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Any chance you or one of your colleagues would be interested in joining BWG Strategy’s Freelance Platforms: Upwork vs Fiverr Focused Q&A Today, March 25th at 1:30pm ET?

We will have a tremendous group of Fiverr & Upwork Experts joining the 1 hour interactive discussion to share views on the demand for consultants / freelancers, key wildcards (positive or negative) to monitor & more.

You don’t want to miss this one if available – let me know if I should send you the dial-in details.

BWG Strategy will host a Freelance Platforms: Upwork vs Fiverr Focused Q&A on March 25th at 1:30PM (EST).

Current Participants:

Nadya Rousseau – Founder & CEO at Alter New Media, a full-service digital marketing agency with services ranging from web design, online video production, digital strategy, SEO, social media management, public relations, and strategic partnerships. Nadya is a Fiverr Pro.

Subodh Srivastava – Technical Director at SubcoDevs, Inc, which specializes in complex mobile & web app development. Top Rated Upwork freelancer.

Roman Tatarnikov – Founder & Executive Director of IntLos, team of experts who specialize in Information Security and Content Delivery Solutions.(used to freelance, hires freelancers off of sites)

Veera Ji – Professional Freelancer – US Accounting, Bookkeeping, Cloud Accountant on Upwork.

Randi Neville – Professional Freelancer on Upwork.

Jayne Paulus – Freelance Spokesperson and Voice Over Artist on Fiverr.

Michael McClellan – Project Freelancer on Upwork.

Keith Rainville – Freelancer – Digital Marketer and Software Developer on Fiverr. Keith is a Level Two Seller.

Paolo Vendramini – Co-Founder & Creative Director at This Is Nuts, a Marketing & Advertising agency in Milan, Italy. Paolo is a Fiverr Pro.

Melanie Brown – Freelancer with Upwork

Jessica Ross – Freelance Writer on Upwork

Amber Meredith – Strategic Alliance Manager at Safeguard Global, a Human Resources Company that drives individual growth through Global Outsourcing. Amber is former Payroll Program Manager at Upwork.

Alexandra Fasulo – PRO Service Provider on Fiverr.

Discussion Topics:

Updates on demand for consultants / freelancers? Is hiring frozen, or are companies shifting to consultants for projects?

Given an expected spike in the number of consultants on the platform – what has happened to quality control?

Are the platforms making any accommodations with take rates, features or other benefits?

Once the crisis normalizes, what is your long-term outlook for the consulting platforms — Upwork and Fiverr and others?

What are the key wildcards (positive or negative) to monitor going forward in 2021?

BWG sessions are independent group discussions to share candid feedback. They are invite only and there is no cost to join. Absolutely NO sales pitches or presentations. There’s no affiliation with any vendors. BWG conference calls are not sponsored.

Look forward to hearing back from you!


Andrew Keller | Head of Forum Recruiting | BWG Strategy LLC | (908) 679-8933 ext. 1822 |
BWG Strategy sessions are independent and neutral forums. This event is not sponsored by or affiliated with any of the companies being discussed, any of their competitors or other providers of related product or services. We do not permit presentations or sales pitches during the session. Sessions may not be recorded. BWG Strategy follows guidelines to ensure, among other things, that no participants share material non-public or confidential information. By agreeing to attend the BWG event, you thereby agree to abide by the Event Guidelines, which may be viewed (here) and are also attached to the associated calendar invite.

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  1. Jesse Nickles says:

    Andrew illegally spams and harasses thousands of US freelancers trying to sell his shitty consulting… right, cuz freelance consultants are looking to pay asshole spammers for their advice on consulting /s

    P.S. he also pretends to have a 2nd Bachelor’s degree from Autonomous University of Barcelona on LinkedIn … bud, studying abroad for a few weeks is not a fucking degree

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