Strategic IT Staffing

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Update: lol her sister Kishma literally sued Houston Community College for racial discrimination and "settled" to be hired as a 1 year part time employee, literally the most incredulous example of a loser diversity hire ever. Lynn is a radical far-left lady who apparently hates white people, as per her Facebook feed. She also defends looting, rioting, Black Lives Matter and violent crimes being committed in the US in the name of "racial injustice". I didn't know why she was slandering my company on Facebook until realizing that hired her as a freelancer apparently trying to look woke, and Lynn is so incompetent that she thought her bad internet connection in Anguilla (Cloudflare errors) meant that their web hosting was shut off. She also thought we "banned all migration plugins" to prevent clients from leaving our hosting, not realizing that our clients have free accounts, and that migration plugins are not banned, only a few "bad" ones are banned for security reasons. Slandering and attacking white people is apparently Lynn's passion, regardless of the facts. Hey but hiring for skin color instead of actual skill is a great idea @PennPAC Update: Lynn has predictably fucked up the PennPAC website, their previous 500ms load time, and A Security Headers grade are now... (drum roll): - F security headers - 10 seconds loading speed (it was previously 500ms) ... yes, that is 20x slower lol ...but that's okay because #BLM Read More