Jesse Nickles

Blogger, Consultant, Web Developer / Male / Center-Right

Jesse Nickles is a center-right Blogger and Consultant and Web Developer who is a citizen of United States, and has been associated with the following entities as either a significant contributor, participant, promoter, or beneficiary, according to our OSINT research:

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6 responses to “Jesse Nickles”

  1. Jesse Nickles says:

    Are you allowed to review yourself on Hucksters? Darn right you can. This is an example of how to review yourself, which would help show up in search engines in case you don’t have much other feedback. So let’s just say I’m passionate about free speech, FOSS software, and the open web and try hard to be extremely honest, consistent, and fair-minded in all that I do… with a touch of humor, whenever possible!

  2. jarland says:

    Jesse is an angry little man who has created this website under the disguise of exposing fraudsters. In reality, this website serves one single purpose which is to slander the name of anyone who crosses his path. God help anyone who crosses his path professionally. He’s obsessed with the idea that if he speaks it, you are required to host it or it violates free speech. It should prove interesting to see if Jesse believes in the idea of free speech that he claims, by allowing this review.

    As you can see at the following link, Jesse openly doxxes his own customers on Facebook:

    Jesse is so upset over bad reviews that he lied to the BBB about moving his business to try to get the page shut down:

    Even his school tried to sue him for defamation but he ducked them because he’s too scared to deal with it:

    I’ve taken a nice screenshot of this review sitting here before I hit “Post Comment” so I can spread far and wide how Jesse Nickles, founder of Little Bizzy, slanders everyone else for not letting him do what he damn well pleases in any location he damn well pleases, but holds himself to a different standard.

    • Jesse Nickles says:

      Thanks for participating here Jarland, unlike you banning me from HostedTalk, I will not ban you from my forum because yes I do believe we need more free speech communities online these days. My goal is exposing hypocrites, like you… this is all a big experiment in online transparency in the end, I hope some good comes out of it (not just anger).

      Any of my clients who “go public” with untrue slander about me, yes I will respond. If they keep comms private, then I never reveal who my clients are under any circumstances, no matter what they do against me. The only other time I will expose a client is if they have committed fraud against me such as credit card chargebacks, identity theft, or etc (it has happened). 99% of my hundreds of clients over the years have never done this, so thankfully it is rare occurrence.

      The fake reviews you linked on BBB were not from any of my clients, they are from other scammers like Naveed Moein I exposed previously, and a non-client who thought I had copies of their acquired website sitting around from years past. The BBB tried to get me to join their premium membership after I called them out for deleting my public responses… so yah, criminals really.

      And no, I never lied about moving my business, as my Nevada LLC has been shut down since 2013. Yelp already deleted my local business listing since we’ve no local presence anymore, but BBB refused to delete it, because they’re angry at me for naming all the people in their Las Vegas office who tried to extort me (lead by Rhonda Mettler)… they also deleted positive reviews of my company from years past too… easily lawsuit material, but I like transparency better than litigation ;)

      My school was the University of California dude, how are you so smart but can’t use Google?

      Neumont University is a now-defunct diploma mill that President Obama stripped of accreditation because of all their fraud. I’m very proud to have helped expose them and their bullying and defrauding of students. Their CEO Edward Levine was fired, and now their entire operation has been revamped into a small computer school.

      Anyway your hypocrisy is astounding… but we knew that already.

    • jarland says:

      It’s a shame really. We probably would’ve been friends as we seem to have so much in common. Everything you accuse me of seems to be right up your alley. You just couldn’t let me have one corner of the internet where I escape the constant name calling and ridicule, I either had to let you make a post where you immediately insulted everyone on the forum or be slandered forever. I also prefer transparency to litigation, but game on. Just remember, you were the one who came into my house and demanded that I play by your rules. We never would’ve crossed paths otherwise.

    • Jesse Nickles says:

      We do have a lot in common, and look we never would have known it unless one of us stopped banning the other. I think blow-ups on the internet can be useful, humans need to be angry sometimes. They also need to apologize sometimes. But not everyone is physically attractive or charming personality so unless we make room for all kinds of people and stop censoring and virtue-signaling, it just builds more pressure and creates this new fake Web 4.0 of bullshit behavior, a “national obedience competition”…

      Anyway I’m sorry if I upset your shrine of peace, your corner of corners. I have a lot of respect for you, truly.

    • jarland says:

      Well I was never once a hypocrite, and I’d be glad to bury the hatchet if you remove untrue things about me. I’d ask you to remove my untrue things about you in the same way.

      You repeatedly accused me of hypocrisy because you say I advertised something that I didn’t provide. I never once advertised that forum as a free speech zone. From day one I advertised it as the place to go and get away from the constant berating, insulting, and belittling that plagued similar communities to the point that they weren’t enjoyable. I never wanted to take from those communities either, I only wanted to offer a single place where people could go and try to be better people toward each other. Just like a nice restaurant you dress up for, they don’t take away from McDonalds, they offer something entirely different. To let you start your first post out by calling everyone shills meant me throwing away the money and the mission, for the sole purpose of allowing you to use a word that you could get your point across without. I even offered you that platform without that one word, but then you went crazy over that idea. Then you started spamming registrations and literally attacking what I had made.

      So here we are. If you’re the moral person you make yourself out to be, you won’t publish untrue things about me. What I said to you isn’t untrue, but this notion of hypocrisy is pure fiction. I made exactly what I set out to make, you alone attacked it without provocation.

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