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Direk Berjamen

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Direk Berjamen is a Fraudster and Scammer and Spammer who is a citizen of , and has been associated with the following entities as either a significant contributor, participant, promoter, or beneficiary, according to our OSINT research:


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Direk Berjamen <[email protected]> Unsubscribe
12:12 PM (19 minutes ago)
to me


Our client needs to speak with multiple experts for an important, time-sensitive study on App UI Framework. They are specifically interested in speaking with IT decision makers and influencers who use and are aware of Aura and Lightning Web components.

An incentive of $200 (via gift card, PayPal or similar) will be paid to each participant for a 60 minute focus group discussion. For every successful referral, a $150 bonus is also available.

I found you on LinkedIn, this is not a sales solicitation. The client is a US-based market research firm. They are only interested in your point of view and are not seeking confidential information.

If you prefer to discuss briefly by phone please let me know.

To demonstrate your recent, direct experience with the topic, please consider responding to the client’s screener:

1. Is your company currently using Aura and/or Lightning Web Components?
A. Yes, Aura only
B. Yes, Lightning Web Components only
C. Yes, Aura & Lightning Web Components
D. None
E. I don’t know

Once I hear from you, we will update the project manager and request the client’s update.


Direk Glen A. Berjamen
Senior Research Analyst| LinkedIn
Phone: 1-877-236-7016
Zintro Inc. 177 Huntington Avenue Suite 1703 Boston, MA 02115

Zintro is a global expert network, made up of thousands of specialized subject matter experts,
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4 thoughts on "Direk Berjamen"

  1. Jesse Nickles says:

    Direk leads the spamming fraud campaign from Philippines-based Zintro where they illegally buy mass email lists and spam the shit out of thousands of Americans pretending to have a “job offer” from them, all part of their recruitment fraud where they try to earn commission but occasionally finding someone that matches a US-based position that is offering referral commissions

    Stay far away from these liars, they will only sell your private information


    Here is Tyler, the guy who pays these Filipinos to spam for him:

    1. Tyler says:

      Jesse, seems the email Direk sent to you on Nov 5 didn’t sit well. This was for a legitimate study (a focus group to be exact), just like all of our projects are. We act as the middleman between researchers(Market Research firms, Management Consulting firms, and investors) looking to interview “experts” in their fields. App UI Frameworks was the topic for this project.

      Your note to the world contains a few inaccuracies:

      -We don’t pretend to have job offers- these are market research projects that thousands of people participate in each month. You’re welcome to sign up and see for yourself.
      -We don’t sell any information. We get paid when our clients complete interviews for projects just like these.
      -Zintro is a Delaware Corp based in Boston (where management is) but we have a team in the Philippines. We have teams in 10+ countries since we’ve always been remote. As one who lived oversees, I’m sure you can appreciate that.

      Not sure where the skepticism came from but we invite you to our service to see for yourself.

      Otherwise, best of luck.


    2. Jesse Nickles says:

      @Tyler you mean the illegal spam? Yah don’t try to reclassify your crimes, and don’t think that outsourcing your crimes to freelancers in the Philippines absolves you of responsbility.

      Your job offers are fake, to the point of being consumer fraud. Just like other HR scammers, you try to grow your “pool” of candidates using fake job postings and then later find something that matches them.

      I will keep calling you out and hopefully U.S. law enforcement takes action… you need the luck, not me!

    3. Tyler says:

      “Your job offers are fake” What an outrageous claim. How do you have the confidence to say that? Have you had a single interaction with Zintro aside from receiving an email?

      These aren’t even jobs. They’re market research calls that take 30-120 minutes and we help facilitate dozens of them daily.

      You call yourself a “truth-seeker who enjoys learning” so I invite you to try a research call yourself to learn first hand. Not sure where your vendetta comes from, but you’re incorrect in your assertions to the point they’re lies. Were you duped/disappointed by a different company or something?

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