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Email Spammers (Israel)

The following (verified) people have been significantly associated with this entity, either as a participant, contributor, promoter, or beneficiary, according to our OSINT research:


Jackie is yet another member of the Israeli cabal Webselenese aka Kape Tech, a mafia-run internet company that buys tons of blogs and VPNs apps and then fraudulently writes reviews of their own products using fake aliases They also illegally spam the fuck out of thousands of websites using fake names and Gmail addresses trying to get you to link to their content, often using bots to scrape email addresses and write the emails Do not trust any of the content you read on their websites, and do not use any of the VPNs they own (likely spying on you) Update June 2022: months later this cunt is STILL fucking harasasing me using fake names like "Angela" Read More »

Idan runs the team at Webselenese, based in Israel and now owned by Kape Technologies (Mossad)... where he hires dozens of "ghost writers" to write fraudulent endorsement articles recommending services and products that tie back into Kape products like ExpressVPN, CyberGhost etc so that the Israel government can expand its VPN spying network. Idan makes sure that all his writers use fake names and he hides his name and his employees and companies name from all their fraudulent blogs like but these dumbasses are not nearly as secret as they think they are... Do not believe anything you read on blogs owned or managed by Webselenese, it's now all propaganda for Kape Technologies Update Feb 2022: Idan submitted a false Copyright complaint against this page (committing more fraud, like the liar that he is)... the funniest part is he hired an agency WorthIT Pvt Ltd from Pakistan to submit the fraudulent complaint (not Israel, or the US?) Update June 2022: months later, these Israeli cunts are still spamming the fuck out of me using fake names like "Angela" from Read More »

Ofer illegally spams and harasses thousands of WordPress site owners trying to promote his WooCommerce services Read More »