What inspired this website?

The evergrowing amount of fraud and corruption on the internet, and lack of government regulation. The fact that many politicians are in fact party to fraud and corruption, making their oversight and regulations pointless and self-serving. The tragedy of the internet being taken over and dragged thru the mud by a small handful of Big Tech monopolies. Our website is a neutral third party simply documenting relationships, nothing more.

What is the long-term purpose of this website?

To bring transparency to how money flows between business, journalism (“media”), and politics. Our goal is to simply reveal who is paying who money — following the money. The general public is invited to comment (or review) any public figure or brand listed on our website, as long as they use their real name.

Can I remove a listing from your website?


If I sue you, threaten you, file GDPR or other authoritarian complaints, will you remove my listing?


Why am I listed here, or XYZ brand listed here?

Because you have a public presence as an entity that sells products or ideas to the general public, or you are a tax-funded politician.

What other directories do you suggest?

There are several online directories trying to encourage transparency, here are some: