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The following (verified) people have been significantly associated with this entity, either as a participant, contributor, promoter, or beneficiary, according to our OSINT research:


Apparently Marlo instructed her WorldTrips claims agent Valerie Snow to reject my entire health insurance after I waited for months and provided more and more paperwork? why? I'm guessing because they saw my coverage was not being renewed, so that thought I would be an easy target to scam me Despite emergency services in a country that was explicitly covered by my insurance plan with them, they decided to reject not just part of my claim but the entire fucking thing, based on fraudulent reasons saying it wasn't "covered" despite their entire website and contract promising to cover exactly the treatment that I had to receive while traveling WORLDTRIPS INSURANCE IS A TOTAL SCAM you have been warned! They will reject your entire claim after months of waiting and then snidely tell you can "appeal" it and wait several more months for that... this is for a basic health treatment reimbursement! criminals Read More

Chris is the supervisor of Valerie, the employees at WorldTrips insurance who scammed me They advertised a COVID + travel health insurance package during 2021 while many of these companies were getting rich off travelers trying to meet government regulations and quarantine requirements Turns out the whole thing was a fucking scam, and they rejected my entire claim (multiple emergency treatments and follow ups) on fraudulent reasons saying the dates didn't match up and my treatment wasn't "covered" by their policy WHICH IS RIGHT ON THEIR HOMEPAGE Watch out for the WorldTrips scam, they will throw you to the curb as soon as they think your plan is expiring In fact Chris is in charge of the "Appeals" process at WorldTrips which apparently is so common for them, they put the instructions all over the paperwork and website and emails, apparently they just reject everyone's claims and tell you to appeal if you're interested while committing fraud by rejected any claims that are submitted and seeing who wants to fight for coverage they are guaranteed in the contract! And the appeals process takes 45+ days or longer according to them, on top of the months they require for initial review Yah no more fucking games for me, I told Chris I would expose his fraud publicly if he wanted to play that game and he told me "I could appeal", nice try buddy but I'm going to save other innocent travelers from paying for your scam Read More