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The following (verified) people have been significantly associated with this entity, either as a participant, contributor, promoter, or beneficiary, according to our OSINT research:

  • Benoit Luisier (Blogger, Fraudster, Scammer)
  • Fabienne Rohner (Blogger, Fraudster, Scammer)
  • Jonathan P. Nichols (Fraudster, Scammer)
  • Clay Coomer (Executive, Fraudster, Scammer)
  • Valerie Snow (Claims Examiner, Fraudster, Scammer)
  • Sam Claassen (Marketer, Spammer)
  • Sondre Rasch (Spammer)
  • Sarah Sandnes (Spammer)
  • Reviews:

    Benoit and his wife run an affiliate link travel blog with zero legal disclaimers. They wrote a glowing review of Safetywing / WorldTrips (which apparently they never even used before) When readers called them out in the comments telling them it's a scam, Benoit laughed and said "yah, we didn't really research very much" and proceeded to... do nothing about it. Read More

    Writes glowing reviews on her blog for the Safetywing / WorldTrips scam (likely paid for) and zero legally required Disclaimer on their affiliate links. Her husband Benoit manages the blog with her: Read More

    This shitbag is the marketing VP for WorldTrips, the biggest scammers in the travel insurance industry He is responsible for all the false advertising telling tourists and digital nomads that they will cover emergency room visits and medical treatment in other countries when you travel ITS ALL FAKE WorldTrips and Safetywing are massive fraud operations ran by Tokio Marine from Japan, they have been scamming Americans for a decade now and keep changing their names every few years to hide from all the complaints and negative reviews Read More

    Valerie is a claims examiner at WorldTrips, owned by Tokio Marine Her job is apparently to baselessly reject insurance claims for travelers whose coverage is to end soon or who WorldTrips believes is not going to be extending coverage for the long-term I filed a claim after a recent trip due to emergency care and Valerie demanded more and more things try to slow down the process (besides the fact it's dishonest as hell to be advertising travel insurance to developing countries and then turn around and ask why all these different first-world paperwork trails are not the same as the USA) Despite repeatedly responding to her with more things she requested, she denied MY ENTIRE CLAIM which consisted of multiple treatments based on 2 fraudulent reasons: a) my trip's coverage was for a different dates than my claim (bullshit) b) my treatment was not covered by WorldTrips terms (super bullshit) AVOID WORLDTRIPS the entire operation is a scam targeting travelers and "nomads" who they think will not fight back against their fraud I promised to expose their scam if they didn't make things right, and now I'm doing so Read More

    Sam leads "growth" a.k.a. illegally spamming the fuck out of thousands of web developers for Safetywing insurance Update 2022: Product Hunt recently disabled all the "anonymous" reviews from past years, I discovered Sam left my open source script (SlickStack) a secret "negative" down vote on PH after I exposed his illegal spam operation on behalf of Safetywing "Head of Growth" lmao that is what they call spammers these days? This is the type of little bitch Sam is... illegally spams me, I tell him to stop, so he down-votes my free open source script P.s. looks like Safetywing has parted ways with Sam after I exposed his methods... Sam probably blames me instead of himself! stop spamming people Read More

    Despite repeated requests to stop spamming me, Sondre and his partner Sarah keep illegally spamming the shit out of me in direct violation of the CAN SPAM ACT... they also illegally bought my information from data brokers. Report these assholes to the FTC and their email providers Read More

    Sarah is yet another "tech startup" founder who thinks it's okay to illegally buy massive email lists and spam the shit out of thousands of website owners trying to sell her insurance plans Read More

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