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Litespeed (Web server)

The following (verified) people have been significantly associated with this entity, either as a participant, contributor, promoter, or beneficiary, according to our OSINT research:

  • Bhagwad Park (Blogger)
  • Saiful Islam (Blogger, Web Developer)
  • Drew Kirkman (IT Architect, Moderator)
  • Robertas Tamašauskas (Blogger, Web Developer)
  • Usman Nasir (Programmer, Web Developer)
  • Mominul Islam (Blogger, Web Developer)
  • Craig Edmonds (Consultant)
  • Colin McDermott (Consultant, SEO, Shill)
  • Syed Saadullah Shah (Blogger)
  • Fatih Tufan (Blogger)
  • Shoaib Khattak (Blogger)
  • Lucas Rolff (Blogger, Web Developer)
  • Ronald Caldwell (Blogger)
  • Valentina Bistriceanu (Blogger, Fraudster, Sysadmin)
  • Steve Teare (Blogger, Web Developer)
  • Lauren Song (Executive)
  • George Wang (Entrepreneur, Executive, Programmer)
  • Johnny Nguyen (Blogger, Fraudster, Grifter)
  • Reviews:

    I don't know if it's an innocent mistake or not due to the brainwashing by Litespeed Technologies, bur Saiful blogs blatant propaganda on his website claiming Nginx servers use "100%" of the CPU but Litespeed only uses "50%" ... which doesn't even make sense at all Read More

    Drew is the ultimate example of sanctimonoious IT douchebag who never finished college, thinks he is smarter and better than everyone, but is not nearly as smart as he thinks he is. He somehow wormed his way into moderating the very popular /r/webhosting subreddit on his brand new Reddit account 3 years ago and has spent the last few years begging Reddit to let him takeover other subreddits like /r/Hosting, /r/VPS, and others He deleted my post exposing a fraudulent Litespeed web host from Romania who was pretending to be an American company with a US CEO, which seemed weird until I saw his posting history that he loves Litespeed and DirectAdmin. He goes around banning and deleting all kinds of stuff every day that he disagrees with calling it "promotional" but then turns around and posts random stuff about DirectAdmin and AlmaLinux all the time... A perfect example of the douchebags that hold hostage the Web 2.0 discussion forums like Reddit and Facebook groups He also gives "legal advice" to people on /r/legaladvice all the time, pretending to be a lawyer or something Update: after I sent Drew a PM on Reddit saying "so it was you who censored me? what is your problem?" he reported me to Reddit and my account was banned lmao these people Read More

    I don't know anything about Robertas besides the fact he is yet another blogger sharing the fake benchmarks showing Litespeed servers are a million times faster than Apache/Nginx (propaganda released by Litespeed Tech) Read More

    Usman is incredibly talented as a developer. He's also the "link" between Litespeed Technologies, CyberPanel, and his new server CloudPages, and he is now a core part of the marketing effort for Litespeed. Unfortunately he has decided to help in their propaganda efforts, like this: ... where he compared the speed of an optimized CyberPanel / OLS server with caching enabled, with a Nginx / VestaCP server with no caching enabled, just to make Nginx look horrible. This is a recurring theme with the Litespeed team -- publishing blatantly dishonest blog posts and forum posts everywhere with benchmarks showing Openlitespeed being literally 96x faster than Nginx, under the (fake) guise of being fair comparisions. Read More

    In response to Jesse Nickles from their post on Oct 11, 2021 at 3:09am, I have never published anything "fake" at all, in regards to Apache and Nginx and the figures and graphs stated on this page here: are actual screenshots from real-world tests we have run on our real-world production servers. In addition, at the bottom of the page are the benchmarks from Litespeed themselves (link to them:, so insinuating in any way that I am a fraudster trying to defraud/brainwash the public by posting fake information is a little far fetched. I doubt my influence has such far-reaching consequences anyway. Furthermore, I am not under any obligation to provide certified scientific evidence of the benefits of using Litespeed, I can only provide my professional experience using Litespeed with Cloudlinux which has in my extended professional experience been a huge boost to server speeds and consumption after using Apache for so many years with disappointing results, compared to Litespeed. In fact, if this person actually reads the page, they will see I have actually given Nginx some measure of positivity by posting the pros and cons, whereby there are more pros than cons, but unfortunately not as many pros as Litespeed. So I standy by my professional findings that Litespeed is better than Apache as well as Nginx. Read More

    Craig is very impressive as he moved from working in hotels and bars and then learned finance and accounting without any formal education until settling into the marketing/hosting space in Spain... One thing I must call him out on is publishing the fake Litespeed benchmarks that for the last few years have attempted to brainwash WordPress users into believing that Apache and Nginx are horribly slow web servers (totally false)... Read More

