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Vigilante chasing and killing of Ahmaud Arbery for trespassing (2020)

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Ahmaud had a long history of being a repeat thief, along with confronting (and/or running away from) police officers. He even decided to visit his old high school after he already graduated and carried a gun onto campus illegally. But somehow the public is supposed to believe this guy was out "jogging" in a neighborhood that he didn't live in, and wasn't "casing" properties when he trespassed into under-construction homes? The politicization of the US court system is the real story in this sad series of events... the judge in Ahmaud's murder case prevented the jury from seeing his criminal history, and if any juror was already aware of that history he kicked them off the jury. The 3 men who chased him down and tried to "arrest" him were obviously acted like retarded cowboys and overreacting to the situation, esp since Ahmaud was not in possession of any stolen goods at that time (or anything else). They certainly deserve to be convicted, but the biased court in this case was absurd from the beginning just like the Chauvin case. Read More