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The New School

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  • Dave Van Zandt (Academic, Blogger, Globalist)
  • Natasha Lennard (Activist, Columnist)
  • Reviews:

    Funny! The initial comment leans right...& ppl from the right understand exactly what "we" means. So, it seems this reply to the initial reply leans way left & is nit-picking (get it! it's a southern reference). And, it seems to imply how you think the left interprets the initial reply. Next,the Founding Fathers constitution was the first official governing document,thereby it actually created our government based on the people's (Founding Fathers) decisions. That should count towards the 2nd amendment too. And whatever 'arms' was meant to mean, firearms/guns are included. I cannot understand the 'rights' response as written. The question is asked quite often, but less now bc laws are in place for minorities. I'm assuming he meant is that law right ... to prevent a majority vote bc of minority rights. If that's a correct assumption, then I see the point... and both sides of the coin. No need to explain though. Lastly, the 4th paragraph states your thoughts and implies your better than thou sentiments very well. Your smugness is reflected too in your criticism towards the person to whom you are replying & Dave too. Maybe we all should try replying with OUR own viewpoints ... and not be so critical of others expressing their own viewpoints .... and/or how they say it. People just don't have the same background, upbringings, educations, race, religions, political views, from various countries, & maybe just don't put effort into being precise, etc. These making us ALL so different from each other. Ok. I've gone on for too long, so I'm done and moving on now! P.S. Geez... tell us what you really think about Dave! So hurtful & who are we to judge?!? Bye now! Read More

    I really would like and I feel that I and others deserve a response to my comments. How did you decide on your definitions of what liberals and conservatives believe? Can you explain this to me? I am a conservative as are most of my friends and there beliefs you say are our views and what we stand for are mostly incorrect or might I say biased. To name a few of the views you say we have are not the views of the majority of conservatives: Do we believe in gay rights? Yes. Do we believe in the private schools system over public? No. Do we believe ALL abortion is wrong? No. Do we believe that ALL firearms should be legal? No. Do we believe that ALL health care should be private? No. Do we believe that there should be a government “safetynets” in certain situations, Yes Do we believe there are many biases in our government? Yes To list a few of ourviews are: Do we believe that our Constitution is and should be the basis of our government? Yes. Do we believe the government has overstepped it’s constitutional authority? Yes. Do we believe that the “rights” of a few should deny the “ rights” of the majority? No. Do we believe that the government is too controlling in our private lives? Yes. The way you write seems to me liberal oriented with liberal viewpoints being positive and conservatives mostly negative. In fact although I agree sometimes with your opinions I am finding they are very often not unbiased. All in all I feel insulted by your opinions of me, my friends and most of my family. Read More

    He is a member of the Globalist Organization called The Council on Foreign Relations or CFR, Don't Believe a Word He Prints. Read More

    I think Dave does a pretty good job documenting various media outlets while providing clear references and sources. I mean anytime you are categorizing things, you're going to have a bias, but Dave is honest about his project and his background and is pretty reasonable. Read More

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