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Steve is one of the most honest and transparent people in the WordPress (++) community. He avoids affiliate links and quid-pro-quo dealings, and simply offers straightforward information, services, and experiences using his real name. All around very impressive, and rare. Edit July 2022: Apparently I spoke too soon... after Steve discovered I had complimented him, he went over to the WPJohnny blog (Litespeed et al shills) and publicly trash talked me... the content of his complaint was calling me "zany" for having complimented his blog's lack of affiliate links. You can't make this stuff up if you tried! It all makes sense now... Steve is a Litespeed user like WPJohnny... F security scores and all... no wonder he's bitter! The old boomer didn't even realize he had 2 LinkedIn profiles active. I have offered to help him out free of charge, but no response yet. Read More