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The following (verified) people have been significantly associated with this entity, either as a participant, contributor, promoter, or beneficiary, according to our OSINT research:

  • Amber Hart (Harasser, Spammer)
  • Tanner Schweppe (Harasser, Spammer)
  • Gayla Huber (Harasser, Operative, Spammer)
  • Reviews:

    Correct me if I am wrong but this blog does appear by definition to be a hate blog. "hateblog (plural hateblogs) A blog dedicated to expressing intense disapproval or hatred of someone or something." This entire blog is dedicated to you trashing companies and people you dislike or disagree with. Can you stop with the stereotypical assumptions. You think because I come from Missouri we are all "white Christians" you know nothing about my life or my religious or political views. You are just a keyboard warrior looking to pick a fight with anything you read and don't agree with. Our company has nothing to do with "diploma mills" or whatever you keep spewing on about. It is to make sure our clients are represented accurately online. Some of that includes statistical data like tuition information and student population and net price. We make sure sites have the correct addresses and phone numbers listed oh and obviously making sure the SCHOOL NAME is correct. Most people want the information about them or their company to be accurate and up to date which is what we do. If you have an issue with that then I am not sure what to tell you. Next time maybe try reaching out personally we easily could of marked you and your website as a Non-Compliant website and put you on the Do not contact list. Instead you decide to post a bunch of blogs on this site about information you clearly know nothing about just randomly making stuff up out of thin air (religious and political views) I hope you find joy in your life doing something other than posting hate blogs in your tiny little corner of the internet. Have a great day! Read More

    The funniest thing is that you believe I am "upset" I did not go through the effort of creating a Hate blog on the internet of someone I have never had an interaction with before. You are not being spammed the email you replied to was sent 2 years ago. "On Thu, Apr 2, 2020 at 11:06 PM" The notice had nothing to even do with diplomas the site had the old school name and they wanted it updated from Stanbridge College to Stanbridge Unviersty. "Deviation #1 Inaccurate information: Incorrect School Name (not resolved) The school name listed on your page is inaccurate. Please update to the following: Stanbridge University" This email wasn't a threat it was to inform the website that the listing was incorrect. Either way it doesn't matter because you have made it blatantly obvious you are just an angry miserable person that feeds off of trash talking behind the computer screen. I went ahead and did a little research on you as well and it seems you tend to do this quite often. I am not sure what you "exposed" I do tend to try and keep my information off the internet just as personal preference (Thanks for posting those links so I can get those removed also) but I do honestly hope that you learn that not everyone on the internet is an angry self-entitled prick like you, some people just want the information about themselves or their companies to be accurate. (Defamation of character is against the law btw) Have a great day! Read More

    Hi Jesse, I am sorry you are such an upset individual. Unfortunately the information you have posted about me is false, which is pretty funny considering you have been doing the exact same thing you claim I do. "Their teams spams and harasses the fuck out of websites whose content their clients disagree with, trying to get it censored." You have been spamming us with "Cunts and Fuckheads" because you simply did not agree with the notification you received. I also find it funny you got my age and work experience completely wrong (Can't believe everything you read on the internet :D). The fact that you have decided to throw a temper tantrum like a child instead of reaching out directly to discuss what is going on you decided to start posting a bunch of false/negative information on the internet in order to promote others to reach out and harass/spam the people/entities you do not agree with. I will be looking into getting this false information about me removed from this page and I hope you have a great day! Read More

    Amber is one of the main operators of the massive harassment and illegal email spam campaign run by Integrishield who represents apparently mostly shady ass companies and diploma mills like "Sullivan University" and "Elmira Business Institute" They then input as many of your email addresses as they can find to their automated software and illegally spam the fuck out of you usually several times per day demanding you delete or edit your "content" to satisfity their clients, in my case they were angry as hell that my blog mentions these diploma mills are not fully accredited Of course, as is so common, these assholes are right-wing Christians who virtue signal on social media and have no problem with fraud, corruption, harassment, and stealing thousands of dollars from innocent Americans who get scammed by these sham colleges! Read More

    Tanner is a 20-something guy with no career experience who for whatever reason works at Integrishield, a company run by "evangelical Christian" Gayla Huber: Their teams spams and harasses the fuck out of websites whose content their clients disagree with, trying to get it censored. In my case, their clients are a dozen for-profit diploma mills angry that one of my websites exposed their lack of full accreditation. Another shit company from Missouri ran by shit people, report their harassment and spam to authorities Update: Tanner is now trying to pay freelancers in the Ukraine to figure out how to get this page removed from the internet Read More

    Gayla is another American suit with zero morals, who bullies and harasses me constantly on behalf of her company IntegriShield, because one of my websites that lists colleges in the USA and Canada ACCURATELY describes her clients as for-profit entities without full accareditation by the regional higher education accrediting bodies... This cunt emails me dozens and dozens of times per month, harassing me at a handful of different email addreses She illegally spams, bullies and harasses companies and website who refuse to accept corruption and tell the truth about diploma mills Another evangelical Christian American who "volunteers" at the homeless shelters in Kansas City, but has no problem with harassment, fraud, and scamming innocent American students out of thousands of dollars! Read More

    *The vast majority of people listed in this database are just “normal” business people, therefore no negative connotation is insinuated nor should misdeeds be assumed based on existing in our business directory. Our underlying goal is exposing misdeeds and fraud, but to accomplish this we often must first identity “honest” business people. This is because of things like similar names, impersonation, copyright infringement, and other reasons. Thus, the vast majority of people in our database are not being accused of anything shady. For this reason, profiles are now “noindexed” by default until comments exist on any given profile, since many of them are unnotable.

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