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The following (verified) people have been significantly associated with this entity, either as a participant, contributor, promoter, or beneficiary, according to our OSINT research:

  • Graeme Barron (Attorney, Extorter, Fraudster)
  • John DeGasperis (Extorter, Fraudster)
  • Ralph Jerome ()
  • Jasmine Bailey (Extorter, Fraudster, Recruiter)
  • Brian Wycinowski (Extorter, Fraudster, Salesperson)
  • Shannon Gullion (Extorter, Salesperson, Scammer)
  • Brian Merritt (Executive, Extorter, Fraudster)
  • Hanno Damm (Executive, Extorter, Fraudster)
  • Peter Holten Mühlmann (Conman, Extorter, Fraudster)
  • Reviews:

    Graeme is the main lawyer behind TrustPilot's criminal enterprise where they generate thousands of URLs for websites all over the world and encourage fake/defamation reviews to be written about small businesses, and then SEO-rank them to damage small companies. Then after businesses notice the spam, they are invited to "join" Trustpilot's premium membership in order to manage/respond to reviews and to try and invite other "happy" customers to review instead, to cover up the fake reviews. It's a massive shakedown site, and no wonder Google has begun to down-rank them in SERPs tremendously. This violates Google's own rules so you can request Google to remove any Trustpilot pages about your company. No wonder Graeme and his team were so desperate for an IPO so that investors could have a piece of the pie and relieve the pressure, when all the sharks are making money off the Trustpilot fraud there is suddenly less complaining about the extortion in some corners. Fuck this scam artist "attorney" and his Eurotrash mafia colleagues, it's Ripoff Report reborn! Update Mar 2022: other businesses were sharing this page and left negative reviews on Trustpilot about Trustpilot mentioning this page and guess what? They fucking deleted it! These fuckwads are pure hypocrite scam artists: "OMG, hucksters(dot)net(slash)person(slash)graeme-barron OMG, is that true? hucksters(dot)net(slash)person(slash)graeme-barron Read More

    John is another one of the extortion scam artists at TrustPilot that continue to post fake reviews published by spammers that I have exposed and told to stop spamming me (they get angry and leave fake reviews of businesses as "revenge"). Instead of asking for proof of name or identity, John publishes absolutely any bullshit that these Indian scammers write about me like: "Jesse Nickles Asonofbitch just left a new 1-star review of Let's see what Jesse Nickles is doing or was doing https:__wpjohnny.com_littlebizzy-jesse-nickles-fraud-slander-alert Replace the underline with slash All of us will sue this BlTCH. His business will be broke. We saw you are using this BlTCH's product. Just alert you what will happen, you need to notice the risk. His Github repo: https:__github.com_littlebizzy_slickstack Replace the underline with slash" They claim to be U.S. customers of mine... yah, right! Update: I discovered this fake review was posted by Mark Sea, a citizen of China (and never my customer) because he's angry I exposed his crypto fraud: TrustPilot doesn't care, any fake reviews they publish means more money for their extortion racket! Read More

    Jasmine recruits and manages the salespeople (extortion team) at Trustpilot who publish fake slanderous anonymous reviews about thousands of small businesses to try and force you into buying their services. Look at this review that Jasmine's team published about my web design company about from an Indian pretending to be my American customer: "Jesse Nickles founded A site 24x7 is illegally collecting private data by the founder's hack skills. He should be sentenced to jail." Read More

    Brian is another of the "salespeople" at Trustpilot that purposefully publish fake slanderous reviews about small businesses in order to damage your reputation so that they can turn around and sell you their services: This is what Brian and his team published about me from some anonymous Indian spammer with broken English: "A loser founded this website and all the products should be thrown to the bin. No any value. Don't waste time using them. The founder is a scammer, his free Github is just his bait." This is what Trustpilot does... if your IP address is from India or Pakistan or anywhere else they don't give a crap, you can publish fake reviews of your competitors under fake names and say that you are from Germany or USA or whatever you want Read More

    Shannon is one of the main salespeople for Trustpilot (ExtortionPilot) who publishes fake slander review of thousands of US companies on their website using anonymous handles (in my case, random people that hate me from Indian and Pakistan after I exposed their email spam) Shannon and her team allow anyone from anywhere to pretend to be your "American customers" and leave you reviews while pretending to be from e.g. Florida when their IP address is clearly from the Middle East Read this review her team published about me from some Indian spammer with broken English, pretending to be American: "Jesse is one of the biggest blackmailers behind the scenes. He sells SEO using his hack tech. If you don't buy his service, he will be still very friendly and introduce you some free malware based on his Github repo. In case you use the malware, the malware will subscribe to a lot of newsletters without you permission. When you report the newsletters, he will blackmail the newsletters." Her team doesn't care because it's part of their sales/extortion scheme where after your SERPs in Google are damaged they try to force you into paying Trustpilot for their services... same old scam as many others, but in this case these Euroskanks have a lot of investors Read More

    Brian leads the "revenue" team (extortion department) of Trustpilot where he encourages the website to publish any and all fake reviews of hundreds of small businesses on Trustpilot so that it will damage your reputation despite being 100% fake and anonymous Here's yet another fake review Brian's team published about my company that literally was written by an Indian guy using the fake alias "Emma Jones" and posting from his location in India, but Trustpilot published it anyway and says it was from a US customer: Here is the real guy who wrote the review: These fuckers are Eurotrash scam artists with several rich investors behind them. They offer to help your reputation if you pay them Read More

    Hanno and his partner Peter extort millions of small business owners by allowing anonymous slander reviews to be posted to Trustpilot directly targeting any domain desired... nothing is moderated, but you can "pay" for their services if you want to improve your reputation Bunch of extortion criminals from Denmark, these fuckers belong in jail Read More

    Peter runs the massive sham that is Trustpilot, allowing anyone in the world to leave fake anonymous reviews of their competitors or anyone else in the world they want, there are no rules and the moderation of reviews is totally arbitrary and inconsistent Why? because Peter and his co-investors make millions of dollars in Europe by selling "reputation" services to small businesses! For example I just saw a review posted by someone I know is a Chinese citizen, but they claim to be from Florida and are using one of their known "nicknames" in the crypto community to attack as a fraud after we exposed his illegal spamming of GitHub users: His name is Mark Sea, but he uses an obviously fake name "Fintechee Sea" and claims to be from Florida.... Trustpilot is a joke Update: here's another third-world dumbass slandering my company with broken English because he's exposed as an illegal spammer on Hucksters: IP address from China or Pakistan but you claim to be an American in Florida? No problem says Peter... approve the review, even if your "name" is "Scammer hunter" and your review is jibberish Read More

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