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A.k.a. Lisa Cody (etc... many fake aliases)
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Lisa Cody lisa.Jes@sunbearcrm.com

I’m contacting you to see if Sun Bear CRM would be a good fit for  xxxx

We offer an All-In-One CRM and Marketing Automation platform designed for small to medium sized businesses.

Database – Create a customized prospect database
Segmentation – Segment prospects for targeted email campaigns
Automation – Execute automated email campaigns
Response Management – Automate management of responses
Lead Management – Manage qualified leads to closure
Reporting – Access dashboards and reports to determine what works

Our platform may be able replace many of the applications you now use in your marketing and sales processes. We integrate with literally hundreds of applications as well.

We implement our platform for you, requiring a minimal amount of your time to get up and running.

For more info please check us out at Sun Bear CRM.

The best way to evaluate our platform is through a brief (15 minute) on-line demo.

Thanks xxx!


sunbear Scheduler
Sun Bear CRM
205 Main Street
West Harwich, MA 02671

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  1. Jesse Nickles says:

    Mike illegally spams thousands of Americans trying to sell his shitty CRM software

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