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Ludovic Babineau

Spammer / Male / Center-Right

Ludovic Babineau is a center-right Spammer who is a citizen of Canada, and has been associated with the following entities as either a significant contributor, participant, promoter, or beneficiary, according to our OSINT research:

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Ludovic Babineau ludo***


Apologies for coming in cold here, I came across your profile on LinkedIn and given your background I thought it made sense to reach out.

My name is Ludovic and I am a growth consultant for We help SaaS, agencies and high-ticket service/product companies like yours scale to their first $1m in 12 months or less and then $10m in 24 months or less profitably (without raising money or taking on any debt).

Here is a case study from AdvisorStream, a digital marketing platform, we took them from $0-$1M in annual recurring revenue in only 12 months (they are now past $5M ARR).
AdvisorStream Case Study

We took, a content/consulting agency, from $360K-$1.7M in annual recurring revenue in only 4 months- with just simple tweaks to their marketing and sales funnel. Case Study

We also took Sales Transformation Group from $720K – $2.2 M annual recurring revenue in 3 months with our practices & methods, here is a case study:
Sales Transformation Group Case Study

We do this by helping you install your own In-House Commission Only Remote Sales Team & supporting you with our team and systems to make sure you reach your goals.
(We are not a done for you service, we are a done with you service)

Here is some free content for you to devour at no cost (other than your time):

Check out our CEO Nick Kozmin explaining the exact process of how this is done:
11 Steps to Building a Sales Team In 30 Days Without Risk

Furthermore, check out this video that explains the most important quality in a Sales Hire: The Most Important Quality in a Sales Hire

You can also check out Nick Kozmin’s Copywriting Framework (Using Energy Balance and Evolutionary Psychology Lens) here:
Copywriting Framework (Using Energy Balance and Evolutionary Psychology Lens)

Lastly, here is a video on using a commission only remote sales team to go from $0-$5M in 14 months, bootstrapped:
How To Go From $0-$5M. In 14 Months, Bootstrapped, With Commission-Only Reps.

Our wheelhouse is with CEOs hitting at least $10k MRR and who haven’t cracked paid advertising or outbound prospecting yet.

Typically we can help you grow 20-30% month over month with just simple tweaks to your marketing and sales funnel.

Here’s’s Track Record:
-Salesprocess. io $0-$13M 24 Months
-AdvisorStream $0-$1M 12 Months, now past $5m ARR
-CopilotAdvisor $0-$1M 12 Months
-Press Advantage $0-$1M 11 Months
-Kinobody $2-$12M 24 months
-Keboola $3m-$6m 10 months
-Seamless .ai $200k-$3.5M 10 months
+ 2000 more

Interested in jumping on a quick call to see if we can do the same for you? You can book a slot directly on my calendar here:


Ludovic Babineau (B.B.A)
Growth Consultant

P.s. Using the exact same framework mentioned above, we took (our own consulting company) from $0-$5M in ARR in only 18 months, and then scaled from $5M-$13M in a matter of months.

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3 responses to “Ludovic Babineau”

  1. Jesse Nickles says:

    Ludovic illegally spams and harasses hundreds of business owners trying to sell his junk marketing services

  2. Ludovic Babineau says:

    This is not a Valid Spam email.

    You were hit with 1 email and then you were never contacted again.

    Learn to respect people who put in time for their work even if it’s not exactly what you do or how you do things.

    People need to make a living and if sending an email is the way to do that , just block the sender, not that hard.

    Hopefully you have a great rest of the year!

    Edit by mods: Name fixed from “Jake123” to “Ludovic Babineau”

  3. Patrick Hamel says:

    I am working with Ludovic, and I must say he is the most hard worker individual I know. He is bringing a lot of value in the marketplace. I highly suggest working with him!!

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