Sarah Sandnes

A.k.a. Sarah Beyahte Sandnes
Spammer / Female /

Sarah Sandnes is a Spammer who is a citizen of , and has been associated with the following entities as either a significant contributor, participant, promoter, or beneficiary, according to our OSINT research:


Google Adsense:

Google Analytics:

Google Analytics (2):

Google Analytics (3):

Google Analytics (4):

Google Analytics (5):

Google Analytics (6):

Google Analytics (7):

Google Analytics (8):

Google Analytics (9):

Google Tag Manager:

Google Tag Manager (2):

Google Tag Manager (3):

Google Tag Manager (4):

Google Tag Manager (5):

Public references:





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One response to “Sarah Sandnes”

  1. Jesse Nickles says:

    Sarah is yet another “tech startup” founder who thinks it’s okay to illegally buy massive email lists and spam the shit out of thousands of website owners trying to sell her insurance plans

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