-rights activist at Wake Forest Medical School who publicly confessed on Twitter to purposefully injuring a patient who joked (misunderstood?) about why there were pronouns she/her on Kychelle's ID tag. This absolute psychopath needs to be kicked out of medical school and banned from the medical industry. Update: Libby Emmons from The Post Millennial blog (Andy Ngo) stole my research on this without giving me any credit: Update #2: because of Libby refusing to credit my work on this page, dozens of media outlets have now picked up on this story and are crediting TPM and Fox News producer Gregg Re for having figured out who the abusive doctor was since he copied my tweet into his own tweet 5 hours after "liking" mine: His tweet that copied mine: My tweet 5 hours earlier that he "liked" but then refused to credit me: A bunch of lying grifter douchebags, this is why most journalists are criminals Read More

    Julie was almost certainly hand picked by Justin Trudeau to preside over Tamara Lich's case, a civilian who lead the Freedom Convoy protests and is now being illegally detained in jail as a political prisoner. Julie is a far-left failed politician (MP) who decided to become a judge after voters rejected her. Banana fucking republic shit, Canada is doomed Read More

    GO FUND ME can go FK themselves. Bad Karma is coming to all the frauds who selectively discriminate against young people like Kyle Rittenhouse, while allowing violent BLM thugs to fund things. BAD KARMA. Read More

    He is guilty of Corporate Fraud, Wire fraud, Computer Fraud and Misuse, Obtaining money through false pretences and funding Left-Wing Terrorist organisations. He is a valid target for ANYONE civilian or otherwise to arrest under the local jurisdictions Citizens Arrest laws (Any Persons Arrest)... Read More

    Strangio is perhaps the most obnoxious of all the trans activists. He believes the nonsense that trans women are real women by virtue of the way they feel -- "I feel like a woman, so that makes me a real woman". Like all trans activists, he can't support this idea with anything resembling facts (not that the Right cares about facts either). What makes Strangio dangerous is that he is a lawyer and frequently argues cases in court, so he's in a position to spread transgender nonsense through the legal system. For those who don't understand the legal issues, gays are discriminated against because of their identities, and so gays are winning their rights because of their identities. Trans people are trying to do the same thing. But there is a difference between gays and trans people: When a man says he is attracted to his own gender, there is no legal reason to doubt him -- and thus he must not be discriminated against for that part of his identity, especially since his attraction to his own sex does no harm to anyone (yup, no harm). But when a man says he is a woman, there are LOTS of legal and scientific reasons to doubt him; and since no man can scientifically prove he is a woman, he should not be able to secure rights based on that pretense. But because of people like Strangio, the courts are accepting the arguments that trans people should be recognized as the sex they want to be instead of the sex they are. I am a liberal, and clearly this is a conservative site. Not all liberals agree with transgender ideology, just as not all conservatives worship the Trump deity. Here is my own article on transgender ideology: Read More

    AOC's unpredictable and often hypocritical grifting is often obnoxious as hell, like the time when she fake-cried and took photos at the US border "mourning" immigrant children in cages when Trump was in office (she didn't mind before or afterwards). That said, her refusal to toe the establishment line is occassionally refreshing and the truth is she has more balls than most members of the US Congress on either side of the aisle. Her criticism of Israel's abnormally strong influence over US policies, her defense of workers' rights, and in 2021 her beginning the process to stop phone apps from spying on users GPS location and selling/trading the data is why I can't ever despise her. She takes action instead of only talking about it (like most politicians do). Read More

    Just going to throw it out there also but I'm not sure how i'm connected to antifa????? I did attend the protests last year and did get unlawfully arrested but all of my charges were dropped. Sooooo????? And the "violent alcoholic" claims? Also not sure where you came up with that one. While I used to drink when I cooked I was never violent or had a problem. And I've been sober for almost 2 years now....Not sure where you are getting your information from Ian. Read More

    Ian Frances is an absolute nut case. She published these comments after her and her ex fiancé had a bad breakup that she went pyscho in and had to have the police called. Shortly after that someone broke into her car and so she started publishing these claims in retaliation. She has never had any proof to back up any of these claims. This is Travis personally. I'll set the record straight any time. Read More

    Kishma, like her sister Lynn, is a far-left black supremacist type who despises white people. I have no idea what their mama taught them down in Houston, but the behavior is insane between the two of them. Among other things, Kishma literally sued her way into a job at Houston Community College, accusing them of racism... I mean, right cuz surely it couldn't just be you're a dumbass who had nothing of value to offer their organization? After being a 1-year "diversity hire" she then moved on to Texas Southern University, again using the "race" card. She is a "coordinator" which is academic speak for her job is absolutely pointless and has no value to the campus. But, diversity, right? Read More

