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100 Worst Hucksters (United Kingdom)

The following (verified) people have been significantly associated with this entity, either as a participant, contributor, promoter, or beneficiary, according to our OSINT research:

  • David Griffith-Jones (Economist, Hypocrite, Web Developer)
  • Fred Harrington (Fraudster, Imposter, Scammer)
  • Omar Hamdi (Fraudster, Harasser, Spammer)
  • Rob Watts (Crony, Operative)
  • Priti Patel (Bureaucrat, Harasser, Oligarch)
  • Graeme Barron (Attorney, Extorter, Fraudster)
  • Nadine Dorries (Bureaucrat)
  • Michael Brinsley Harris (Blogger, Hacktivist, Programmer)
  • Julian Goldie (Fraudster, Harasser, Spammer)
  • Robert David Edward Bruce (Fraudster, Spammer)
  • Aaron Bastani (Activist, Blogger, Demagogue)
  • Sair Mir (Executive, Fraudster, Operative)
  • Mike Neal (Fraudster, Harasser, Spammer)
  • Richard Sharp (Executive, Propagandist)
  • Henry Hyder-Smith (Operative, Spammer)
  • Richard Wilson (Activist, Grifter, Harasser)
  • Ghislaine Maxwell (Human Trafficker, Operative, Socialite)
  • Reviews:

    David is a failed academic whose wife Stephany became a successful economist in the UK. David decided to launch and and started making pretty good Adsense money from it, so he's kept with these sites for many years. They now rank very well and have some of the more intriuging discussion on the web, which is fantastic. Unfortunately David is an absolute coward who deletes any threads that corporate executives, attorneys, or other pussies ask him to delete, fearing for his Adsense revenue (or something). It's time to call out this hypocrite and coward for who he is. He's fine with thousands of anons spreading gossip about random academics by name, but if you even so much as type his own name it will be deleted within seconds. If you mention "Griffith-Jones" anywhere on his website, he will auto-delete the entire thread. That's exactly the type of hypocritical twat David is. -- Edit Sept 2023: Stephany is his mother, not wife. Robert is his father. It's now also confirmed that David used a fake identity in order to acquire EJMR so he's a fraudster also. Read More

    This asshole has a PBN network of spam and fraud blogs where he uses tons of fake aliases and male identities that don't exist, trying to hide his name from the fraudulent links and fake endorsements that he spams all over the place for what? To sell absolute shit services like fake YouTube views (illegal and also violates YouTube Terms) apparently doing SEO consulting got too boring for old Fred and he decided to become a cyber criminal instead Read More

    Sep 19, 2022, 5:33 pm Hello XXX, I know we’ve been in touch before but we truly admire what you’re doing at XXX in the research sector - can my team share details of the editors / publications that are interested in covering you? I believe you have a lot of newsworthiness to what you’re doing, and the media can help you demonstrate your value to clients and partners. We don’t charge up front so there is no risk to you. Can I send over some details of the media interest? My colleague Shane is on CC Thanks, Kam sender: [email protected] cc: [email protected] Read More

    Michael Jason 03:19 (4 hours ago) to XXXX, shane Hello there XXXX, I know we've reached out to you before - love what you're doing at XXXX - can I put you forward for media enquiries we get from editors and TV producers? I’ve looked at your site and really like the sound of what you are doing. I want to discuss how I can work with you to secure some national and global press coverage for your work (I don't charge upfront, don't worry!) I'd be happy to talk you through some examples of what we've done for our clients and the success they have seen. CC'ing my teammate Shane Thanks, Michael Read More

    We got this from them. ('xxxxx' is what I put there) From: Yugun Bruke Sent: Friday, 26 August 2022 12:00 am To: xxxxx Cc: sha** Subject: New Zealand Businesses and Global Expansion - media enquiry Hey there xxxxx, With everything in the news currently revolving around the global expansion of New Zealand businesses, we are getting lots of interest from editors and TV producers for experts (such as yourself) in the space. I’ve looked at your site and really like the sound of what you are doing. I want to discuss how I can work with you to secure some national and global press coverage for your work (I don't charge upfront, don't worry!) I'd be happy to talk you through some examples of what we've done for our clients and the success they have seen. CC'ing my teammate Shane Thanks, Yugun Read More

