100 Worst Hucksters (Pakistan)

The following (verified) people have been significantly associated with this entity, either as a participant, contributor, promoter, or beneficiary, according to our OSINT research:


Behzad leads a massive gang of phone and email spammers in Pakistan, Malaysia, and the United States, on behalf of Telekom Malaysia (one of the most corrupt companies ever). He runs a "front" company in Lahore called Telebiz International, which is just a fake brand that handles all of the fraud and spamming (tons of fake employees, etc) on behalf of Telekom Malaysia. These fuckers spam and telemarket millions of US companies using fake brands like "Connexaphone" etc but it's all the Pakistani spammers using fake identities, besides a few American freelancers they pay to leave voicemails (who may not even realize the crime network they are part of when they make the phone calls)... I have reported the spam several times to Telekom Malaysia and asked them to stop, but it just gets worse and worse. Stay the hell away from these scammers and all the VOIP and call answering services they sell... it's all fake and you're supporting fraudsters. Report all these people to the FTC, FBI, and your state's attorney general. Read More »

Yasir illegally copies the materal from Fiverr.com and spams hundreds of people pretending to be Fiverr admins to advertise his gigs Edit: He also illegally duplicates the websites of US companies like Ruckus Marketing and mass spams US companies pretending to be them while redirect his email links to other web servers like ruckusco.org... blatant consumer fraud and email spam, unfortunately too common in Pakistan these days. Report his emails and web servers to their hosting platforms, and to Fiverr, and to any other service that he is abusing, as there is really no way to report this type of stuff to Pakistani authorities these days. Update: Ruckus Marketing lawyers have successfully pressured Yasir into delete the infringing fraud site ruckusco.org Read More »