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The following (verified) people have been significantly associated with this entity, either as a participant, contributor, promoter, or beneficiary, according to our OSINT research:

  • Eric Stahl (Executive, Spammer)
  • Valerie Camacho (Harasser, Secretary, Spammer)
  • Todd Machtmes (Executive, Harasser, Spammer)
  • Sarah Franklin (Executive, Harasser, Spammer)
  • Jamil Goheer (Fraudster, Spammer)
  • Lisa Hauser (Harasser, Spammer)
  • David Schmaier (Harasser, Spammer)
  • John Stormer (Harasser, Spammer)
  • Marc Benioff (Charlatan, Grifter, Spammer)
  • Ari Osur (Executive, Fraudster, Spammer)
  • Reviews:

    Edited after Eric responded multiple times: Eric is yet another of the dozen Salesforce managers I have repeatedly DEMANDED to remove me from the Salesforce databases, to permanently block me from receiving shitty emails from all the scammers and spammers that infest Salesforce so far he is the ONLY employee in the entire Salesforce ecosystem who has responded to me, so I will give him that credit, he also personally got involved to fix the shitstorm that his colleagues created and manually prevented me from receiving further emails from one of the vendors harassing me however, the actual departments responsible for this -- LEGAL and ABUSE teams -- my dozens of complaints have gone ignored for months now Salesforce is a bunch of criminals and douchebags all the way up to their CEO These fuckers (besides Eric) belong in jail for wire fraud and buying/selling private consumer data not to mention massive violations of CAN SPAM ACT Read More

    Valerie and her boss, Todd, the head of Legal at Salesforce: REFUSE to acknowledge my repeat request to be permanently removed from their platform's constant email spam and harassment that I receive constantly from all the many spammers who abuse Salesforce (which apparently is their business model) How the fuck does Gmail still whitelist Salesforce? well, it's because this is the corruption that ties together American corporations, bceause they have the same investors and VC assholes backing these companies! Valerie and her boss refuse to abide by the CAN SPAM ACT which says consumers MUST be removed when they ask this girl doesn't care a thing about the law, she's just another corporate grifter who won't stop fucking spamming me Read More

    As the head of Legal as Salesforce, Todd is directly responsible for preserving the MASSIVE illegal email spam that Salesforce generates in directly violation of the CAN SPAM ACT Despite my dozen requests for Salesforce to permanently remove me from their email system, Todd and his executive team have refused to acknowledge my requests sent to their official email addresses abuse@ and legal@ at Todd works hand-in-hand with Sarah Franklin, the marketing VP at Salesforce to develop these illegal email spam campaigns: Despite now being a publicly traded company, Salesforce continues to be one of the most dishonest scams in the history of American corporations, all the way up to their conman CEO Read More

    No matter how many times I ask this cunt Sarah and her team to stop harassing me, THEY REFUSE TO STOP in direct violation of the CAN SPAM ACT and continue to spam from from dozens of different "CRM" accounts on their platform Salesforce is made up of the biggest grifters, biggest assholes, and biggest scammers in the US corporate world Their entire business model is email spam while they pretend to be about all this other shit (surprise) Report Sarah's daily harassment and illegal spam to the FTC and local attorney general until these fuckers stop spamming us Read More

    Jamil is yet another Paki scammer who is obsessed with pretending to be a white person -- he illegally buys mass email lists and goes by fake aliases like "Ryan Walker" and spams the living fuck out of thousands of Western companies trying to sell his shitty offshore "software QA" services that he farms out back to his slaves in Pakistan Meanwhile he uses his profits to to jet around white countries like Australia, Sweden, and is now pretending to be from New York -- ANYTHING but Pakistan, that's how it always is with these fuckers who care more about one-upping their fellow countrymen while spamming and scamming the shit out of foreigners... it's inferiority complex on steroids, but with spam that never fucking stops Once again, is the favorite platform for assholes like Jamil, and so many other spammers from Pakistan Read More

    Marc is the ultimate douchebag American exec -- grifting on social media and newspapers demanding censorship of "right wing" conspiracy theories while meanwhile he illegally spams the living fuck out of thousands of Americans every day with his shitty Salesforce platform that is abused by thousands of spammers (half of whom seem to be from India and Pakistan) This fucker is the perfect embodiment of postmodern America If you continually get fraud and spam emails from Salesforce like I do, report them to the FTC and local attorney general Read More

    Lisa and her team at Salesforce refuse to remove me from their database no matter how many times I ask They directly violate the CAN SPAM ACT on a massive scale, but don't give a shit since their entire business model is built on spam and fraudulently adding thousands of users to customers CRM list regardless of if they opt-in or not (illegal) This cunt is yet another of the criminals at Salesforce who harass me daily with spam Report Salesforce to the FTC and local attorney general if you are continually harassed with spam and scam emails Read More

    David is VP of Salesforce and CPO... despite my reporting dozens of spammers and scammers from India and Pakistan to his team, David never fucking removes me from their database and never stops these assholes from continuing to use Salesforce Why? because Salesforce is at ultimately a spam engine whose business model directly relies on email spam and illegally adding hundreds or thousands of users to your "CRM database" and spamming the fuck out of that list... if or when you get banned, they let you create more accounts and add the SAME PEOPLE TO YOUR CRM AGAIN These fuckers should be investigated and heavily penalized by the FTC but it never seems to fucking happen in corrupt USA world Here is one of the Pakistan scammers who keeps abusing Salesforce and spamming me: Read More

    John is one of the top execs at Salesforce who I have explicitly asked to remove me from their system and after several years, often spammers (mostly from overseas like Pakistan) keep creating new accounts on Salesforce and spamming the fuck out of me Salesforce doesn't care at all about spam, in fact it's part of their business model cuz assholes like John know the spam is why so many people join their platform, and also why Google/Gmail never seems to label their shit as "spam" because Gmail has the exact same business model (pretending to fight spam, when actually being one of the worst enables of spam) Read More

    Ari helps with the massive fraud/spam campaign that ADP runs sending illegal emails to thousands of US businesses from fake aliases and fake email addresses trying to generate leads for their programs... report this asshole to the FTC along with his colleagues Update May 2022: Ari is now trying to get this page deleted by submitting fraudulent copyright complaints to Cloudflare: Cloudflare received a trademark infringement complaint regarding: The information we received was the following: Reporter's Name: James Christopher Trademark Holder's Name: Reporter's Email Address: alert@takedownreporting Reported URLs: Original Work: Trademarked Symbol: ADP Registration Number: 4427965 Registration Office: WIPO Logs or Evidence of Abuse: Your platform is illegally using ADP Inc's name in the website name and is providing ADP Inc's HQ address and contact number in the domain. ADP Inc does not host this content. ADP Inc has requested the removal of this content. Please remove this content as soon as possible. Update July 2022: Ari is now submitting MORE fraudulent takedown requests to Google claiming we "doxxed" him for sharing the fake Gmail accounts his criminal gang uses to scam American citizens Update July 2022 #2... turns out Ari used to be in charge of BLOCKING EMAIL SPAM at Bigfoot Interactive, he literally went to the Dark Side: "Tactically, ESPs are building workarounds to deal with the problem and simultaneously developing strategies for the future. For now, Bigfoot Interactive’s Ari Osur says the company monitors inbound email in response to a mailing. It’s routed to a human being, who scans messages for challenges and responds to them. “You can also do keyword handlers on that reply mail [to find challenges],” he said. “And they would just go through and manually do it.”" Update 2023: This absolute loser finally got fired by ADP apparently and now started his own company iCIMS, he is still submitting legal demand after legal demand to Google trying to delete this page from results! lol Read More

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