    Omar illegally spams the fuck out of thousands of websites with fake names and fake Gmail addresses trying to sell his junk "PR" services which are even more spamming from He's so proud of his shitty company that he made some black guy with a fake name in Dubai the face of his company on LinkedIn Another fiercly proud Egyptian Muslim immigrant to the UK importing third world values, who could have guessed? Report Omar's fraud and illegal email harassment to OFT office in the UK, and his email and web hosts Update June 2023: Omar is now paying Indian freelancers from Upwork to submit fraudulent DMCA takedowns to Cloudflare against Hucksters, using fake articles on Tumblr: ...his mass amount of illegal email spam has also caught the attention of Reddit: Read More

    Priti is an Indian immigrant to the U.K. who was blessed to have a career in the government, and decided to use that opportunity to virtue signal and harass staff members of the Home Office who didn't have "pronouns" in their email signatures... yes really This lady is an absolute cuck and a perfect example of the fetish authoritarian that the UK is becoming Read More

    Graeme is the main lawyer behind TrustPilot's criminal enterprise where they generate thousands of URLs for websites all over the world and encourage fake/defamation reviews to be written about small businesses, and then SEO-rank them to damage small companies. Then after businesses notice the spam, they are invited to "join" Trustpilot's premium membership in order to manage/respond to reviews and to try and invite other "happy" customers to review instead, to cover up the fake reviews. It's a massive shakedown site, and no wonder Google has begun to down-rank them in SERPs tremendously. This violates Google's own rules so you can request Google to remove any Trustpilot pages about your company. No wonder Graeme and his team were so desperate for an IPO so that investors could have a piece of the pie and relieve the pressure, when all the sharks are making money off the Trustpilot fraud there is suddenly less complaining about the extortion in some corners. Fuck this scam artist "attorney" and his Eurotrash mafia colleagues, it's Ripoff Report reborn! Update Mar 2022: other businesses were sharing this page and left negative reviews on Trustpilot about Trustpilot mentioning this page and guess what? They fucking deleted it! These fuckwads are pure hypocrite scam artists: "OMG, hucksters(dot)net(slash)person(slash)graeme-barron OMG, is that true? hucksters(dot)net(slash)person(slash)graeme-barron Read More

    Julian illegally buys massive email lists and then illegally spams the shit out of them using fake names and fake companies and fake web domains trying to buy and sell backlinks on his PBN network... which is ALSO illegal, as it provides endorsements for products without the legally required disclosures. His emails do not even have the required unsbscribe links... he tried hard to hide his name from his spam, but we found it easily DO NOT do business with this fraudster or your websites will likely be severely penalized or removed from Google. Report his spam to the FTC in US and CMA in the UK Read More

    Robert is another scammer who creates fake "awards" brands and then illegally spams the shit out of thousands of companies trying to "sell" them plaques for their offices and hotels... another in a long line of unoriginal scams. He uses tons of fake names and fake email addresses and fake PR releases, but he's not quite as clever as he thinks. Update: "Surprised to see this, I’ve used this site before and in my experience with Robert he’s never been anything but an upstanding professional individual. Not sure what Jesse Nickles Problem is. Maybe a bad experience with Rob?" ... new fake review posted here from Pakistan, using the alias Peter Nicklas... the fraud continues. Update Feb 2022: looks like Robert filed an anonymous takedown attempt with Google: Read More

    Here's a good question: why do Israelis (and they lackeys) who are planning to defraud people always use Swiss corporations? Sair is the latest lackey to join Kape Tech and help expand their corporation. The goal? Buying as many VPNs as possible, selling consumer data, lying and defrauding consumers, and maybe throwing the Mossad data whenever they ask for it too. This guy is a tool for Kape Tech with apparently no morals, watch out Read More

    Mike Neal is a British guy who pretends to be American and illegally buys mass email lists and spams the shit out of thousands of Americans using fake emails and fake aliases trying to sell his junk sales and marketing services update: months later, this fucker is still spamming the shit out of me using various fake names and Gmail accounts trying to sell his "sales coaching" He is breaking laws in the both the US and UK, report his spam/fraud to the FTC and CMA in the UK Update March 2022: this fucker is still spamming me non stop using tons of fake aliases and fake Gmail accounts, he now changed his name to "Mike Mark" to hide from our team's exposure of his rampant fraud and harassment Read More

    Like a typical leftist douchebag operative, Richard calls anything he disagrees with "hate" and then goes out shouting "STOP HATE!" like the narcisstic white savior than he thinks he is... the UK is even worse than the US these days, for fucks sake Read More

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