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Extremely Online: Gen Z the Rise of Influencers and the Creation of a New American Dream (Book)

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Everyone knows by now that Taylor is the queen of online political grifters, willing to do absolutely anything for clicks and views... zero morals, zero consistency... just bounces from one dramatic blow up to the next Doxxing and harassing Libs Of TikTok just days after a very dramatic crying breakdown on TV claiming she was the victim of harassment seems all too coordinated and planned to maximize negative attention and public drama to boost her profile... Far-left? kinda but not really What do you call someone whose beliefs and words change daily, and the only thing they care about is money and attention? Her husband is a moderate columnist for WSJ who grew up in Florida and went to school at Emory... he seems to have zero interest in his wife's insane political stunts... what a shit show he signed up for, I wouldn't be surprised if Taylor is living alone in Los Angeles part-time or full-time (at least that's what she claims) since her husband still has a house in Baltimore apparently ...why was Taylor doing a photoshoot in her tiny Brooklyn apartment for Apartment Therapy the same year her "husband" was buying his house in Baltimore, where he still lives today in 2022 despite Taylor claiming to have moved to California in 2020? Everything about this girl is fake Read More