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Ludovic Babineau


Apologies for coming in cold here, I came across your profile on LinkedIn and given your background I thought it made sense to reach out.

My name is Ludovic and I am a growth consultant for We help SaaS, agencies and high-ticket service/product companies like yours scale to their first $1m in 12 months or less and then $10m in 24 months or less profitably (without raising money or taking on any debt).

Here is a case study from AdvisorStream, a digital marketing platform, we took them from $0-$1M in annual recurring revenue in only 12 months (they are now past $5M ARR).
AdvisorStream Case Study

We took, a content/consulting agency, from $360K-$1.7M in annual recurring revenue in only 4 months- with just simple tweaks to their marketing and sales funnel. Case Study

We also took Sales Transformation Group from $720K – $2.2 M annual recurring revenue in 3 months with our practices & methods, here is a case study:
Sales Transformation Group Case Study

We do this by helping you install your own In-House Commission Only Remote Sales Team & supporting you with our team and systems to make sure you reach your goals.
(We are not a done for you service, we are a done with you service)

Here is some free content for you to devour at no cost (other than your time):

Check out our CEO Nick Kozmin explaining the exact process of how this is done:
11 Steps to Building a Sales Team In 30 Days Without Risk

Furthermore, check out this video that explains the most important quality in a Sales Hire: The Most Important Quality in a Sales Hire

You can also check out Nick Kozmin’s Copywriting Framework (Using Energy Balance and Evolutionary Psychology Lens) here:
Copywriting Framework (Using Energy Balance and Evolutionary Psychology Lens)

Lastly, here is a video on using a commission only remote sales team to go from $0-$5M in 14 months, bootstrapped:
How To Go From $0-$5M. In 14 Months, Bootstrapped, With Commission-Only Reps.

Our wheelhouse is with CEOs hitting at least $10k MRR and who haven’t cracked paid advertising or outbound prospecting yet.

Typically we can help you grow 20-30% month over month with just simple tweaks to your marketing and sales funnel.

Here’s’s Track Record:
-Salesprocess. io $0-$13M 24 Months
-AdvisorStream $0-$1M 12 Months, now past $5m ARR
-CopilotAdvisor $0-$1M 12 Months
-Press Advantage $0-$1M 11 Months
-Kinobody $2-$12M 24 months
-Keboola $3m-$6m 10 months
-Seamless .ai $200k-$3.5M 10 months
+ 2000 more

Interested in jumping on a quick call to see if we can do the same for you? You can book a slot directly on my calendar here:


Ludovic Babineau (B.B.A)
Growth Consultant

P.s. Using the exact same framework mentioned above, we took (our own consulting company) from $0-$5M in ARR in only 18 months, and then scaled from $5M-$13M in a matter of months.

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  1. Jesse Nickles says:

    Ludovic illegally spams and harasses hundreds of business owners trying to sell his junk marketing services

  2. Patrick Hamel says:

    I am working with Ludovic, and I must say he is the most hard worker individual I know. He is bringing a lot of value in the marketplace. I highly suggest working with him!!

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