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Amanda Shea

Fraudster, Grifter, Spammer / Female / Far-Right

Amanda Shea is a far-right Fraudster and Grifter and Spammer who is a citizen of , and has been associated with the following entities as either a significant contributor, participant, promoter, or beneficiary, according to our OSINT research:

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More on Timothy Shea. I checked Colorado SoS records and he recently removed his name as registered agent of Winning Energy.

— star gazer (@MountainsStars) August 20, 2020




HUGE BREAKING NEWS- **Michigan ‘Computer Glitch’ Switched 6,000 Votes from Biden to President Trump – GOP Demands 47 More …

Steve Bannon, Trump's populist svengali, arrested on a Chinese billionaire's yacht and indicted in a scam-PAC scheme aimed at ripping off the very voters he claimed to represent.

— Eli Stokols (@EliStokols) August 20, 2020

[email protected]


The man is a FIGHTER! This is going to be a gamechanger

ON FIRE: General Flynn is Fighting Back…Announces What’s Coming…


Trump Launches Huge Project To Fight Biden Admin…

Trump accuses Biden of ‘conspiring with Pfizer’
SHOCKVIDEO: BUS LOADS Of Pregnant Migrants Arrive In The Dark Of Night In Texas
Supreme Court Just Dealt A Devastating Blow
MS13 Smuggler Helping Biden Admin Move Migrants
Expert Cardiologist Warns Covid Vaccines Could Cause Mad Cow Disease
Biden Says ‘I’ll Tell You Later’ To Reporter’s One Question
Border Patrol Being Taken Off US Border…
Biden Hit With Dire Warning…
Psaki: White House Targeting ‘White Conservative Communities’
Biden Admin Offering Major Reward to Employees Who Help Border Crossers
Trump Sounds The Alarm On SCOTUS…

Mitch McConnell responds to Trump calling him a ‘dumb son of a b***h’ 13 mins
Jill Biden Goes In For Medical Procedure… 23 mins
Bernie Madoff, 82, dies in federal prison 37 mins
Trump’s border wall a national monument… 47 mins
Ponzi Schemer Bernie Madoff Dies in Prison at 82 57 mins
MS13 Smuggler Helping Biden Admin Move Migrants 1 hour
Pelosi Claims to Have Been Ready to Personally Engage in Hand to Hand Combat on January 6th 2 hours
IRS Chief Says $1 Trillion in Taxes May Be Going Uncollected Each Year 2 hours
Mortgage Refinance Demand Reaches Lowest Level in Over a Year 2 hours
Psaki Said It Was a “Bit of Garble” That Biden Pitched Increasing Gas Tax 2 hours
Navy Captures Footage of Pyramid-Shaped UFOs 2 hours
Scientific American to Begin Using Term “Climate Emergency” Because Major News Networks Told Them To
Fauci Claims FDAs Call to Pause J&J Coronavirus Vaccine a “Strong Argument for Safety” 2 hours
Intelligence Report Claims the Pandemic Could Cause Civil War “in at Least a Few” Countries 2 hours
Gov Cuomo Knew What the Coronavirus Nursing Home Death Toll Was and Still Cooked the Books 3 hours
CNN Host Complains About Lack of “Vaccine Selfies” From Fox Hosts – Gutfeld Torches Him 3 hours
As CDC and FDA Order Halt to Use of J&J Coronavirus Vaccine, Vaccination Program in Disarray 3 hours
House Republicans Demand Answers From Fauci On Health Risks Related to Border Crisis 3 hours
James O’Keefe Appears on Hannity to Break Down Latest “Expose CNN” Video 3 hours
Another City Approves Vote of No Confidence in LA County District Attorney 3 hours
Nebraska Gov. Turns Down Federal Government’s Request to House Migrant Children 3 hours
Four Steps for the U.S. to Decouple From China 3 hours
MiG-35: The Russian Fighter Jet That Is More Hype Than Fight 3 hours
London Police Issue Apology For Raiding Church on Good Friday 3 hours
UN Says Nearly One Million People Going Hungry in War-Torn Mozambique 3 hours
CCP Tops List in DNI’s Annual Threat Assessment Report 3 hours
Ukraine Claims That Russia’s Occupation of Crimea Is Exacerbating the Water Shortage in the Region
Stephen Moore: Biden’s Green Energy Plan Declares War on American Energy 3 hours
Tom Purcell: The Value of Organized Religion to a Representative Republic 3 hours
Future Inflation Is a Major Threat to the U.S. Economy 3 hours
Ken Blackwell: The Destruction of American Exceptionalism 3 hours
Marxist BLM Co-Founder Says It’s “Terror by White Supremacists” That She Got Exposed as Wealthy
Patrick Buchanan: Putin & Xi Have Red Lines, Too 3 hours
Biden Calls for Summit With Putin, Warns Him to “Respect the Territory of Ukraine” 3 hours
Jamal Murray Suffers Torn ACL in a Devastating Blow to the Nuggets 3 hours
SpaceX’s Starship SN15 Is Moved to Its Launch Pad in Preparation for Test 3 hours
DC’s Election Takeover Is Unconstitutional And Impractical 3 hours
U.S. Sanctions on Russian Debt Become Possibility Following Buildup on Ukraine Border 3 hours
GOP Senators to Introduce Act to Reopen Cruise Industry 3 hours
IRS Says New $3k Child Tax Credit Will Start Payments in July 3 hours
Chris “Fredo” Cuomo’s Ratings Fall 45% 3 hours
IRS Struggles to Hire Customer Service Reps as People Choose Unemployment Over Working for IRS

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One response to “Amanda Shea”

  1. Jesse Nickles says:

    Amanda apparently acquired a massive email list from the We Build The Wall project and then illegally started spamming the shit out of thousands of people promoting her “news” websites that knock off the Drudge Report…

    This gang is the epitome of cringy conservative grifters that give otherwise decent “Republicans” a bad reputation.

    Update: they are still spamming me after multiple requests to stop

    Update #2: Amanda changed her website from to and is now illegally paying conservative “influencers” like Amiri King to endorse her drink products without the legally required FTC disclosures

    Update #3: Amanda is now spreading long-proven-false news identifying the incorrect “black” police officer as having killed Ashli Babbit:

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