Tomasz Jan Góralczyk

A.k.a. Donk Enby, Crash Override, TJG, tjg1, @RD
Hacktivist, Programmer / Male / Far-Left

Tomasz Jan Góralczyk is a far-left Hacktivist and Programmer who is a citizen of Austria and Poland, and has been associated with the following entities as either a significant contributor, participant, promoter, or beneficiary, according to our OSINT research:

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put a bangin' donk on it
An alternative to Crumby that is being worked on, but sadly only works on boorus from crumby helped web design (tamed-json) for his uni:



Tomasz Jan Góralczyk is a proud “snitch” who boasted about his work being used in the Impeachment trial against President Donald J. Trump. In addition he is responsible for several hacking events that span about 10 years. Most recently assisting Antifa in their subversive efforts in the United States.

DOB: 1994-02-06

He developed an app for Android: Nori (real name listed)
He was born in Poland, moved to the UK and then moved to Austria
We know he worked for Metalab in Vienna/Austria

And images show our good friend Donk Enby at Northern RST 2019 in Scotland

[email protected]
Appflame 95 Pentre Jane Morgan Ceredigion ABERYSTWYTH SY23 3TG United Kingdom


@donk_enby told Gizmodo that she began investigating the social networking website after the company issued denials about an email leak found by the hacktivist Kirtaner, who has been credited with founding the hacker group Anonymous.







 more than 3 domains hosted on IP address
Domain View Whois Record Screenshots


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One response to “Tomasz Jan Góralczyk”

  1. Jesse Nickles says:

    There’s no other way to describe Tomasz than “identity crisis”… a Polish dude who studied in the UK but failed to complete university, and moved to Austria and tells everyone he is from Austria because he’s embarrassed of being Polish, or something.

    He formerly was a fierce advocate of “free speech” but at some point decided he was trans/furry and became a far-left social media poster which apparently gave him more of the attention he craved, and began supporting censorship and harassment of right-of-center people and platforms such as Parler… this kid is a walking picture of cognitive dissonance and insecurity

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