100 Worst Hucksters (India)

The following (verified) people have been significantly associated with this entity, either as a participant, contributor, promoter, or beneficiary, according to our OSINT research:


Vipin and his partner Saurabh (who tries to hide his identity) are responsible for long-term massive email spam campaigns targeting Western companies trying to sell junk offshore SEO services https://hucksters.net/person/saurabh-srivastav They even put fake "white" people employees on their homepages a typical Indian scam to make it seem like they are a Western company I've asked them for years now to stop emailing me but these fuckers just never stop Read More »

Vinoy spams the living fuck out of thousands of websites using fake email domains and fake aliases trying to sell the private data of thousands of people to "marketing" agencies and otherwise yes, another Indian fraudster spamming you so that you can buy his spamming services Update: Vinoy appears to do work for Data Axle, a major black-market data broker based in Texas USA... their CEO: https://hucksters.net/person/michael-iaccarino Read More »

Abhi spams the fuck out of thousands of people using fly-by-night email servers he self-hosts on random web hosts around the world (often breaking their Terms of Service, and various laws) trying to sell shitty Warrior Forum types of "marketing" junk promising people he can help them make money online with various social media and video marketing tools and ebooks This shit is straight out of 2007 but he doesn't care, just illegally spamming the shit out of people trying to get a few sales Read More »

Zabiulla and his team are some of the worst spammers and frausters in India, buying and selling millions of email addresses and various junk data (customers have complained the data is bogus and/or non-existent) He uses dozens of fake names and aliases, fake email addresses and websites to hide his name from the massive fraud campaigns But as always, a sloppy guy who was fairly easy to track down... do NOT buy any of this data which is being illegally resold dozens of times in violation of several US laws and is apparently mostly junk quality anyways Read More »

Ishan is yet another fraudster from India who illegally spams the hell out of thousands of American companies using fake Gmail accounts and fake names like Joanne Ramirez fishing for potential customers for his shitty offshore web services after you show any interest they respond back with their real names and company iMark Infotech, but of course he forces his other staff members to use their own names to try and protect himself from the backlash he tries to sell all kinds of junk including "backlink services" which is a guaranteed way to penalize your website Like many Indian scammers he also pretends to have offices in San Francisco (false) and uses fake company names in the past like JIK Ventures and CW Ventures and Silicon Beach Digital Update Apr 2022: this fucker and his partner Shivani are still spamming me constantly https://hucksters.net/person/shivani-mittal Read More »