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Email Spammers (Philippines)

The following (verified) people have been significantly associated with this entity, either as a participant, contributor, promoter, or beneficiary, according to our OSINT research:

  • Klin Mendez (Spammer)
  • Direk Berjamen (Fraudster, Scammer, Spammer)
  • Mark Carlo Raymundo (Fraudster, Scammer, Spammer)
  • Chad Patawaran (Spammer)
  • Marigold Pedregosa-Agustin (Fraudster, Scammer, Spammer)
  • Melvin Torrefiel (Fraudster, Spammer)
  • Heiress Legaspi (Spammer)
  • Jancis Montevilla (Fraudster, Spammer)
  • Hassel Reas (Fraudster, Spammer)
  • Marie Monasterio (Fraudster, Scammer, Spammer)
  • Danica Rosario (Fraudster, Scammer, Spammer)
  • Pauline Palileo (Fraudster, Freelancer, Spammer)
  • Rom Agustin (Fraudster, Scammer, Spammer)
  • Reviews:

    Klin is a Filipino email spammer who takes money from agencies like to illegally spam the fuck out of Americans and beyond Read More

    Works with Melvin and other spammers at iTWorks to spam the shit out of thousands of Americans (and beyond) every day, while setting up fake "white people" employees in their email accounts and company profiles to pretend like they have an international presence. In reality just another gang of fraudsters based in the Philippines Read More

    Direk leads the spamming fraud campaign from Philippines-based Zintro where they illegally buy mass email lists and spam the shit out of thousands of Americans pretending to have a "job offer" from them, all part of their recruitment fraud where they try to earn commission but occasionally finding someone that matches a US-based position that is offering referral commissions Stay far away from these liars, they will only sell your private information Edit: Here is Tyler, the guy who pays these Filipinos to spam for him: Read More

    Mark Carlo is yet another one of the Filipino criminals part of the Callbox fraud ring that uses a massive collection of fraudulent Linkedin profiles, websites, companies based in the "US" and other fake locations to spam the living hell out of millions of businesses trying to sell fake leads and leadgen services... yes they spam you in order to sell more spam for you! Very original The leader is Rom Agustin who tried so hard to hide his identity but we found him: Several of these Filipinos are based in Singapore and pretend to represent fake companies in Singapore (it's all fake, the only real company is Callbox based in the Phillippines, they have zero employees or companies from other countries) Read More

    Chad illegally buys massive email lists and spams the shit out of Americans trying to sell ... drum roll... lead gen services! Amazing and unique and I have never heard of this marketing sales system from the Philippines before. There are no unsubscribe links and he uses fake "temporary" domains making his email spam even more illegal Read More

    Marigold helps her "secret" CEO Rom commit some of the most massive spam and fraud schemes in the Philippines Read More

    Melvin leads an email spam/fraud gang in the Philippines and tries very hard to hide their association, even going so far as to using fake Indian-sounding names in their email spam and on their web pages, and avoiding titles like "CEO" Several years ago there was an agreement between their company and a partner in Singapore, but their activity is now in Phil, it appears Avoid these scammers, and all their fake employees, just another spam farm trying to "sell" junk level web dev services Read More

    Jancis is now helping Somil illegally buy email lists and illegally send out mass spam to American companies pretending they are responding to previous business inquiries while trying to sell their shitty offshore web services from India (all fraudulent) Read More

    Hassel is a spammer hired by InXpress who illegally spams and harasses thousands of Americans on behalf of their company while they "look the other way"... yet another company from Utah using overseas Asians to break the law on their behalf. Hassel pretends to represent DHL shipping and asks people to setup an account on InXpress for easier DHL management (it's a scam, she is in the Philippines, and InXpress is not connected with DHL whatsoever). Her agency Booth & Partners even bragged about her success on Facebook: Read More

    Marie is yet another Filipino spammer who illegally spams and harasses thousands of companies on behalf of Callbox using fake names and aliases pretending to be white people... report all these fraudsters Read More

    Danica is one of dozens of Filipinos paid by Callbox Inc to illegally spam and harass the shit out of Americans while they pretend to be white people and US based companies... avoid this scammers at all costs, and report all their domain names to FTC Read More

    Pauline illegally spams and harasses thousands of companies on behalf of Official Advertising a.k.a. Fidelist, and they even use her name on their corporate listing on BBB in Delaware (likely to hide their own names, a common method of American spammers). However she is a Filipino living in Singapore, and is just one of many spammers employed by these criminals. Read More

    Rom and his team of Filipinos illegally spam and harass the shit out of thousands of companies while pretending to be a US-based corporation(s) when in fact they are all in the same call center office in the Philippines. They create dozens of fake LinkedIn profiles, email addresses, and aliases, and even fake business listings in the USA, all trying to generate various leads for their junk offshore marketing services and spam. Rom has tried hard to erase his identity from all these brands, albeit unsuccessfully. They have a ton of different names like Leads Touch, iLeads, Leads Accelerate, CBI Marketing and more... but it all funnels back to their call center parent corporation Callbox that employs dozens of Filipino spammers and phone callers. Update: no matter how many times I ask this fucker to stop emailing me, he continues to harass my company with dozens of emails using fake aliases and Gmail accounts etc. This asshole is flagrantly violating consumer protection laws and the CAN SPAM ACT, report him to the FTC and local attorney general Read More

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