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Executives That Support Censorship (United States)

The following (verified) people have been significantly associated with this entity, either as a participant, contributor, promoter, or beneficiary, according to our OSINT research:

  • Camille Stewart Gloster (Executive, Propagandist)
  • Alisa DiCaprio (Economist, Operative, Shill)
  • Justin Ignacio (Gamer, Grifter, Streamer)
  • David Briggs (Grifter)
  • Gayla Huber (Harasser, Operative, Spammer)
  • David Carroll (Grifter, Harasser)
  • Phil Spencer (Executive)
  • Vijaya Gadde (Executive, Harasser, Propagandist)
  • Parag Agrawal (Executive, Programmer, Propagandist)
  • Pierre Omidyar (Activist, Investor, Propagandist)
  • Harris Cohen ()
  • Neal Mohan (Executive, Operative)
  • Marc Benioff (Charlatan, Grifter, Spammer)
  • Tim Cook (Executive)
  • John Redgrave (Activist, Entrepreneur)
  • Brian Roberts (Executive)
  • Thomas Hughes (Executive, Grafter, Propagandist)
  • Sarah Friar (Activist, Executive)
  • Guy Rosen (Executive)
  • Rob Manfred (Attorney, Executive, Grafter)
  • Chris Cox (Executive, Grafter)
  • Sundar Pichai (Executive, Grafter, Propagandist)
  • George Soros (Activist, Grafter, Investor)
  • Jack Dorsey (Entrepreneur, Grafter, Investor)
  • Mark Zuckerberg (Grafter, Investor, Operative)
  • Reviews:

    Camille was just appointed to "National Cyber Director" at the White House... sounds important right? like maybe you should be an expert on cybersecurity, national security, hacking, and all that jazz But Camille was chosen because she was: a) black b) a woman So of course while she has the accolades that affirmation action has earned her -- job at Google, being named "Senior Policy Advisor" at Homeland Security for "Cyber and Critical infrastructure" just a few years after she finished law school, random fellowships, etc... ...she doesn't even know how to setup the basics of email security on her website: literally zero protection against DNS spoofing, email spoofing, or otherwise... enjoy, Russia! of course this is expected, since Camille has no experience whatsoever with actual hands-on tech skills, she's the new breed of credentialism and virtue signaling leaders, and more evidence that the administrative state will be our undoing Read More

    Alisa is one of the people trying to take over crypto and blockchain on behalf of corporate banks and the WEF... she has commented several times that "Russia" could have been better punished and isolated if we didn't use SWIFT but used blockchain what a typical example of a dumbass over-educated liberal with no street smarts! Alisa have you heard of BRICS? what about SPFS that China and Russia are developing as a SWIFT alternative? do you know how the internet works, how the dark web works, or even how crypto works at all? did Johns Hopkins University not teach you any of this? is your WEF blockchain going to steal gold and oil and natural gas from Russia too, or will that require nuclear bombs? another useless shill for the New Liberal Order who blindly supports censorship and surveillance Read More

    Marc is the ultimate douchebag American exec -- grifting on social media and newspapers demanding censorship of "right wing" conspiracy theories while meanwhile he illegally spams the living fuck out of thousands of Americans every day with his shitty Salesforce platform that is abused by thousands of spammers (half of whom seem to be from India and Pakistan) This fucker is the perfect embodiment of postmodern America If you continually get fraud and spam emails from Salesforce like I do, report them to the FTC and local attorney general Read More

    Why is Justin threatening a random Youtuber, @DvasFeet who makes fun of anime feet, to delete his videos or be SUED? what level of douchefag do you need to be to not realize that a) any attention is good attention for Vshojo b) making fun of anime feet is fair use And guess who Justin used to send his takedown threats? none other that FBI tool ZeroFox James C Foster! Read More

    Gayla is another American suit with zero morals, who bullies and harasses me constantly on behalf of her company IntegriShield, because one of my websites that lists colleges in the USA and Canada ACCURATELY describes her clients as for-profit entities without full accareditation by the regional higher education accrediting bodies... This cunt emails me dozens and dozens of times per month, harassing me at a handful of different email addreses She illegally spams, bullies and harasses companies and website who refuse to accept corruption and tell the truth about diploma mills Another evangelical Christian American who "volunteers" at the homeless shelters in Kansas City, but has no problem with harassment, fraud, and scamming innocent American students out of thousands of dollars! Read More

    Here's a question: how did John go straight from Brown University to Stanford MBA and then directly into a 4 year high paying gig at Palantir, one of the most secretive and high-end companies in Silicon Valley? "2x founder of companies that were acquired by Apple and Discord" and has his own "capital investment" firm... Anyone who still thinks there isn't two Americans -- one for elites and their families, and one for the other 99% of citizens -- simply doesn't understand the first thing about the modern USA Read More

    Sarah is another American suit who patronizes far-left movements like Black Lives Matter while censoring conservatives on Nextdoor. I mean the app is already one of the most intrusive and scary apps in recent years, documenting names/faces/GPS location of all your neighbors along with their interests and political views, and now they are filling the app with BLM propaganda while preventing neighbors from saying like "God bless you Karen, all lives matter"... I mean WTF who thought this was a good idea? Americans are already paranoid about how much private information is on the internet and now Nextdoor is setting neighbors against each other based on politics? NO wonder Nextdoor usage is crashing... this app is on it's last leg, good riddance... don't ever trust some Silicon Valley corporate-leftists with the relationship you have with your next door neighbors! Read More

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