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100 Worst Hucksters (Pakistan)

The following (verified) people have been significantly associated with this entity, either as a participant, contributor, promoter, or beneficiary, according to our OSINT research:


Salman is yet another spammer from Pakistan who pretends to be a white guy named "Eric Barr" (etc) as he spams the fuck out of Americans trying to sell his shitty offshore web services He also falsely claims to live in San Francisco... this type of fraud is common among Paki business people, spam/fraud is just normal business You've been warned Read More »

Asad is a dumbass spammer from Pakistan who spams the fuck out of thousands of people using fake Gmail addresses and includes a laundry list of his PBN blog domains directly in the email body He tries to use fake names but it was easy to track this asshole down Read More »

This asshole and his boss from Telebiz International spam the fuck out of me worse than maybe any spam team I've ever seen They register hundreds of fake Gmail accounts and hook them up to their email software and spam the living fuck out of thousands of Americans trying to sell their VOIP solutions, hidden thru various shell companies that trace back to Telekom Malaysia (one of the most corrupt companies in the history of Asia) Read More »

Tanzeel runs yet another scam Pakistan company "Virtual Force" that pretends to be "Virtual Force Inc" located in New York City, but they are just a bunch of spammers based in Pakistan... the same old story, time and again They use fake white people names like Chris Martin, have fake employees and fake email addresses, and spam the living hell out of thousands of web developers and U.S. businesses pretending they are looking to "hire" you, when actually they are trying to get hired by you for junk offshore web services For some reason Salesforce keeps lettings these Pakistani scammers abuse their platform to send spam Update April 2022: Months later and this fuckhead is still abusing Salesforce to spam thousands of Americans... using new aliases like "Aaron Murphy" Read More »