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San Diego State University (SDSU)

The following (verified) people have been significantly associated with this entity, either as a participant, contributor, promoter, or beneficiary, according to our OSINT research:


Despite good intentions, "Heidi Beirich PhD" is the epitome of aging-boomer leftism where anything that offends her is "hate" and "extremist", thus defeating the entire purpose of promoting e.g. peace or moderation, due to her aggressive and insulting approach For example, she worked with Susan Corke to get Nick Fuentes banned from Twitter despite breaking none of their rules: This is not making the world a better place, it's just angry bitter old white women lashing out, and they get so entrenched (trapped) in this stuff with donations and careers that they are forced to keep the narrative going forever... Read More

Chad leads a massive online fraud network selling "leads" (same old story) by illegally spam calling thousands of companies around the USA in direct violation of several laws He pretends to be other fake people like "Aaron Anderson" or "Mandy" to hide from his illegal activity but is too stupid to realize that his crimes are easy to trace He buys other lead businesses like Rank Leads on Flippa and also has used his own brand Tower Leads as well, but purposefully avoids doing SEO on some of his domains to try and hide them from Google results... only dumbass business owners would think his websites look legit, which he hides all information about the actual owner of his leadgen websites He also illegally pretends to be a lawyer, using brands like and sells inquiries to other lawyers He knows so well that he's a scammer that for his new company, Netmark, he literally bought the domain name "" ahead of time knowing that many customers would be pissed at being scammed... just look at his Yelp profile for more on what Netmark does He even uses China-based registrars to register some of his domains like apparently too stupid to realize that doesn't save him Report Chad to the FTC and other law enforcement authorities until they take action Read More

Naveed is an incredibly volatile guy who spent literally months cyber-stalking and harassing me. He left negative reviews about my business online despite never being my customer, impersonated me on public forums like (thankfully they banned him), paid a dark web "hacker" from Canada named Shannon Ferguson to email me malware, pretended to be a woman on Google Maps and accused me of sexually harassing "her"... (thankfully Google Maps banned his fake "female" profiles after I reported them)... And all of this because why? He demanded "free" help from me for an open source WordPress plugin I had released, and I said no. This guy is a total psychopath... BE WARNED... Read More

Keith and his team illegally spam and harass the shit out of thousands of US business people trying to sell his shitty business cards with a network of spammy website domains that are barely functional... report these people to the FTC Read More