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Carlos A. Rodriguez

A.k.a. Genre Butler, Vince Enriquez, Khalil Raymond (etc... many fake aliases)
Fraudster, Spammer / Male /

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Vince Enriquez ([email protected])

Vince Enriquez started the conversation

Assigned: Anyone

Aug 1, 7:15am

Hi there,

Does payroll processing at LittleBizzy often involve a ton of time and headache?

Asking since my agency Clearchoicewage helps businesses like yours automate activities like Paying Employees, Tax Compliance & more.

Would a no-stress/automated Payroll solution sound good? If yes, reply back with a good number to get in touch (as well as number of employees on direct deposit)


Vince Enriquez
Please let us know if you wish to OPT-OUT from this list.

Raymond, Khalil (ES) [email protected]


My name is Khalil and I work in ADP’s Small Business Department. I just called now to speak with XXX but was not able to connect and left a voicemail. I am reaching out because I received information that you were interested in getting a payroll quote from us for XXX. All of my contact information is down below, please reach back and I’ll be able to assist you.


Please let me know a better time to give you a call.



Another option is if you can just answer the questions below, then I will be able to put pricing together. If all goes well and you do move forward with ADP, we will have to hop on a call with an Implementation Specialist to verify that your account was set up correctly and walk you through the first payroll. I just want to set that expectation with you.



  1. Can you walk me through what your business actually does?
  2. Are you a new business or Existing?
  3. If with another provider, what issues or concerns are you having with them?
  4. How many employees are there and how often do you plan to pay them?
  5. Where is the business located? Do you have employees in multiple states?
  6. Tell me what you plan to do for HR services.
  7. Do you have any employees with garnishments?
  8. Do you plan on offering benefits, such as health or retirement?
  9. When do you plan on having your first check date?
  10. What exactly are you looking for in terms of payroll services?
  11. What are you currently doing for your workers’ comp policy?


Run is a web hosted online payroll platform and does not require any software.  You have the ability to process payroll from anywhere as long as you have internet access.  In addition, we are also compatible with the Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, iTouch and Android. The payroll platform is in real time so you can view your payroll liability report before you finish processing the payroll.  Therefore, you can see the amount that ADP will debit before you click finish.  You can also view your reports immediately after processing the payroll.  If your employees give you an email address, they can go online themselves and view their earnings records up to 12 rolling months.  We can also track simple benefit accruals (vacation, sick and paid time off) and this information will appear on the employees pay stub, taken vs. allowed.



Thank you,


Khalil Raymond
District Manager Small Business ServicesT: 610 379 2450[email protected]Need Worker’s Comp, Health Benefits, 401K, or Time and Attendance?



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Genre Butler ([email protected])

I’m asking since my company Networksrealtime offers excellent service that streamlines Payroll, Direct Deposit, Tax Calculations & more.

Would you like a hassle-free quote for this? (I bet it costs less than you think!)

Just shoot me back an email with 2 times you’re free the next few days & the best phone number to get this started.


Genre Butler
Just Message back “CANCEL” if you’d no longer like us to get in touch

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  1. Jesse Nickles says:

    Carlos and his team at ADP illegally buy massive email lists and illegally spam the fuck out of thousands of US companies using fake names and aliases, often nicknames of the third word freelancers they use to field inquiries

    In the initial email spam they purposefully hide all mention of ADP and their company to try and hide from their illegal activity

    Report these assholes to the FTC and your local attorney general, Carlos is a scammer and belongs in jail

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