100 Worst Hucksters (India)

The following (verified) people have been significantly associated with this entity, either as a participant, contributor, promoter, or beneficiary, according to our OSINT research:


Shivani is yet another fraudster from Noida area (the spam capitol of the world) who creates fake "white people" employees on LinkedIn and uses fake email addresses and aliases to spam the shit out of thousands of Westerners trying to sell his junk offshore SEO services Same gang: https://hucksters.net/person/nitin-kumar-rana Read More »

Ashwin is another scammer from Karnataka who (according to one former client) billed them for a project, but never delivered work. Apparently after his reputation went down, he stopped taking care of his company's website (it's broken now) and has gone full time in the email spam and fraud business. He sends millions of spam emails via Outlook on temporary domain names until they get banned, using dozens of fake aliases trying to sell "lists" of users who use various products like WordPress or various web hosting. In other words he spams tons of people trying to sell his spam services, and has been doing this for several years now... apparently running an honest business was too much for him to handle Read More »

Hey we are a company named riolabz and we have nothing to do with the spamming. We just provide web development and application development to clients. Kindly don't do this as we are a reputated company who already has a lot of clients and we don't do spamming or any such activities. Read More »

Harvi has been running a fraud gang in India for many years, using a variety of aliases including "Divya" and "Vinny"... he makes a bunch of fake companies and seminars and "awards" and fake marketing bullshit, and then spams and sells this crap to stupid business owners until eventually the scam is revealed and he changes the name of the company again and again Read More »

Alias and his team from India spam the hell out of thousands of US companies, while pretending their "Emailz Campaign" is a company based in the USA too.. (it's not... and it's fake). Their real company is called Riolabz and it also pretends to have companies based in other places like Europe, UK, USA etc... again, it's all bullshit, they are just an Indian agency spamming the world with fake "employees" trying to sell their junk web services like a million other Indian agencies are doing. Read More »

Update: he may also work with this guy: https://hucksters.net/person/ashwin-kumar Subba is either an alias of this guy: https://hucksters.net/person/sudhir-kumar-shukla ... or it seems to be his business partner... OR they are copy and pasting the same exact emails from each others' spam... (also a possibility the way Indian scammers work, also pirating one another) they are both extremely secretive so anything is possible He uses English names and pretends to represent US companies which is obviously bullshit to actual Americans Read More »