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Washington University School of Medicine

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Why did Caitlin list the now well known 10 year old girl rape victim from Ohio as "17 years old" ?? trying to help the illegal immigrant rapist avoid felony charges no doubt at the request of the mom and/or CPS services from Ohio the mom didn't even report the rape! CPS had report the rape (late) after the mom refused to do so Caitlins leftist activist doctor friend in Ohio called Caitlin up to schedule an abortion for this little girl in Indiana as if both doctors weren't smart enough to know that Ohio law does not prohibit abortions for rape victims or when a patient's health is in danger as in this case... Caitlin then decided to proactively contact newspapers about the story to drum up support for abortion and her own reputation, in violation of HIPPA laws, and putting her own desire for media attention before her patient's privacy and safety (a rape victim) Indiana University has not fired her, but instead released a statement supporting her saying she violated no HIPPA laws (which is not their job to conclude). By the way, Caitlin was accused in 2016 of having sex with her patient's husband while her patient was pregnant in the hospital... this was the same time that Caitlin was awarded a $99,000 grant by Society of Family Planning to "study" birth control in postpartum women... WHAT THE FUCK Read More