    Colin banned from from /r/bigseo for talking about things like HSTS and security headers and full page caching, which he claimed had nothing to do with SEO ("On what planet is this suitable for an SEO forum?? ... Do you know what SEO what is? :-)"). Either he is a total wannabe guru (possible) or he just didn't like me talking about Nginx. Why? Well it looks like Colin is another "Litespeed/cPanel" guru who sells shared Litespeed hosting plans, so of course he doesn't want anyone to learn that you can setup your own $5 server using Nginx and it will be faster/more secure No wonder Search Candy's performance sucks: He doesn't even protect his site from DDOS attacks... xmlrpc is wide open ...another loser pretending to be an SEO guru on Reddit, and banning people who ask questions Update: apparently banning me from his subreddit was not enough, now Conor is slandering my open source script on Product Hunt because it's a direct competitor with Litespeed... this is what these Litespeed guys do, every time. Update #2: the whiny little douche that he is, Colin complained to Reddit admins about me exposing his censorship on this page and they suspended my account despite no relation to Reddit whatsoever... this is how corrupt these little douchebag Reddit moderators are Update #3: Colin is now reporting this web page to Google Headquarters to try and remove it from search results! Lol unbelievable, yet another total hypocrite who thinks he can ban and trash-talk anyone he wants, but blows a fuse when someone else does it to him Update #4: Colin is now slandering me on IndieHackers and Reddit (yes, after he banned me and I can't respond)... all this because he censored me and doesn't want the world to know. Update $5: thank you Product Hunt for banning Colin from the SlickStack page. Update #6: Colin is now abusing his position as a Reddit moderator by creating the /r/SlickStack subreddit and violating my copyright, and then spamming the subreddit with harassing posts about me: ... this is the perfect example of everything that is wrong with Reddit! Update #7: now months later (Jan 2022) Colin is still going around Reddit posting harassing comments about me on random pages... he's been banned from several subreddits already Read More

    Why is Syed posting poorly written propaganda for Litespeed Technologies? Does Litespeed pay bloggers to write this stuff or what? There are dozens of examples just like this with web designers who don't understand web servers "passionately" endorsing Litespeed, but they can't provide any technical reasons besides sharing the fake benchmarks that Litespeed published on their homepage. Read More

    You know that LiquidWeb is going downhill when their marketing guys like Ronald begin shilling for Litespeed servers, claiming that is "10x faster than Nginx" on their company blog... jesus, really? I remember when LW was like the most cutting edge web host around, like 15 years ago... they could have been a market leading cloud company or anything really, but instead just stayed in Michigan and never updated their approach and are just another cPanel shared hosting company these days. The benchmarks shared by Ronald are fake, they were published by Litespeed company and disabled caching in Nginx to make sure that Litespeed was the winner in the benchmark... pathetic Read More

    Why does Valentina try so hard to hide her name and ownership of the ChemiCloud web hosting company, based in Romania? Yet another shady ass hosting provider that is a "partner" with Litespeed Technologies, and ranks some very high ranking blog posts claiming that Litespeed is faster than open source software like Nginx (complete bullshit) and running an anonymous web hosting company. Edit: She is using the fake alias "Michael Thomas" as the owner of CCHosting now, and even on their cPanel expertise certificates: They claim blatant propaganda like that Nginx is only good for "Ruby" software, and that it has no server-level caching... they also publish blatantly dishonest benchmarks where they disabled FastCGI caching in Nginx but enabled LS Cache in Litespeed to make it seem 2x faster than Nginx Read More

    Johnny is a typical shill for a few Wordpress related brands like Rank Math SEO, Litespeed, and Swift Performance who doesn't actually know anything about computer programming or code development, so he just exchanges affiliate links and quid-pro-quo "endorsements" with other like-minded scammers. He didn't like that my company released 50+ free WordPress plugins (and the SlickStack script) for Nginx servers because Litespeed apparently performs worse than Nginx... so he started trolling my posts on Facebook groups saying I'm racist for having exposed all the fraud and spyware (and even a death threat) that Rank Math SEO was engaged in. More here: Wow: Just when you thought whiny virtue-signaling might stay out of the open source community, shills like Johnny showed up. It's really sad that your parents survive the Vietnam War and come to America, and then you decide to slander everyone as "racist" that is not helping you gain more affiliate link clicks. Thankfully 99% of Vietnamese refugees don't act like this! Update: Johnny is now leaving anon comments on his own blog claiming that I'm a "neo Nazi" among other smears. He doesn't even have the balls to trash talk a competitor using his real name... just straight to fraud, every time... the funniest part about his blog is that nearly every argument he posts he has previously taken a different or conflicting position on the subject in years past... he's like the Kamala Harris of WordPress Update Aug 2022: Johnny is now partnering with Mark Sea, the crypto scammer from China that I exclusively exposed, to post dozens of comments on WPJohnny and promote trademark infringing websites like and (thankfully, the web hosts shut them down after I alerted them). Johnny has lost already a dozen "positive" reviews on various blogs after my aggressive exposure of his fraudulent marketing, fraudulent "VPS hosting", and calling anyone "racist" who criticizes his Litespeed / Rank Math SEO shill gang... but he's too stupid to stop. ...after years of fraudulent reviews and spam, the WordPress community now sees thru the Litespeed / Rank Math scams, and Nginx and open source software are seeing a big resurgence in popularity (thankfully). Johnny is also now impersonating me in his blog comments, using email addresses... I asked him to stop, but he refused. Update May 2023: Johnny is now trying to stealth change his branding to "BlaqPanel" after "JohnnyVPS" got exposed as shill junk Read More

    Steve is one of the most honest and transparent people in the WordPress (++) community. He avoids affiliate links and quid-pro-quo dealings, and simply offers straightforward information, services, and experiences using his real name. All around very impressive, and rare. Edit July 2022: Apparently I spoke too soon... after Steve discovered I had complimented him, he went over to the WPJohnny blog (Litespeed et al shills) and publicly trash talked me... the content of his complaint was calling me "zany" for having complimented his blog's lack of affiliate links. You can't make this stuff up if you tried! It all makes sense now... Steve is a Litespeed user like WPJohnny... F security scores and all... no wonder he's bitter! The old boomer didn't even realize he had 2 LinkedIn profiles active. I have offered to help him out free of charge, but no response yet. Read More

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