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Major QAnon Promoters (United States)

The following (verified) people have been significantly associated with this entity, either as a participant, contributor, promoter, or beneficiary, according to our OSINT research:

  • Michael Flynn (Advisor, General, Personality)
  • Robert Cornero Jr. (Author, Blogger, Personality)
  • David Marc Fishman (Blogger, Grifter, Propagandist)
  • Robert Emmett Mcauliffe (Attorney, Grifter, Imposter)
  • Jim Watkins (Grifter, Imposter, Scammer)
  • Reviews:

    We exposed Robert back in 2020 as "Enty" the bullshit gossip blogger from Crazy Days and Nights CDAN continues to deny the connection even though we have direct evidence Emmett also started deleting a bunch of podcast interviews I assume so that people could not compare his voice to Enty's interviews Read More

    David is one of the biggest conmen associated with the Qanon conspiracy theory and movement. While I think conspiracy theories are fine as they can be exercising your imagination, guys like David take it way too far by claiming they have inside knowledge about various future events and giving false hope to their followers... and always for a financial incentive. Anyone who criticizes these guys is labeled "left-wing" or "establishment" or trying to "censor" the one who spreading the misinfo. In reality some people are just rational and trying to protect the ignorant followers of the cult from losing their money or sanity. David's latest fake promise is that during November the US Supreme Court will help Trump throw Biden out of office... THIS IS FALSE and anyone who is still giving money to David needs to stop doing so until he apologises and stops the bullshit. Read More

    There is no doubt that Robert capitalized off the "Q" conspiracy and sold tons of copies of his book on the subject. However, unlike some others, he never pretend to be "Q" nor have inside information on it, and was rather honest throughout the entire saga that he was analyzing the trends and conspiracies from an outside perspective. While he was eventually exposed as Neon Revolt, I don't think he deserves much criticism. He just as easily could have used his real name, because he wasn't ever dishonest about his intentions or expertise. Read More

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