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Fallout from Andrew Ryan Rafols fraud continues in 2024

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    sounds like multiple lawsuits being planned trying to recover money that Rafols lied about in court and hide somewhere….



    Andrew Ryan (formerly Ryan Rafols) totally failed ASTRALABS / Newchip Accelerator shareholders over through mismanagement.

    He drove Astralabs into bankruptcy, conned small time investors, and every shareholder should be angry at him.

    The latest financials filed show an astounding inability to manage risk – holding on to a huge warrant portfolio while scrambling to gin up cash in short-sighted,desperate ways. Selling future revenues, banking on being able to fundraise endlessly. He was fundraising from small investors Wefunder days out from filing a bankruptcy petition. An equity raise which would not necessarily be paid back from sale of assets.

    In several of the updates he sent out, he admitted to poor hiring – he then compounded his mistakes by trying to go on a hiring spree as the company was running out of cash.

    Then, after filing a hasty bankruptcy petition, he directly lied to the court, attempting to hide assets. He destroyed hundreds of millions in shareholder value through his totally inept management.

    Perhaps a shareholder lawsuit against Andrew would be well founded and much deserved.

    #Astralabs #Newchip #AndrewRyan #VentureCapital #venturecapitalist #bankruptcy #fraud #ConMan #sexualharassment

    Paid for PR


    lol what happened to his profile? no longer on Google.

    “Andrew” Ryan Rafols


    that’s because Ryan submitted fraudulent legal complaints to Google under their “revenge p**n” guidelines trying to get the page deleted, it may or may not come back in the search results eventually but it can take months


    I’m surprised if lawsuits haven’t been filed against him yet tbh


    “Some results may have been removed under data protection law in Europe. Learn more”



    did Ryan use the GDPR and pretend to be European?


    does this thing work?


    Did you read the court docs? And I don’t think that guy Michael Cipriano is doing anything anytime soon; he went on a rampage, posting his d**k everywhere and cumming on photos of Newchip people – apparently is a drug addict and lives in his parents house after losing his job two years ago. Suffice it to say I think that Andrew was found innocent of fraud or at least he won all the claims against fraud:


    did Ryan use the GDPR and pretend to be European?

    Looks like it. GDPR is for E.U. residents, so probs more fraud on his part.


    where did you hide the money Ryan?!?!?!?


    Me Against You(
    (Guarantee you gonna lose)
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    If I’m Ryan I’m lying,
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    You sit when you pee, gotta admit this gives me glee.
    All you’ll ever do is jerk off


Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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