Colin McDermott

Consultant, SEO, Shill / Male /

Colin McDermott is a Consultant and SEO and Shill who is a citizen of United Kingdom, and has been associated with the following entities as either a significant contributor, participant, promoter, or beneficiary, according to our OSINT research:

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How to install SlickStack (technical SEO WordPress / Nginx) from bigseo


Finally a Slickstack Subreddit!! from SlickStack

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3 responses to “Colin McDermott”

  1. Jesse Nickles says:

    Colin banned from from /r/bigseo for talking about things like HSTS and security headers and full page caching, which he claimed had nothing to do with SEO (“On what planet is this suitable for an SEO forum?? … Do you know what SEO what is? :-)”). Either he is a total wannabe guru (possible) or he just didn’t like me talking about Nginx.

    Why? Well it looks like Colin is another “Litespeed/cPanel” guru who sells shared Litespeed hosting plans, so of course he doesn’t want anyone to learn that you can setup your own $5 server using Nginx and it will be faster/more secure

    No wonder Search Candy’s performance sucks:

    He doesn’t even protect his site from DDOS attacks… xmlrpc is wide open

    …another loser pretending to be an SEO guru on Reddit, and banning people who ask questions

    Update: apparently banning me from his subreddit was not enough, now Conor is slandering my open source script on Product Hunt because it’s a direct competitor with Litespeed… this is what these Litespeed guys do, every time.

    Update #2: the whiny little douche that he is, Colin complained to Reddit admins about me exposing his censorship on this page and they suspended my account despite no relation to Reddit whatsoever… this is how corrupt these little douchebag Reddit moderators are

    Update #3: Colin is now reporting this web page to Google Headquarters to try and remove it from search results! Lol unbelievable, yet another total hypocrite who thinks he can ban and trash-talk anyone he wants, but blows a fuse when someone else does it to him

    Update #4: Colin is now slandering me on IndieHackers and Reddit (yes, after he banned me and I can’t respond)… all this because he censored me and doesn’t want the world to know.

    Update $5: thank you Product Hunt for banning Colin from the SlickStack page.

    Update #6: Colin is now abusing his position as a Reddit moderator by creating the /r/SlickStack subreddit and violating my copyright, and then spamming the subreddit with harassing posts about me: … this is the perfect example of everything that is wrong with Reddit!

    Update #7: now months later (Jan 2022) Colin is still going around Reddit posting harassing comments about me on random pages… he’s been banned from several subreddits already

    • LOL your penis must be so tiny I feel bad for you son. Spamming a professional SEO forum then crying like a little baby afterwards.

    • Jesse Nickles says:

      Spamming = discussing free open source software like Nginx? (as defined by Litespeed shills)… stop censoring people

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