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Rachel Hawkins exposed as @YAWhispers bully

Both the @YaWhispers and @LadyHawkins accounts blocked us on Twitter after we contacted them. Ms. Hawkins own literary agent, Holly Root, also had not responded to our email before time of publication.

Hucksters can exclusively reveal that young adult fiction writer Rachel Hawkins is the person behind the infamous @YaWhispers account on Twitter who has been targeting various people in the literary industry, causing at least one self-professed Christian woman to be fired.

Hawkins, who quit her job as a teacher in Alabama to publish the popular series of fiction books known as Hex Hall, has spent the last several months using the account to badmouth dozens of literary agents that she apparently believes to be of poor quality; she has also used her (growing) audience to attack at least one one lesser-known agent, Colleen Oefelein, for simply having registered an account on the Parler and Gab social networks, despite her profiles there being completely devoid of content. Ms. Oefelein had briefly mentioned on Twitter weeks earlier that she was becoming frustrated with censorship on Twitter, however she appears to have continued using the platform to this day.

None of this seemed to matter to Hawkins, who publicly demonized Oefelein and her employer, Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency a.k.a. JDLit; she later went so far as to accuse Oefelein of being a “white supremacist” and “neo-Nazi”.

Here are some of the thinly veiled similarities between her accounts:

  • Both accounts are big fans of Lady Whistledown (a character from the Bridgerton TV series)
  • Both accounts use the title “Lady” in their profile page overview
  • Both accounts are obsessed with adoring black people and chastising white people
  • Both accounts have mocked critics of “cancel culture”
  • Both accounts are peppered with Gen-X AOL speak like “lol” “shady” “tbh” and overused dashes
  • Her @YaWhispers account tried too hard to change its writing style by using lowercase and avoiding Hawkin’s signature !! exclamation marks, but the same grammar obsessions (e.g. Oxford commas and quotation marks) still exist
  • The two accounts never post on Twitter at the same time
  • Hawkins has repeatedly promoted the @YaWhispers account on her timeline
  • Hawkins awkwardly and giddily stated (unprovoked) that she was “not” @YaWhispers but loved the “Good Gossip”
  • Hawkins has suspiciously deleted multiple tweets promoting @YaWhispers and some of the aggressive hate speech targeting Ms. Oefelein




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