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Goldman Sachs

The following (verified) people have been significantly associated with this entity, either as a participant, contributor, promoter, or beneficiary, according to our OSINT research:

  • Kaleil Isaza Tuzman (Embezzler, Fraudster, Scammer)
  • Antonio García Martínez (Author, Management)
  • Evan Turnage (Activist, Attorney, Harasser)
  • Laurene Powell (Activist, Philanthropist)
  • Steve Bannon (Activist, Advisor)
  • Reviews:

    WE exposed Evan in 2020 for having illegally threatened and harassed opposing counsel (Trump campaign lawyers) Nobody in the courtroom was willing to expose this dumbie... why? apparently because he is black! Sure enough, Kirkland Law quietly passed him off to Senator Liz Warren in 2021 during the COVID pandemic and probably laughed their ass off they were able to do so without any media attention #BLM Now, a few days ago (July 2022) Evan deleted his LinkedIn profile after not tweeting anything since May 2022... why? Almost certainly he was fired again... did Liz Warren's team fail to vet this psycho carefully? All they had to do was check!! Read More

    Kaleil tuzman is good in working the system. He made up the story about being raped. For years he had been scamming and lying to hos rabbi, his family, friends and the world that he was innocent. He is a pathological lier and a sociopath. Then he admitted finally that he lied. The judge couldnt prpve that ‘the rape was another lie’. There were no cameras or witnesses in that jail. It was another lie Kaleil made up. He is a pro when it comes to schemes. He got away with ‘murder’ aka ‘terrible fraud’ just like OJ simpson. Read More

    Kaleil is yet another example of white collar fraudsters getting a slap on the wrist for scamming thousands of people, and stealing millions of dollars from fellow Americans... how is he not worse than a small-time burglar or thief who is sentenced to jail for several years? But of course not... he gets merely probation from shady U.S. District Judge Paul Gardephe after spending a few horrifying months in Columbia prisons... because, apparently he "helped" report some of the corrupt prison officials? Seriously? How many millions of U.S. prisoners have reported corruption and abuse in the jails (or tried to) and only been further punished as result? There is something very shady going on with this case. Besides the slap on the wrist (when prosecutors were seeking around 20 years) it also took many years for the federal court to even hear his case in the first place... for 6+ years the guy was just chilling under house arrest, no telling where the millions of dollars he stole are. Some random teenager could steal $500 of jewelry from a house as a first time offense, and get a worse sentence than this. White collar scammers are just part of the corrupt revolving door in the U.S. because too many rich and powerful people would be subject to blowback if the crimes were actually pursued and investigated and prosecuted like they're supposed to! Read More

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