Bryn Mawr College

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I'd really love to know exactly what Nina did to quality as the Biden admin (U.S. government's) top "disinformation expert", a girl who was born in 1989 and whose life experience consists of having studied abroad in Russia one time, and writing a book about it. Yah, Russia is so entirely evil that they let you study abroad there and shit talk their country afterwards. These 20-something liberal experts on foreign policy always go straight to Russia because it's been the easy target for decades... notice how none of them become an expert on North Korea, Iran, or China. Why not? Because the goal isn't really about national security, it's furthering their anti-right-wing-nationalist narrative, and taking advantage of world events to slip in new opportunities like the Democrats new Ministry of Truth department announced a few days ago. Another great example of how qualifying as an "expert" policy wonk means that you flirted your way into a Fullbright scholarship, shit talked Russia on Buzzfeed in your 20s, and got an internship at the Wilson Center... life experience and pragmatism be damned, as long as you're from an elite liberal family and good Jewish girl. Yet another hilarious example of the incredible influence the Israel-Jewish-left-Russophobe lobby has in D.C. Read More