    Sarah is another American suit who patronizes far-left movements like Black Lives Matter while censoring conservatives on Nextdoor. I mean the app is already one of the most intrusive and scary apps in recent years, documenting names/faces/GPS location of all your neighbors along with their interests and political views, and now they are filling the app with BLM propaganda while preventing neighbors from saying like "God bless you Karen, all lives matter"... I mean WTF who thought this was a good idea? Americans are already paranoid about how much private information is on the internet and now Nextdoor is setting neighbors against each other based on politics? NO wonder Nextdoor usage is crashing... this app is on it's last leg, good riddance... don't ever trust some Silicon Valley corporate-leftists with the relationship you have with your next door neighbors! Read More

    Under the guise of being a "doctor" and putting "MD" after everything he says on Twitter and social media, Eugune is the ultimate example of racist virtue signaling these days... he has a (nearly failed) business Cool Quit and was able to grab attention during the COVID pandemic by saying absolutely ridiculous pandering points that he knew nothing about (he is not a doctor of virology). This jerkoff spends every day spewing anti-white racism and hatred while desperately pretending his anti-smoking business is a success Cool Quit is nothing but Zoom video conferences and quack psuedo science... he's the Doctor Phil of Twitter medicine Read More

    How ironic that Brittany is a journalism student and yet instead of reporting on the insane BLM riots, she decided to join in and then attacked "counter" protestors... not a good look for Howard University tbh Read More

    Chase is an example of how hypocritical "the left" has gotten in postmodern US society. He was a diversity hire by the ACLU as that organization continues it's raging internal battle between leftist virtue-signaling and censorship, and actual free speech litigation like it had been doing in past decades. Chase has gone on to grab lots of media attention for his various hateful campaigns against conservatives and trying to censor and shut down those who he disagrees with... wtf? This is the new ACLU? Chase might have had a sad/difficult past, but this is a perfect example of letting "empathy for victims" spiral out of control to the point that a major civil rights organization betrays it's entire history and values, and then doubles down on their hypocrisy... Read More

    Update: lol her sister Kishma literally sued Houston Community College for racial discrimination and "settled" to be hired as a 1 year part time employee, literally the most incredulous example of a loser diversity hire ever. Lynn is a radical far-left lady who apparently hates white people, as per her Facebook feed. She also defends looting, rioting, Black Lives Matter and violent crimes being committed in the US in the name of "racial injustice". I didn't know why she was slandering my company on Facebook until realizing that hired her as a freelancer apparently trying to look woke, and Lynn is so incompetent that she thought her bad internet connection in Anguilla (Cloudflare errors) meant that their web hosting was shut off. She also thought we "banned all migration plugins" to prevent clients from leaving our hosting, not realizing that our clients have free accounts, and that migration plugins are not banned, only a few "bad" ones are banned for security reasons. Slandering and attacking white people is apparently Lynn's passion, regardless of the facts. Hey but hiring for skin color instead of actual skill is a great idea @PennPAC Update: Lynn has predictably fucked up the PennPAC website, their previous 500ms load time, and A Security Headers grade are now... (drum roll): - F security headers - 10 seconds loading speed (it was previously 500ms) ... yes, that is 20x slower lol ...but that's okay because #BLM Read More

    Devon is a textbook sanctimonious gay liberal who went out of his way to harass a former classmate of his from Memorial University of Newfoundland for saying "White Lives Matter" etc on Facebook by demanding (successfully) that he be fired from his job at Anaconda Mining, despite the online discussion having no connection to their company's name or marketing efforts. Hateful and backstabbing, a perfect example of Black Lives Matter psychology. When a single, gay, part-time theatre actor surrounded by far-left coworkers can bully a corporation into firing a long-time employee who has a wife and children because he didn't like a comment that was made on a personal Facebook page, something is very very wrong. Read More

    This guy came and broke my little sister’s car windows out with a hammer all over my nephew’s car seat a week before his first arrest. He has intense anger problems and is an alcoholic. Be careful around him. Read More

    Nutty far-left feminist clown who took over running SEOMoz after Rand Fishkin peaced out, spams Black Lives Matter terrorist propaganda into business clients inboxes. Read More

    Jess is a far-left SJW who founded the blogging community, but after raising several million dollars in funding she decided to use the platform to spam thousands of web developers leftist propaganda about Hillary Clinton, Antifa riots, LGBT, and beyond. A sad yet predictable situation when you put a nutty activist who moved to Brooklyn to look hip in charge of a programming platform... Read More

    Quincy is the ultimate virtue-signalling douchebag who thinks he represents the "developer community" because he launched one of a million other websites that have programming tutorials. He decided to ban a very popular contributor to his website because the author made a joke on Twitter that "Black mode matters" in reaction to Black Lives Matter riots and Antifa hysteria. You can't make this stuff up. Read More

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