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Glossary (Metadata)

Honesty Score:

For our purposes, and similar to what you might study in a Western Philosophy class, the Ethics score is not about if someone is “nice” or “mean”, religious or not, leftist or rightist, or otherwise. It has nothing to do with how likeable someone might be, or even if they have a criminal past. For our purposes it refers more to how consistent and transparent (honest) someone is about their beliefs and actions, and what effects that approach tends to result in (esp. regarding society in general). Someone can be an asshole, admit they’re an asshole, and bring tremendous selflessness or value to the world at the same time. This might be considered highly ethical and transparent, for our purposes. At the same time, someone might be very charming, have no criminal history, very outgoing and friendly, and yet be defrauding thousands of people out of their life savings; this might be considered very unethical and insidious, for our purposes. What motivates someone? Is it selfishness? Altruism? Hate? If it’s hate, what do they hate, and why? Is that hatred rooted in ethical beliefs? These are some questions we pose.

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