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The following (verified) people have been significantly associated with this entity, either as a participant, contributor, promoter, or beneficiary, according to our OSINT research:

  • Brennan Lawson (Whistleblower)
  • Michael McCarter (Editor)
  • Matt Perault (Executive)
  • Payton Iheme (Executive)
  • Charles Breyer (Judge)
  • Georgeta Dragoiu ()
  • David Becker (Attorney, Operative)
  • Katie Harbath ()
  • Ayobami Olugbemiga (Propagandist)
  • Mia Garlick ()
  • Erin McPike (Propagandist, Spokesperson)
  • Tucker Bounds ()
  • Susan Davis (Attorney, Grafter, Operative)
  • Shawn Speagle (Whistleblower)
  • Frances Haugen (Activist, Operative, Propagandist)
  • Lauren Pencek (Activist, Operative, Researcher)
  • David Thiel ()
  • David Lammy (Grifter)
  • Ed Bice ()
  • Nicholas Rasmussen (Activist, Propagandist)
  • Helle Thorning Schimdt ()
  • Nick Clegg (Executive, Politician)
  • Thomas Hughes (Executive, Grafter, Propagandist)
  • Antonio García Martínez (Author, Management)
  • Michael McConnell (Executive)
  • Guy Rosen (Executive)
  • Priscilla Chan (Activist, Grafter, Philanthropist)
  • Chris Cox (Executive, Grafter)
  • Douglas Rathbun (Attorney, Grafter)
  • David Recordon (Executive, Grafter, Operative)
  • Benny Thomas ()
  • Alex Stamos (Activist)
  • Austin Lin (Advisor)
  • Jeffrey Zients ()
  • Roy Austin (Advisor, Attorney)
  • Andrew Bosworth (Executive, Propagandist)
  • Carolyn Everson ()
  • Monique Dorsainvil ()
  • Riki Parikh ()
  • Amber Moon ()
  • Liz Bourgeois ()
  • Devon Link (Activist)
  • Camille Caldera (Activist)
  • Flora Teoh (Activist, Blogger, Propagandist)
  • Jessica Hertz (Attorney)
  • Catalina Botero Marino (Activist)
  • Anna Makanju (Advisor, Operative, Propagandist)
  • Andy Stone (Operative, Propagandist)
  • Sheryl Sandberg (Activist, Executive)
  • Eduardo Saverin (Investor)
  • Selena Scola (Moderator)
  • Dan Levy (Executive)
  • Bill Gates (Activist, Entrepreneur, Investor)
  • Mark Zuckerberg (Grafter, Investor, Operative)
  • Noah Kagan (Marketer)
  • Reviews:

    A sleezy 9th circuit judge who dismisses cases against Big Tech before they even have the chance to be heard... money has infected northern California district courts, Charles and his buddies don't want to miss those cocktail parties! Read More

    Andrew has recently been going on media tours distributing talking points that Meta (the new Facebook) is now suddenly about free speech... don't believe a word this guy says. He was in charge of knowingly scamming small business owners by selling them fraudulent Facebook ads. Dude was rewarded with a position at Meta because he is moral chameleon bitch for Mark Zuckerberg Read More

    Susan is yet another revolving door agent between Big Tech (Facebook) and the DOJ... taking money from both entities while ensuring that monopolies like Facebook don't get hurt. Is there nobody left in the US government willing to stop corruption? Read More

    Lauren is the perfect example of a over-educated, over-ambitious person in the USA's revolving door corruption industry who tries to create problems that don't exist to receive public/private funding and stir shit up. This is what happens in postmodern America when the middle class is the norm and the economy is strong decade after decade, we have no enemies, and smart egotistical "researchers" get bored. Unfortunately she doesn't have any ethical convictions and cares more about money and her own ego No wonder she was hired by the NSA and Facebook Read More

    Another absolutely nutjob leftist European leader who cares more about hearing their own voice. Helle believes "free speech" is not a human right... well yah, I mean you were literally the top puppet for the king of Holland so... Any European bureaucrats from "kingdoms" should not be taken seriously, nor should any of their governments Frankly that includes the UK, Spain, Netherlands, and others... you dumbasses still have kings, don't pretend you're democracies Read More

    Douglas is a sleezy shitbag who spent years advocating for "antitrust" measures at the US Department of Justice only to accept a revolving door job at Facebook (the biggest monopoly in Silicon Valley) immediately afterwards... a true fucker Read More

    David represents some of the worst of American business and politics. He is the very definition of so-called crony capitalism, going back and forth between Facebook, CZI, the Democratic Party, etc with his revolving door corruption, evermore blurring the lines between public and private sector... he was also largely involved with CZI's involvement with illegally paying off election officials in various states during the 2020 election to allow Facebook more influence on how the elections were run in certain counties. Absolutely no surprise that the Biden administration is now hiring him... Read More

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